Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Show & Share, Michigan Style!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 029
We had a very very full to capacity group gathered last Thursday evening for the May Meeting of the Great Lakes Heritage Quilters in Bloomfield Hills!

The building was bursting at its seams as it was announced that we had close to 100 members present – and FIFTY guests in attendance as well!  WOW!

It was great getting to meet everyone and spend time hearing what they are up to.

They’ve got some great events and programs in place, and some awesome retreats planned and it all sounded like so much fun – I wish I could go!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 030

What a great group!

As always, show & share is my favorite time of the evening.  I love seeing what the ladies brought to show us – every quilt comes with a story and most have an intended recipient – quilting is a giving thing.

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 032

Graduation gift!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 033

Cathedral Stars!  Pattern found HERE.

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 034

Barb’s Easy Street from my new book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 035

Barb was also a bit teary eyed sharing the story of a dear quilt-friend who had passed away recently.  She is finishing one of her friend’s UFOs in my Star Struck pattern to present to the friend’s husband.  Quilting helps us hold it all together when it feels like our hearts have been ripped beyond repair.  Much love to you, Barb!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 036

Cute and springy!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 037

Happily Scrappily Irish from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 039

Celtic Solstice!  YAY!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 205

Barb also brought her Celtic Solstice top in progress! Looking good!

Which reminds me…we are about 2 weeks away from June 1st, when Celtic Solstice will be retired from the website for inclusion in my next book.  Print your parts NOW because I will be unable to provide them for you after June 1st. 

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 204

Barb’s Orca Bay from String Fling!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 062-001

Grandpa’s Star!

Grandpa’s Star was a column block made with bonus triangles from my Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker Magazine!  Click the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog to find which issue it was in and see all the others to date.

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 063-001

Karen’s Easy Street – look at her colors!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 064

Love her fabrics!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 136

Check out this gorgeous “puss in the corner” beauty, made of recycled shirts!

I so loved this!  Of course you know my passion for shirt fabrics…they have a softness and a vintage appeal that I just can’t get out of off the bolt yardage.  Take a closer peek:

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 198


BloomfieldHills_MI2014 199

A back from the shirt backs!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 200

and a mini from the left overs!

BloomfieldHills_MI2014 201


BloomfieldHills_MI2014 202

I love the controlled color palette!

You won’t believe where this came from--- have you ever been in antique malls and have seen rag balls ready for rug making?  This quilt was made by unwinding a vintage rag ball, ironing the strips out and piecing them into this great quilt top!

Uhoh – now I have ANOTHER thing I need to add to my “must search for” list – vintage rag balls!

You can find my free pattern for String Spider Web under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

It was a great show & share and we had a wonderful time talking about quilts, about patterns we wanted to do, about fabrics and combos and other things we loved, a group of like-minded women sharing their passion for quilting and all that goes with it!

We are still looking forward to Quilt-Cam on Thursday Evening, at 9pm Eastern – be sure to set your alarms and get that project ready - -I’ll be ready to sew along with you!

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  1. Love the show and shares too! Would never have thought about using a 'rag ball' for a quilt. Just love the imagination of quilters.!

  2. They are one lively and productive crew of quilters!!! Love all of the quilts you shared.

    I am now in the midst of cutting more 2.5" (my favorite size) to make the Double Irish Chain quilt...total scrappie. Since my stash isn't huge, I have selected the 2.5 sqs to cut from most of my pieces ... overcut = I can use them in another project easier.

    Smiles, JuieinTN

  3. Oh my Goodness! Great Show and Share. Rag Balls, I have a few I made back when I decorated with the "Country" style. I had stuffed Cats and a basket of them. LOL
    Will be watching for QuiltCAM Thursday.

  4. Love that you were in MI!!! And I really love that Greys & Shirts Puss in the Corner. Wow. A most excellent inspiration to make one of those. Congrats to all those quilters.

  5. I completed the celtic solstic & gave it to my dad for his 83rd b'day recently (just a lap size, & it looks great, I used your colours too). When I see the same pattern in your pics I feel like part of a special club, thank you for that, & I'm looking forward to the next mystery (I have to say that I didn't buy any fabric for it either, just raided my stash -- amazing what u can find in there

  6. Anonymous9:41 AM EDT

    Love reading your blocks. I seem to get new ideas each time i read it. Lorna


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