Saturday, May 24, 2014

My “OTHER” Mountain Heaven!

Idaho_May2014 031
The drive out of Boise, Idaho looks pretty barren to begin with.

The area is high desert, and there are not a lot of trees until you wind your way UP to the mountains.

I arrived in Boise to be met by my mom, and an extra surprise, my brother Scott who said “We are parked close, you won’t need that luggage cart…..” and I just laughed and laughed because he really had NO IDEA how much luggage I fly with on a routine basis.

5 minutes later, and that $3.00 cart rental had paid for itself!  My explaination?  “It’s much cheaper and takes less time than a chiropractor!”

We met up with my Sister in Law, Scott’s wife, Alicia for lunch, another treat…and up into the mountains we went.

Idaho_May2014 036

And then there were trees!

Idaho_May2014 054

And a beautiful valley below!

The decision to add this leg to an already planned Los Angeles trip came as an after thought after tickets were already purchased.  Getting to Idaho from North Carolina is a big trip with at least 2 layovers.  It takes all day to get here, and another day to get home……but to fly direct from Los Angeles?  I was here in under 2 hours, a direct flight, and the perfect way to use some stored up air miles added on to the already planned trip to give me some much needed time with family and a way to unwind.

Idaho_May2014 055

Last night after dinner mom and I took a little walk ---

Idaho_May2014 057

This huge lilac was magnificent!
We could smell its heady fragrance from at least a block away – and I inhaled and inhaled until I was nearly dizzy with its intoxicating glory.  Lilacs grow really well in Idaho, not so much in my area of North Carolina ---

Idaho_May2014 044

Lily of the Valley!

Idaho_May2014 045

So many memories!

When I was a little girl in Minnetonka, Minnesota, there was a patch of lily of the valley that grew beneath my bedroom window…..and I always thought they were magical, and they smell so good too!

Idaho_May2014 058

View of mom’s garden as we talked from her upper deck ---

Idaho_May2014 059

Other end from upper deck….

We sat and we talked and visited until it was time to come in, watch a movie….and I smiled happily to myself ---here I am in Idaho with my mom and I both hexi-ing away while we much on popcorn and enjoy an evening together.

This is my OTHER Happy Mountain Heaven!


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More from Idaho later ----I’m being spoiled by my mom making breakfast for me and it is ready!

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  1. Your Mom's gardens are breathtaking.... Just beautiful.

  2. I'm sitting right here in Idaho with you...south end of Ada County in fact, & your photos are making me homesick for a drive "up the hill", along the river, watching the kayakers...having a picnic and visiting that sweet little quilt shop I love...I haven't been able to stop looking at real estate listings up there lately.

  3. I love Idaho - I have lived there two different times but on the opposite side of the state than Boise but have visited that area as well - high mountain desert area of Arco in the middle and over in the East at Idaho Falls - both lovely areas and we have traveled the state to see a lot of the lovely areas and keep going back.

  4. I spent many Summers in Treasure Valley! I have always loved the Nampa Boise Area! Lucky Girl to have your Mom make you Breakfast. Enjoy! Hey the Word Verification changed- only have to type in 2 numbers now.

  5. One of my favorite places. Lived in Idaho when my husband was in the Air Force.

  6. Hello Bonnie,
    your pics make me kind of home sick. We haven't been in Idaho since 2006! My DHs family is living there, too. But with my 90year old Father here, I need to stay in Good Old Germany for I while still.
    Have a nice time xxx Doris

  7. Your mom's garden is impressive! I love it.

  8. Enjoy this great visit! There is no place like home, and NOTHING like Momma's cooking!

  9. Enjoy your visit! It's just so great to do things with your mother!
    I absolute adore Lily's of the Valley....it's my favourite!
    I even named a quilt after them...... LOL ... ;)
    Have a lovely time with your family,
    love from the Netherlands,

  10. Always love to see your Mom's garden..glad you are having a restful time in ID. Me..? I am busy with starstruck! Thanks again for a great class.

  11. I am forlorn. My Lily of the Valley are now coming in but I have a cold. I tried to smell one the other day and couldn't so I checked with my husband and he said they were lovely. Please let me get my sense of smell back before they are gone. :-( They remind me of my Grand mother Junebug and I planed them a couple of years ago and this is the first year they are coming in as a big group.

  12. Such a welcoming homestead. Someone loves to garden there. Relax, visit and just have some family fun!

    Smiles, and huge,

  13. Anonymous3:25 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I saw you on The Quilt Show, It was a great show , good info.
    I was thinking with all the traveling that you get in a yr. maybe it would be fun to journal the places and adventures you have on the way if you dont already do it. Id love to read a book with the adventures not just the quilting instructions books that are out there..The adventures plus what quilting you did . What do you think ? Izzy South Jersey USA

  14. I really like the lilac tree!69299899

  15. Mums are very special give her an extra hug when ever you can. I miss my mum so much.

  16. Your mums gardens are beautiful!! I too love the little bells of the Lily of the Valley, such a scent that brings back memories. We had them next to the front walkway and you could smell them as you walked into the house.Enjoy your visit with your Mum!

  17. Enjoy that special time with your mom and your brother and sister-in-law. What a treat for all of you to be together. More memories in the making (besides Hexi's)

  18. Lily of the Valley does not grow here in NE Texas either. Lucky you. Just saw you wrote you grew up in Minnetonka. Other side of Mpls from me, but I went to St Margaret's HS in Golden Valley and have some friends in Minnetonka.

  19. Anonymous10:17 PM EDT

    Your Mom's gardens are just beautiful. Never been to Idaho, but my goal is to visit every state before I die. If there are many gardens like your Mom's I will think that I have died and gone to heaven. As a gardener myself nothing makes my heart throb quite like a beautiful garden!

  20. So glad you got in some family time...I am sure it meant a ton to the whole family too!


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