Monday, May 05, 2014

Class Day 2 on Mackinac–Tulip Fields!

Mackinac_May2014 178-001
Don’t we look like we could be sisters?  Or cousins at least?

This is Lily, who came down from Canada ((which is really not all that far from here, when you come to think of it, even if it is a different country!!)) and we had a great time in yesterday’s Tulip Fields class from my book String Fling, shown behind us!

I do believe this is the most beautiful class room I’ve ever had ---I showed more pictures of it HERE and it is gorgeous with geranium pink walls accented by brilliant white moldings, floral carpet in black green and white and those CURTAINS!  Oh my – we are taken right back to the grand old era of 1890.

Mackinac_May2014 169

Check out these chandeliers!

Mackinac_May2014 194

And then there is the carpet in the dining room ---everything kelly green, red, black, and it fades into the gorgeous colors of the window curtains beyond.  There is a whole color-extravaganza of quilt inspiration everywhere you look! Who knows – maybe we’ll end up with a Grand Hotel inspired color plan for this year’s November mystery??

Mackinac_May2014 175

Carpet down the hallway – giant geranium bouquets!

Mackinac_May2014 193

Check out Charlotte’s colors for her Tulip Fields quilt ----awesome!

Everyone did a great job and I have uploaded a slide show of class photos for your viewing pleasure.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing, and they are worth seeing!

Tulip Fields, Mackinac Island May 2014

Last night a group of us left the hotel, ready for a more casual dining experience –and yes, we had to get that ONE obligatory front porch photo at the Grand Hotel – the world’s LONGEST front porch should not be missed!

Mackinac_May2014 2042

Okay, I should have crossed the OTHER leg!

Left to right: Jill Lombard, Me, Sara Fielke, and Susan Carlson!

Today’s workshop is day one of a two day love affair with half square triangles.  We are working on part 1 of Scrap Crystals from my new book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

And you know what I just realized that I forgot?  THE DRAWING!  I was supposed to draw for our 3 winners for the copies of 100 blocks by 100 designers last night and I completely forgot what day it was – OOPSIE!  Let’s do that tonight.

Which means you still have time to enter ON THAT POST!  If you haven’t yet – GO!  I’ll draw before we head to bed tonight.  I promise!


  1. Just love your newsy updates and that photo on the Grand Hotel porch. You all do look a bit cold though.

  2. Beautiful hotel - those colors would be great for a mystery quilt - I would love to see what you come up with!!

  3. Looks like a VERY happy group of quilters! And, the quilts seem to be all about the joyous use of color. Just love the sample block you posted!

  4. Interesting tidbit about the geraniums on the carpeting. That flower absolutely FLOURISHES on Mackinac Island during the summer ... because they use the horse manure as fertilizer (which there is an abundance of because there are no cars to speak of on the entire island). It's too cold still for there to be flowers but if you returned in the warmer months you'd be AMAZED at the flowers and the size of them ... all because of the fertilizer. Also ... since the island is pretty much uninhabited during the winter months (closes down around the first part of October), they celebrate their "Christmas" on July 25th ... they have the entire town decorated as if for Christmas, there are worship services like it was Christmas and many houses even put up Christmas decorations ... quite a sight to see when you're walking around in your shorts and enjoying an ice cream cone!

  5. The colourway looks great, Bonnie. I'd love to make a quilt in those colours! Beautiful hotel to host a group of beautiful quilters. Hi to Lily from another Cdn in AB

  6. I just loved the photo gallery - found I was smiling! sme lovely colour ways for the blocks, it would be hard to choose one to emulate.

    Quilting amid the beauty of The Grand...wowowow

    This pattern is such a happy one. You do realize it is on -The List", right?

    Just got back to town after seeing 2 grandson's graduated Auburn!! One as a Graduate student, and the other after 4 years .. both Mechanical Engineers! Just like their Mom, Dad, Granddaddy!!!
    Smiles, Julie

  8. Oh gosh yes I'd love love pink and green and what ever other colors the rugs walls curtains are done in.
    And the timing seems right for you to be starting on the mystery, its just amazing how much time and effort you put into your mystery quilts for us
    I am very happy that you are able to also include them in your books
    Colleen who is sleeping out of doors in California

  9. LOL! Don't feel too bad, Bonnie. I cross my right over left as well. Loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ah ha! So that is why Lily was MIA from our quilt show up here in Canada! Well now I am super jealous! I hope you all had fun! I love seeing the pictures and I'm sure she will tell stories at our next guild meeting!

  11. Such beautiful colors on the walls and in the rugs! No wonder the quilt blocks are so vibrant! What a lovely atmospher in which to create beautiful quilts.
    Wish I were there...

  12. Hi Bonnie I would love to win, an I would have loved to be on the island with you, it such a neat place. I live about 55 miles south of it.


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