Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quilts in the Booth!

Studio_May2014 049
This is a photo that came through my Facebook feed by Kansas City Star!

Look what is hanging FIRST in the booth as they get ready for Quilt Market this weekend?

It’s Winston Ways from my new book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

I’m thrilled with how well the new book is being received, it’s really been an exciting release and I love each and every page of this new book.

My feelings are that YOU DO TOO! 

Every day I am getting emails telling me about the projects you’ve started, the fabrics and colors you are using, and the story behind why you chose that quilt to be your “next” project.

I thought I’d share one of those stories here with you this morning.

This is from Sherry, Fran, Debbie, Betty & Bettie!


Hi Bonnie,
First from all of us, we want to thank you for all do for the world of quilting. Let me tell you a little bit about all of us. The 5 of us have gotten together every year in April for the last 7 years to have a 10 day quilt retreat of our own.
We come from 5 different states: myself --Sherry New York, Debbie Ohio, Fran Virginia, Betty Arizona, and Bettie Michigan. Last year we had a challenge to make a quilt from you Midnight Flight block from Quiltmaker 100 blocks Vol.4. If I remember right its Vol 4.
We were very surprised when you posted the cover of your new book and Midnight Flight was on the cover!
Bettie’s Midnight Flight Center
3 of us finished our tops. Unfortunately I was not one of them I only managed to get 1 block finished but lots of pieces. As soon as its done I'll send it along.
Debbie’s Midnight Flight!
Debbie's 2nd border was done with bonus triangles, Fran was working on an additional border during our trip. Bettie has hers without a border. We love how each one turned out. We all know that these wonderful quilts would not be possible without a wonderful designer like you.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Fran’s Midnight Flight!
Thank you ladies, for sharing your story of how these quilts came to be! They are wonderful, as is your friendship and history!
I love the motion in these quilts--  Midnight Flight is another one I hope to see hanging in the Kansas City Star booth.  They wanted dynamic quilts that showed well from far away to draw people in, and I think we did good with the four we sent for Quilt Market.  More photos to come!
Of course, signed copies of More Adventures with Leaders & Enders are available on my website HERE, and as always orders of 3 books or more ship free within the USA!
And if you are AT Quilt Market, would you be my eyes and ears?  Send me photos of the booth and of the quilts hanging so that I can share them with everyone.
I wish I could be in Pittsburgh, but after Michigan I need a weekend home ((Yes, we are headed up to Quilt Villa tomorrow afternoon for the weekend!)) And I fly to Los Angeles on Monday.  Sometimes a girl has to say no to Quilt Market no matter what fun she is missing!
Quilt Cam TONIGHT at 9pm Eastern!  Come to the blog and sew with me!
This morning I am off for a much needed haircut. Not sure how short I will go, but I’m open to new horizons – another reason you won’t want to miss Quilt-Cam tonight!
Catch you then ---

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  1. OH BONNIE See what you hath wrought! QUILTS!!! LOL. YOU have to feel very good that we all are using your wonderful books and pattern.

    I can not look at a quilt pattern, of any kind, these days without seeing how it can be Bonnie-ized! Love it.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Hi Bonnie, being in Western Australia and 12 hours ahead I will be at work and unable to watch live but will definitely be catching up on your latest episode over the weekend. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience - whenever anyone asks me about patterns and ideas I send them straight to your blog. I was very excited to hear you are coming to Australia!

  3. Thank you Bonnie my copy of More Adventures with Leaders and Enders arrived today courtesy of Jackie Hamlet who ordered for a few of us in the NOTYQ guild here in Melbourne Australia. I won't be able to watch quilt-cam live as I too will be at work but will catch up this weekend.
    Hopefully I can get you to sign my book when you get to Australia.

  4. I will be home alone tonight, so no one will want me to turn down the volume--I will be watching and listening. I have learned so much. I used to only make big patch quilts (and not very many) but now you have turned be on to smaller pieces. I quilt more and am happier with the results.

  5. I am still working on MINE! There are a LOT of pieces!!! I love the motion that the blades in the block make. You sure used those CHEVRONS a lot last year because they are in the Celtic Solstice too. I am so glad I made the effort to go to the Block Party last year. Wish I could come see you in Portland again in June. I love your new Haircut!

  6. OK! I have noticed our hair is a lot alike...mines been long for most of my life...it's straight straight, fine but thicker than you would think. Damages easy so perms and colors are out of the question...so...I'm very curious if your hair is the same and what you decide to do to it today. I don't like to spend a lot of time styling and "fixin" so guess mine will stay long and straight...at least long enough for that pony tail...LOL! Good luck!

  7. MNPennyQuilts1:27 PM EDT

    Can't wait to see the "new doo" tonight! While working on a Double Irish Chain from Leaders and Enders,(king size for my daughter and hubby)to my surprise I discovered an extra #200-four patches that I had tucked under the backing! What next - Scrap Crystals, 4 Patch & Furrows?? :)!! You are right - just keep sewing, and before you know it.... just as you told Alex & Ricky. Thank you, Thank you for all your encouragement. See you tonight!!

  8. Thanks for showing all those beautiful Midnight Flight quilts & I love the booth quilt. I've sewn one of those blocks before. Good luck with your haircut & have a super day!

  9. How fun to see those Midnight Flights, and what a great story behind them! Midnight Flight is one of my favorite from the book and it will definitely add movement to the Kansas City Star booth - from a distance I see S-curves!

  10. Sorry I missed the quilt cam. It was my grandson's graduation night.
    I did post my completed Hidden Spools from Carrollton, Ky class on the new facebook group..Loved how it turned out.


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