Thursday, May 08, 2014

Field Trip to Susan Carlson’s Class!

Mackinac_May2014 2123
Last Thursday evening I attended a lecture by Susan Carlson, a quilt artist from Maine who was also teaching at the Grand Hotel Needle Art Seminar with me.

I was totally captivated by her processes and how she uses regular old commercial fabrics ((You know, the kind we ALL HOARD!)) in her quilts. 

And her work is stunning.  I shared photos from her lecture HERE.

And her students had been busy all weekend long working on their creations.

All the while MY students – bless them each and every one ---were in the repetitive process of making 600+ 1.5” finished half square triangles for the second day in a row, and we all know how tedious that can become.

We needed a FIELD TRIP!  And so we marched single file, right out of our classroom door, across the upstairs lobby/gallery area, through another room, up a couple flights of stairs and into Susan’s room we went.  And they took a break from their hard work long enough to share their progress with us…..in all of about 10 minutes before we left them to their scissors and their glue and back down to triangles we went.

Mackinac_May2014 2124

One of Susan’s inspirational Suns.

You could choose your own design to work on, or if you needed somewhere to start, a Sun with a face is a great beginner project – and they were all so different!

Mackinac_May2014 2125

Sun face in progress – do you recognize any of these fabrics?

Mackinac_May2014 2126

Wow!  This is coming out neat!

Mackinac_May2014 2127

Each one has its own personality!

Mackinac_May2014 2130

This one reminds me of “Goodnight, Moon!”

Mackinac_May2014 2129

How about a delicate dragonfly from a photo??

Mackinac_May2014 2131

There’s Something Fishy Around Here!

Mackinac_May2014 2132

How about a real still life – a chair and potted plants, inspired by a photo!

Mackinac_May2014 2133

And isn't THIS fab?  Praying Mantis with Personality!

Funny, as I’m typing this up this morning, my ipod is playing on “random” and the song playing is “Dance, Dance, Dance”,  that good old 70’s disco tune   with “Yowza Yowza Yowza….” and I can see this mantis getting down and shaking his booty to the music! :cD

There are so many ways to be a quilter – and all of them are WONDERFUL!

Check out More of Susan’s work by visiting her website HERE!  She’s got a newsletter you can subscribe to, and she gives hands on retreats in her lovely home state of Maine – check that out too!

SO – here I am on Thursday morning with a mostly free day ahead of me until this evening’s lecture.

My friend Karen is picking me up to do some antique hunting and some lunch and whatever else comes our way!  It’s a much needed play day and I’m glad for it.

And yes, I’ve already been out for my power walk this morning. 

Temps should hit about 80 today in Detroit.  What a CHANGE from this past week on Mackinac!

Have a great Thursday, Everyone!

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  1. The Suns remind me of The Green Man in English folklore. What a contrast to the quilts you make and inspire others to make Bonnie. Hope the Field Trip helped your class to settle back to their sewing with renewed enthusiasm.

  2. Old quilter12:23 PM EDT

    Wow - thanks for sharing Susan's work. So different!

  3. Susan is also featured in the current issue of 'Quilt Life'. Very talented, indeed. Isn't it wonderful how there are so many different styles of quilting! Just not enough time to make everything I want to. Thanks for sharing with us, Bonnie!!!

  4. love the fabric art and before i go visit susan's site wanted to send a 'thanks' for all you give to your followers and the quilting world. i was just checking victoria findlay wolfe blog, she's working on a portrait of her daughter in fabric. you must take a peek!!

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM EDT

    I was gifted Susan's book several years ago by my Quilt Mentor/Aunt. I love Susan's work! I find myself leaning more closely towards trying it myself as I figure out more and more who I am as a quilter!

    Many thanks Bonnie, I've really enjoyed these last few posts about your travels in MI. Never been there myself but I love enjoying your travels with you!
    Melissa in Texas

  6. I like the ones that they used a Picture for their inspiration. I could see myself doing that kind of ART Quilt- someday! Today I have way too many more fun UFO's to tackle. My Celtic Christmas Solstice is all Quilted! HURRAY!!!!

  7. They are incredible and I particularly like the moon one, love the colors. The blogs you have done on Mackinac island have bee a real joy to read. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to keep us glued to your blog. It's wonderful

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to learn a little about that process.


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