Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wandering Crouch!

Idaho_May2014 064
Nearly 20 years ago when my mom and step-dad made the move from Kuna, Idaho to Garden Valley, Idaho – Crouch was just barely a spot on the road with a saloon, a store, and a gas station.

Boy has it grown!

One of the things we love through the warm months is the farmer’s market in the center of town on a Saturday.

You will find everything from baked goods, to home made sausage to jellies, jams and preserves to hand crafts, jewelry and even quilted items.

I met several quilters yesterday down at the Crouch Farmer's Market!

Idaho_May2014 065

Beautiful radishes!

I was told that these are known as “Easter Egg” radishes and they just were so pretty from white to pink to red!

Idaho_May2014 068

Mom in front of “The Merc” Which used to be the local grocery until they built a brand new big one!

Idaho_May2014 069

Signs point the way to local businesses!

See the blue sign about half the way down? Stitch and Snip is the local quilt shop, and of course we went in for a wander and a browse and to say hello!  When you live in this area, everyone knows EVERYONE and if you stop at the grocery for ONE item, be prepared to spend an hour catching up in conversation with everyone about everything.

Idaho_May2014 090

Oh goodness!!

A local antique shop had a display of THREE machines, all of which I wish could have come home with me, but of course none of them did…..

Idaho_May2014 091

This I believe is a Singer 101 –see the square shape of the feed dog cover?

Al I know is it is NOT a 201 or a 15!  I hope someone adopts it…..

Idaho_May2014 089

301 long bed in “As Is” condition for about $100.00

There are no cords or foot pedals included and it looked pretty rough so – nooooooo, as much as I would have loved to rescue her, she needs someone who doesn’t have to FLY home to pick her up.

Idaho_May2014 086

Quilts!  Ooooh YELLOW!

Don’t you love a simple sweet 9 patch? I do!

Idaho_May2014 087

Log cabin and pickle dish on display --

Idaho_May2014 085

Sweet 1930s pinwheel…LOVE this border!

Idaho_May2014 084

Mom held it out so I could get a better photo!

Idaho_May2014 094

This was in the “Christmas” room…Doves!

The tan doves were originally green, and this was made around 1900.

Idaho_May2014 096

White work on red!

Idaho_May2014 097

This one was all biblical scenes….

Idaho_May2014 098

LOVE this block!

Idaho_May2014 099

Don’t you love the quilting texture and the double pink??

Idaho_May2014 100

Outside under a bunch of display stuff was the BEST quilt of all!


It was all I could do to restrain myself from sweeping up all the papers on the table just so I could get to the quilt.

Idaho_May2014 101

Binding in 1930s print….this is just so sweet!

Idaho_May2014 075

We enjoyed our day, ate lunch out, shopped a couple of yard sales and just enjoyed being together, my mom and I. 

This cabin was built more than 100 years ago and still stands, but has not been lived in in over 50 years.  It’s an area icon.

Idaho_May2014 078

Much love from the mountains of Idaho!

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  1. That border is amazing! I see it working its way into a future Bonnie quilt! You are so fun to follow when you visit antique stores.

  2. It sounds as though you are soaking up some real family time in Idaho. Love the pictures. The octagon quilt is beautiful. Would love it myself. Enjoy what short time you have left visiting Mom. You deserve to be spoilt.

  3. Just wondering if the next mystery quilt is hiding in today's post!

  4. I love the quilts, drooled over at least one of the machines, but want to move out where all that gorgeous scenery is soooooooooooo badly it isn't even funny!

  5. Hi Bonnie! It dawned on me last night that I had not watched your segment on The Quilt Show. We are driving to Cape Canaveral to board our cruise for the week. Set my Ipad to the show and watched on the drive through central Florida. Loved it! I've followed your blog and yahoo posts for many years. Found your segment interesting and informative. Even after all these years you still taught me something new. Thanks so much for doing this program. Can't wait until you visit our guild (couple of years from now:) Happy Memorial Day!

  6. I love pinwheels, and that border really frames these beautifully, but the orientation of the pinwheels would niggle me no end. I love seeing the stuff available in antique shops in America.

  7. Beautiful area of Idaho! Loved the antique quilts and sewing mschibes! I always want to take the machines home. I do have mty Mom's Singer Touch and Sew (1964) with cams in a teak wood cabinet. Sews like a dream! Grew up sewing on it. Priceless!

  8. some very lovely quilts in that shop. I would have had to sit on my hands, especially the octagon quilt! So glad you are having fun.

  9. Yep...a move from Kuna to Garden Valley would be just what the Dr. ordered! Loverly...sigh...
    Definitely need to go up for a Stitch n' Snip fix!

  10. Love this post, the quilts and especially the last two pictures of the cabin! wow.

  11. Love this post, the quilts and especially the last two pictures of the cabin! wow.

  12. very serene and picturesque but which way is the ocean????? LOL!

  13. Anonymous6:57 PM EDT

    Is the dove quilt applique?

  14. I am going to have to stop in Kuna - it is on my drive from the farm here in Washington to see my dad in Reno! Thanks for showing me some new places to stop and check ou the antiques and quilts!!!

  15. Anonymous1:46 AM EDT

    I was there a month ago! Fun place. So happy for your great visit with your mom! Your marshmallow story reminds me of good times with my sibs!

  16. Home with your Mum and still getting to go to quilt stores...lucky you!

  17. Oh how I love antiquing with you! What fun!


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