Monday, May 12, 2014

Today is THE DAY!

My episode #1410 is live today on http://thequiltshow.com! If you are a member of The Quilt Show, you can watch my episode starting today!

If you are NOT a member, I will be posting a code on May 19 and you can watch the show for free between May 19-25.

If you want to JOIN so you can catch ALL that The Quilt Show offers, use coupon code 267584229732 and save $5.00 when registering.

If you are waiting for the free preview, you will still need to log in and register as a basic membership in order to watch the show. You can do that today so that you are ready on the 19th!

• Log on to the website http://thequiltshow.com
• Click on the Join Now button
• Create a profile name and password
• Complete the sign up process for the Basic (Free) membership

Once you have done so you'll be ready to watch my episode when I post the code


I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all of the fun I had while on the set with Ricky and Alex!

Take a peek at our trailer:

We had such a good time!

Getting ready to run a batch of book orders to the post office.  They kind of stacked up while I’ve been gone. 

And then, just because I can – I think there will be a NAP in my near future!

I’m thinking THURSDAY for QUILT-CAM, what do you think?  That gives me a couple of days to get rested and caught up here and we can have some fun in the basement studio together.  I hope to see you then, 9pm Eastern!

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  1. Anonymous12:46 PM EDT

    Watched you on The Quilt Show this morning. Of course, you were your usual wonderful, full of great tips, self! Loved watching you!

  2. Off to watch. I'm excited. So proud of you.

  3. Your two links in the first paragraph take us to an Error FB screen. I'll just be going directly to The Quilt Show to watch, I'm already a member and am excited to watch you on there with Ricky and Alex!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to evening viewing, watching The Quilt Show! And Thursday for Quiltcam-perfect (or is it priceless) either way fun is in the air!

  5. Great job Bonnie! Just watched the entire show and will definitely watch your segments again.

  6. Hey Bonnie, I just watched you on The Quilt Show and you were just great! Your quilts looked fantastic and your demos were great. And you looked great in your powder blue too. Congratulations! Rita.

  7. Bravo Bonnie! It was awesome! I hope you get to do more in the future.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your Quilt Show episode. I just wish they had given you time to include de-boning a shirt! :)

  9. I just watched the show and it was great!!! See you Thursday--QuiltCam!

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    Just watched your episode on The Quilt Show!! You were great, you and your quilts looked terrific and obviously Ricky and Alex were very excited to have you. Super job!!

  11. Hi Bonnie, I gave a talk at my quilt guild on the border of NC and SC and out of 60 quilters only two had heard of you! I did not think that was possible!!! I told them all what they were missing and showed them all of your tricks have I learned so far.
    Thanks again for all you do and for all your free patterns.

    Happy Sewing

  12. Do you put the coupon code in where it has space for a gift certificate number? That's the only place where I saw to put it and that didn't take $5 off the $42.95 membership charge.

  13. just finished watching your "TQS" episode....you were awesome!

  14. Anonymous6:27 PM EDT

    You are a star Bonnie!
    It was obvious from watching your episode on TQS that even gorgeous Alex was impressed with you.
    Your enthusiasm is catching, it was a pleasure to watch.
    I can't wait to join your workshop in 2016 in Australia.

  15. Thanks for the coupon code, Bonnie. I have been waiting for one, as I always try to avoid paying full price. You were great on the episode. Very well done.

  16. Anonymous10:54 PM EDT

    Just watched you on the Quilt Show. LOVED it. You were so natural and so informative. Would love to do a class with you but living in Australia makes in near impossible. Will have to try to be awake for a quilt cam viewing and sew along. Thank you for so much sharing of your talent.
    An Aussie Quilter

  17. Fantastic TQS episode!

  18. saw the show, pure magic I think even Ricky was impressed and hopping home to try out your hints. well done

  19. Jean Farley7:07 AM EDT

    Bonnie, You are a crazy woman, do you ever stop or slow down. You're amazing.
    Short answer yes I'm in for Quilt Cam.

  20. Went to bed watching you on The Quilt Show. You were Terrific!
    Aileen in Florida

  21. Watched it and loved it. Great job!

  22. Thank you for the discount code, Bonnie! I was already a Quilt Show member, but my renewal was due. I wasn't sure if renewing members could use the code, but it was worth a try. And it worked! So thank you.


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