Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quilt Cam–Are you Coming??

Studio_May2014 056
I thought you’d get a kick out of this float photo from the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union back in the 1960s.  Isn’t this a riot!?

And please note the hand wheel…it’s a treadle, gals!  See the belt?

I wish we could see it from the front.

Now that I’ve grabbed your attention, I wanted to remind you of Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm Eastern, that’s a bit over 2.5 hours from now.

I’m gathering up my stuff, sorting out a project, trying to decide what I want to work on, and what I need to kit up to bring on trips with me in the next couple of weeks…

And if you come to sew with me tonight – You’ll get a live and in person close up glimpse of my new do:


No make up, she took care of my caterpillar eyebrows too! LOL!

You can see how short it is by the pic in the upper right – and I’m sorry to say what was cut off was less than 10” so it was too short to donate to Pantene or Locks of Love…but let me tell you, I didn’t realize until it was there on the floor just how strawberry my hair is!  And here I have always considered myself a blonde ---how time changes things!


Yes, I know..I’ll need a new profile photo too – all in good time!

Find that project, set your alarm, call your friends to watch too, and lets sew this evening!

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  1. I love your new hair cut. it is so cute! Do you like it, too?

  2. I plan to be there! I'm putting logs on a log cabin/maple leaf quilt. It's coming out really pretty with various batiks for the dark side and the leaves.

  3. LOL I always considered my self strawberry, then it was blond, and now very,very light blond. Cute new cut. See you on quilt cam.

  4. The new do looks good! See you on quilt cam tonight.

  5. The new hairdo is so cute! You'll love having the shorter hair for the hot summer.

    Barbara in MD
    Stash Overflow

  6. Karen from Omaha8:57 PM EDT

    Just like cutting into a precious piece of fabric, the first cut is the hardest. Before you know it, you'll have a carefree short, short cut.
    Karen from Omaha (and no, there's no tornado tonight)

  7. Anonymous8:59 PM EDT

    Love the new haircut!

    I'm always shocked at how much gray hair is on the floor when I get my haircut! :(

  8. Nice "do" lovely reformed caterpillars......but the bangs...well they are the cream on the cupcake....or something like that. Perfect and I know bangs agony....I grew mine out a number of years ago to escape the agony. Lookin' good.....

  9. I just got home from watching a Grandson play Baseball. I love to Quilt but Grandchildren playing sports can get me to miss a bit of stitching time! I'll have to watch this later.

  10. Cute, Cute, Cute! Does your neck feel cold? LOL

  11. Anonymous10:39 AM EDT

    I like the new do, it suits ya!

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM EDT

    Watched your blog last night and now you have me hooked on your red/white 9-patches. Guess I will need to do some stash diving this weekend.

    You talked about your Acuquilt cutter. I have one but have never used it. I will dig mine out and give it a try. What size strips and block size dyes do you suggest at the beginning?

    LOVE your new 'do'!

  13. Anonymous9:32 PM EDT

    How come I can no longer see any of your photos or quilts? I noticed in the comments that other people are having the same problem

  14. I did a search and this may be the front of the float! https://www.flickr.com/photos/kheelcenter/5279529404/


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