Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Escape to M&L!

LA_CA2014 088
Yesterday during class I had mentioned that when I was here 2 years ago a few of us took a side trip to the infamous M&L Fabrics ---and what a great time we had!

You can find my previous M&L post HERE! ((It’s worth a look!  There are some seriously funny photos in that post --hahah!))

A little wheeling and dealing, some phone call making and some ride shifting and plotting and planning, and I was informed that we were indeed able to make a side trip BACK to M&L – oh goodie!

LA_CA2014 089

This is what we saw when we walked in….fabric overload!

LA_CA2014 090

And great Kaufman’s for $2.98 a YARD?!?

I was instantly in shopper mode!

LA_CA2014 097

I didn’t do too bad!

The bottom piece is 8 yards for a backing…gorgeous fabric, great feel, Kaufman.  A selection of neutrals is ALWAYS warranted, and some other pieces that seem to have a cheddar/green/purple theme, but really I wasn’t shopping for any certain colors, these just jumped into my cart and said “take me home!!”  I obeyed!

I could have done lots more damage, but I was trying to restrain myself!  I got out of there with all of this for about $50.00.  SCORE!

LA_CA2014 093

4 Crazy Quilt Chicks on the loose!

Thanks for showing me such a great time girls!  Let’s do it again!

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  1. This is my kind of fabric store...great fabric at great prices. I lucky to have one on a smaller scale about 25 miles up the road. Might be time for a F.A.R.T (fabric acquisition road trip).

  2. Awesome to get all that fabric for $50. I have been paying $50 just for 108" backing fabric. It adds up! You deserve any "Girl Time" you can get.

  3. I've been going to M&L for years and have so much fun and spend lots of $$ every time! When I first started going Kaufman fabrics were priced at $1.49/yard. The good old days!! So glad you were able to make it back a second time. I'll bet you'll want to go back again on your next trip to So Cal!

  4. WOWOWO Am happy you did get there...

    Now I wish only we had something akin to this store in Maryville TN! AHHHHH good reason to travel!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net9:33 PM EDT

    That is definitely a store to put on the road map. And where is it?

  6. Hi Bonnie - you mentioned cheddar fabric - reminded me of the great article in the new Quilter's Newsletter by Pepper Cory, all about the "Cheddar" fabrics, interesting article! M&L sounds like our Marshal's Fabrics that is in Batesville, Arkansas. love going there, too. Carol

  7. Holy cow! Well that explains why the lady I met from CA while I was in JoAnns in Mi was appalled at our high fabric prices in MI. This answers it all!
    Wish we had a M& L here too!

  8. Yes, it was a great time at M & L two years ago. Wish I had more room in my suitcase!

  9. I hope you are loving your haircut because it looks so good on you!
    Good move :0)
    Looks like a little piece of heaven, I sure hope we get to sew in heaven!

    Have fun and Happy Sewing

  10. Kim beat me to it, but I have to also say your new "do" is so cute! :-)

  11. I live in Australia. Do USPS do shipping containers?? ;)

  12. oh yes, i would have bought the bottom one too....really nice

  13. I remember M&L Fabrics and its sister store Jennys in Fountain Valley well from my years in southern CA.

  14. You are so lucky.
    We pay between $ 20. - $ 25 a metre... 39"

  15. Anonymous11:00 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I live in So Cal. and I was shopping for backs etc at M & L when I found out that I was there on a sale day!! Something like an additional 20%.... I thought, have I died and gone to heaven or what???? P.S. Your haircut is adorable!!! Carolyn Barnett

  16. OK - that does it! NEXT time you go there, Bonnie, I'm going with you (only challenge is - I'm in MA)! I even have LOTS of space on my stash report for that! OH MY!

  17. Jenny's was my fabric place to shop years ago when I lived in Huntington Beach, CA. Loved it!!!

  18. Bonnie you look 10 years younger with your new hair cut and perhaps it is the cheap, oops I mean great fabs you got.

  19. I had that bright green dot/check fabric you bought in my Easy Street. What a great store. Someday.

    Mona in Melbourne, FL

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