Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Show & Share from Friendship Square!

LA_CA2014 020
This is the large group that gathered for the May meeting of the Friendship Square Quilters of La Habra, California!

I snuck this photo from the back of the room after the meeting was under way – my one quick moment to hit the ladies room while the business meeting was going on, because I was up next.

What a great group of ladies, and the energy was high!

We had several ladies from as far away as Hemet and even Simi Valley, a 2 hour drive in the best of traffic circumstances come after they read about my journey here on Facebook and Instagram!  Life has got to be a bit spontaneous to be fun, and these ladies dropped everything and made the trek over and it was so fun meeting them.

My flight arrived at a bit past 11am, all baggage counted for and I was dropped off at my hotel by 1pm and I headed straight to bed for a much needed nap and a time zone readjustment.  Boy did I need it.  My 3:45am wake up in North Carolina, meant that I had been up since 12:45am California time – it’s a good thing that I got here early enough or I don’t know how I would still be standing and coherent enough to even give this presentation.

Before it was my turn – I got to enjoy some great show and share from the front row:

LA_CA2014 022

Sister’s Choice from the Free Patterns tab!

This one I believe belonged to Betty – I was here teaching this class two years ago when they re-booked me to come back.  The holders on the stage are volunteers while the maker of the quilt was at the podium on the floor so I don’t have photos of the makers WITH their quilts, nor can remember who did which –but since Betty was first, that much I *CAN* remember.

LA_CA2014 023

Betty’s My Blue Heaven from the Free Patterns tab.

LA_CA2014 027

Oklahoma Backroads from the Free Patterns tab!

LA_CA2014 025

Celtic Solstice from the Celtic Solstice tab – available ONLY until June 1st 2014, so print it now!

LA_CA2014 028

Another great Celtic Solstice!

LA_CA2014 024

LA_CA2014 029

And another great Easy Street with the color placement of the turquoise and greens reversed! Nice!

So here it is at just past 5am California time.  I think my body clock did rather well last night and at least I didn’t wake up at the dreaded 3am that I was fearing – it’s always this way when I come west.  I’m hitting send on this post, putting on my running shoes and headed out into the breaking dawn to get some steps in before today’s activities get started.

We are doing Star Struck as our workshop today – and at 3pm I’ll be picked up and whisked off to spend a couple of days with the Los Angeles County Quilt Guild in Downey, California.

I love being back in California, all of my growing up years happened here.  I lived in San Jose from second grade through High School.

You know what they say?  You can take the girl out of California, but you can never take California out of the girl!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Great show and share! Have a wonderful time in California . Lucky ladies taking your classes . I'm looking forward to taking two in Indiana in November .


  2. Last night was great! You have so/sew much energy I feel really excited for today's workshop!! thanks for the pictures too! Linda

  3. Beautiful quilts. Love all your posts. Many thanks.

  4. The quilts are beautiful! I really like how the one Celtic Solstice had the chevron units facing the opposite way in the eight blocks making them stars. So many options when putting all those pieces together.

  5. My Celtic Solstice is Bound! Just waiting for the Label to print out!!! I'm so happy it is DONE. Back to Midnight Flight now...

  6. Thanks for sharing.....must be so gratifying to see all the quilts come to life from your designs!!

  7. I know exactly what you mean about Calif. gals. I was born there and left when I was 16 so my brother could go to collage in Ashland Ohio. Never thought I would find a husband and end up in Maryland for the rest of my days. My sister lived in Santa Cruz and I'm sure you know that place. Have made many trips back but most of my family is now gone. Love to hear about all your travels. Don't know how you do it.

  8. Hi Bonnie,
    I am no longer receiving your daily blog updates. This is happening with other blogs I follow as well. I have changed no settings on any of my computers. Do you have any info about this?
    Roberta Breuer

  9. It's so much fun to see all the mystery quilts shown, and think about how many of us are sleeping under a Bonnie Hunter original pattern - something we've all joined in together to make and share our progress as we went along. What a great group!


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