Saturday, May 03, 2014

Crabapple Day on Mackinac!

Mackinac_May2014 123
Lunch break at the Grand Hotel is a grand affair!

Holy Moly there is a 30 foot long grand buffet for lunch – makes me wonder if my students are going to need a nap before meeting back for our afternoon session in just a bit.

As for me, I waddled upstairs, uploaded a few photos quickly and want to send them off to you so you can share in what is going on  here on Mackinac Island.

I have the most gloriously GRAND class room of any that I have had in my life,  and we feel seriously spoiled and pampered.

I am loving meeting my students, many of which are joining me for all three classes that I am teaching her – die hards are brave to tackle 3 UFOs in one fell swoop!

We’ve got mother and daughter teams, sister teams, and friend teams, many who have been here for several years in a row and swear never to miss it.

Can you tell we are having a GRAND TIME?!?

Uploading these all in one fell swoop with no commentary in between because I have to rush back down to class ---

Much love from Mackinac ---
Mackinac_May2014 116Mackinac_May2014 117Mackinac_May2014 118Mackinac_May2014 119Mackinac_May2014 121Mackinac_May2014 122Mackinac_May2014 124Mackinac_May2014 125Mackinac_May2014 126

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  1. It certainly is a beautiful place, looks like everyone is having a blast!

  2. What a beautiful place and it looks like you are all having a blast!

  3. What a lovely room and the quilt is so cool! next year I hope!

  4. That looks like a beautiful classroom! Love the tablecloths on the sewing tables!! Stay warm and dry inside happily being surrounded by quilters and their fabric and machines!

  5. Bonnie, if you ever need a personal assistant, I would like to apply for the job!

  6. Anonymous2:45 PM EDT

    It sure does look "Grand"! Everyone looks happy-is it the pinkish walls? Love the drapery fabric too!

  7. are you going to have another class there in the future? who provides the machines irons and tools or do you have to bring your own

  8. look at those nice GRAND cushy chairs, too!!! thanks for sharing pics with us...if I had the money I would go with you to all that classes!!! you have so much fun!!!!

  9. I worked on my Crabapple today that I started at Pigeon Forge - so much fun!

  10. I think you guys better pinch yourselves... it's possible you have died and gone to heaven!! LOL

  11. Which of your books is this beautiful Crabapple Quilt in? Love Mackinac Island. One of our favorite places to visit!! Be sure to taste all the different fudges.

  12. What Table cloths and Padded chairs.
    She who Would be QUEEN.
    How NICE. You go girls. WOW

  13. Ironically I was at the post office in Interlochen, MI (just outside Traverse City, MI) and the woman in front of me had a quilted bag. I asked if she were a quilter and she said she was ... and that she was leaving that day to head to Mackinac Island for her class with you. SMALL WORLD!! I told her that I had considered "gifting" myself for my 65th birthday in March with a trip for the Seminar ... but that was curtailed this year but I am SERIOUSLY thinking about it if you'll be there in 2015!! LOVE Mackinaw Island ... it's absolutely MAGICAL there!!

  14. oh my goodness!!! just look at those comfy looking heart back chairs, and that carpet is to die [no live] for.. is it trillium? I'm sure it's not magnolia, and those curtains look like the type prints and colors I'd put in my quilts!! Yep, quilters heaven for sure.

  15. Anonymous12:17 AM EDT

    I LOVE this quilt!!! I am collecting my green and brown scraps now....this is next for me....I was thrilled to see this group working on it in this lovely setting!

  16. Love the quilt, looks like everyone is having a good time (who wouldn't, when you are in a setting like that and can sew all day long)!

  17. Thanks for sharing these pics. Those of us who can't make it can enjoy it vicariously! Really appreciate the time you're taking!

    Also...are most of these ladies from MI? Just curious about that.

  18. Anonymous12:42 PM EDT

    Your classes always look such fun as everyone is always smiling. Wish I could join you, but the UK is just too far to travel from :-(


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