Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wandering Old Town Tustin!

LA_CA2014 137
We had some time yesterday afternoon so Mary and Muriel and I headed out to Tustin to wander the shops –Muriel had a gift certificate that needed to be redeemed at the Flying Geese quilt shop before it expired ---nothing sets a quilter on fire like a gift certificate with an expiration date, am I right?!


Old Town Tustin is a charming area  with streets lined with large ficus and oak trees, perfect for wandering.

There are lots of antique and nick knack shops and places to wander..and wander we did!

LA_CA2014 131

Wouldn’t this display draw you inside?

LA_CA2014 133

And one must make good use of the photo op with Indian Sam!

((Do not know what he is doing with a frilly baby doll, but we were not questioning it!))

LA_CA2014 134

I spied this…..but not in working order and the price was $325.00.  NOPE!

LA_CA2014 135

I spy 3 little machines!  These didn’t come home either.

LA_CA2014 138

1950s Aldens made in japan…$150.00?? NOPE!

But then I guess it *IS* California!  But still!

LA_CA2014 139

Ohhh quilts and linens! Love the display!

LA_CA2014 140

Patchwork boots?  Definitely NOPE!

LA_CA2014 141

Oh, now this is lovely…..

LA_CA2014 142

I love the simple solid pink and green and the quilting was exquisite!

LA_CA2014 147

But THIS little thing…..THIS needed to come home!

The cord is broken off, but this is an antique “travel” iron.  It only weighs about 10 lbs…I love the green porcelain and the wood handle, and I’m going to use it as a “book end” on one of my quilt book shelves in my book case. Circa 1920s-1930s I believe.  Too cute to leave behind!

LA_CA2014 128

Oh yes and don’t forget the Flying Geese Quilt shop!

LA_CA2014 129

More fun neutrals are also going home!

((I love the bugs!!))

We also had to indulge my inner child – who remembers riding her bike to the Thrifty Drug Store in the 1970s and getting an ice cream cone for 15 cents. 

Thrifty Drug is long gone in California, but when I saw the Thrifty Ice Cream sign in that familiar font, I begged to continue our walk this far so I could treat the girls and myself to something nostalgic:

LA_CA2014 143

Thrifty Ice Cream!

Thrifty Drug was much like Woolworth’s in its day – it carried everything from housewares to cosmetics to clothing items and school supplies to record albums.  I bought my first record album there – Beach Boys – when I was about 9.  But the ice cream, oh the memories!!

LA_CA2014 146

The containers haven’t changed either!

Thrifty’s pistachio nut!  Still as good as I remembered!  Yes, the visit to Tustin was worth the slow traffic crawl back up the I-5 to return me to my hotel in Downey.

My inner little girl is happy!

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  1. I definitely am older than you Bonnie because I can remember when Thrifty's ice cream cones were 5 cents for a single and 10 cents for a double. Glad you're enjoying SoCal and I'm glad you're here this week and not last ( 107* temps...hmm...)


  2. Thanks for sharing some photos of Tustin! My DH was there working for a few weeks, from Australia, and he got me some fabric from the Flying Geese shop! Love the fabric and the ladies really helped him out. I sent him an email with what I wanted, he showed it to them and they gave him options, beautiful fabric.

  3. Yep..I also paid 5cents for Thrifty ice cream cones and it was a 2 block walk from my house..later became Tuesday Morning and now is a gym..after all that ice cream it is very handy! I did 5 starstruck blocks today..I fear that I am addicted..thanks so much!!

  4. Were the scoops still a nickel? Memories for me too! Jo Anna

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM EDT

    We had a Thrifty's a 10 minute walk from home in Redlands, CA. On Saturday evenings, after we'd worked in the yard and done housework, we'd walk to Thrifty's for cones. I remember a single scoop was 15 and a double was 20 and a triple 25. Dad always got a triple! My favorite flavor was Banana Split--can't get that anymore, sadly. I also bought my first timex watch at Thrifty's, among other things--they had everything! Thanks for bringing back the fond memories! Annette at machristensen@sbcglobal.net

  6. Didn't Thrifty Ice Cream used to come in square blocks which went into square cones? I think this had to be 40+ years ago.

  7. The thrifty scoops used to be cylindrical --round flat disks. These were not but the pistachio nut ice cream was as good as I remembered it!

  8. I would pass on all the machines too at those prices. Glad you found some Vintage FUNNIES like the Indian with the frilly baby. LOL on the BOOTS! Nice childhood memories, mine was the Sprouse Reitz and Woolworths.

  9. Wondering if these folks who own resale type places haven't found out we quilters WANT old machines! Those prices were just too high.

    Fun to rambled around and look :)
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. friend and i used to walk to friendly's on friday night and get a 3-scoop sunday for 60 cents...that is right, 60 cents!

  11. Now you've made me crave pistachio nut ice cream!! Gibson's...the first of the discount stores in Norfolk, NE...had an ice cream counter that sold the pistachio nut ice cream. The store is no more and I never have had such good pistachio nut ice cream since.

  12. Anonymous11:27 PM EDT

    You grew up in Cupertino and I grew up next door in Santa Clara. Thriftys is now Rite-Aid, but they still sell Thriftys ice cream in their stores. The BEST ice cream ever!

  13. Tustin is a great little town to wander around. This is where we ended up when my dad was transferred to the LTA base (Lighter Than Air) that has or had the largest hangars in the world. Once used to store blimps. Dad was a US Marine...transferred to teach on the base.
    Flying Geese shop is a dream to shop in! And if it's your birthday month, there's an extra discount. The ladies are a dream to talk to....
    Sad about the HIGH prices in the California antique shops...
    Am anxious to see you teach in San Diego in October.

  14. Anonymous6:06 AM EDT

    We had a Thrifty's in Santa Paula,Ca and back in the 60's is was cherry vanilla for me!

  15. Anonymous6:28 AM EDT

    HMMM...I think you should have rethought the patchwork boots..ha.

  16. THe pink and green didn't come home? I need your willpower.

  17. Oh for me it's the Malted Milk Ball crunch! And you can get it at Rite Aid! Love Old Town Tustin and so many fun eating places. If you're back that way try Rutabagas. Lots of great dishes and yummy homemade desserts.

  18. Those boots! What a hoot. Certainly would not want to be know to have died with THOSE boots on!
    The iron you took home is sweet. Glad you share your adventures. My sister takes her camera everywhere with her; she left the house yesterday upset about something at work and said she wasn't coming back until she was happy. She wrote a wonderful blog about her finding happy.

  19. I guess I'm the boring one because I really like the plain old chocolate (which I treat myself to on occasion at our local Rite Aid). It does bring back wonderful memories. I haven't been to Tustin in many years, but you've inspired me to plan a visit.

  20. It seems we have more in common than just our name and quilts. The first record album I bought was the Beach Boys. Love your blog and getting to "travel" with you. Thanks for all you share.

  21. I just KNEW you'd visited my local "Dusty Hoard" (AKA Fred & Daffy's) when you blew my mind by mentioning Old Town Tustin (where I live) a few days ago! I think those vintage machines have been there for YEARS, and that possibly they are priced so high because the proprietors subconsciously don't really want to part with them...?

    Did you happen to work in a visit to the Tustin Museum, right next door? There's some lovely vintage linens, irons, housewares etc. on display there too... and great artifacts that tell the story of the history of the area. http://www.tustinhistory.com/

    I hope I'll be organized enough to sign up for a workshop or presentation the next time you pass through here. I had no idea until it was too late! I'm going to check into the nearby guilds you visited. The ones I've tried so far in Orange County didn't feel very welcoming, so I have high hopes for Friendship Square and LACQG... if we have Bonnie-love in common, I figure that's a good sign!

    To commenter Karen: those two decommissioned LTA hangars are still very much here, though the roof of one partially caved in recently. They are being rehabilitated as part of a park under construction! Here's an article about the plans with lots of history and pictures and stuff: http://curatingla.com/2012/01/09/historic-tustin-blimp-hangar-closer-to-becoming-centerpiece-of-new-oc-regional-park/

  22. Thanks for the tour! I was reading some of my other blogs and came across the Chelmsford Quilt guilds quilt show and this blog took a couple photos of your quilts made by some of the members. They were great to see.


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