Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Treadle Practice!

It’s been a while since I sat down at Gae to do any stitching --- so many irons in the fire since I returned on Sunday.

It hit me this morning when I was firming up arrangements to meet with Karen for lunch that I really needed to sew some strip sets together to complete my 9 patches so that I could sub-cut them before handing the accuquilt cutter over to her and Lisa this afternoon!

Sew Bonnie Sew!

I started these strip sets out on the treadle, and I really didn’t want to switch to an electric machine in the midst of them. ((For the record, did you know that treadlers call electric machines a Machine with a TAIL!?? :cD ))  I need more practice.  I do pretty well on long straight stretches now.  It’s getting easier.  I don’t hardly think about my feet anymore…but I still have to watch for the hand wheel to be turning towards me because if it goes backwards ---- SNAP!

Treadle 002

After sewing the strip sets and pressing them….I accomplished what I set out to do.  I loaded the strip sets cross-wise on the Accuquilt Studio and cranked them through.  You can’t see it, but there are parallel lines on the foam of the die to help me line them up nice and straight.  I don’t want parallelograms when I’m done…they need to be straight.  Crank crank crank – and I had a whole pile of sub-cuts ready to be attached to my other pairs of parts..

Treadle 003

Ready to roll!

The hardest part for me is sewing short seams, and stopping where I need to stop.  Sewing 9 patches is the perfect way to learn.  I nest the first seam….and holding it with my fingers, stop with the needle down right after I cross that seam.  Align the next seam to be sure it is nesting, and get going again, sewing to the end of the 9 patch.  I’m not a big pinner when it comes to nesting seams --- never have been!  Most of mine are pretty good, there are a couple I’m going to have to re-do ---but all in all I’m happy with how sewing short seams has become easier, the stopping and starting more natural.

Okay, so this morning I only had to re-thread the needle twice after sewing backwards and SNAP!

Treadle 005

My chain is growing!  I hope to finish these 9-patches tonight.  It’s another “project in my mind” I’m not sure of a layout, I just started it as a way to learn to use the treadle ---and it’s doing a good job in teaching me!

I’m headed out in a few to meet up with Karen for The Big Accuquilt Switch.  The girls are going to play while I'm away!  From there, it’s errands – you know the drill --- Sam’s club, bank, etc – and I’m ending my afternoon with a massage.  There is a long drive ahead for me on Sunday and I have been having deep tissue massage with heat on my hamstrings.  It seems to be helping.  Oh, and it’s not ALL painful – there is a lot of good relaxation massage mixed in there too!

I’m hoping for QuiltCam tonight – around 9pm eastern.  I know it sounds boring, but those bow-ties?  They STILL need to be sewn together.  If you can keep me motivated, I’ll get them done!  So bring a project and sew along.

Catch you later!


  1. So did you use a 2.5 inch strip cutter? that seems a whole lot quicker then cutting them out! I am making an irish chain quilt and have a ton of 2.5 inch pieces to cut. This seems like it would make life easier! Can you show a picture of the foam with the lines??

  2. Bonnie are those REAL Indigo fabric? They look like some I bought at the Cincinnati Quilt Show this past April and I have recently started a project with mine?
    Paula in KY

  3. I'm getting quite a collection of the spools. I'll be interested to see some ideas on how the bow ties get put together because I'm sure the spools will work too.

  4. Sorry Bonnie, I love you on quilt cam but that is the time of the first presidential debate and I believe it is important for us to watch it tonight. Catch you later, still love you.

  5. I am making bowties, too. And I can thank you for that particular obsession! I like them so much that I just sew them as blocks and not as leaders and enders. See you tonight in Quiltville.

  6. Would love to join you tonight but need to catch the debates ... at least at the beginning. Will try and join later if I can. LOVE the combination of cream/tans and the blues ... a BIG favorite of mine.

  7. I would much rather watch ou Bonnie...sick and tired of hearing all of the promises and lies ring told...I see indigo fabric!,

  8. Hi Bonnie - Just thought might like to know that the Bernina Nova 900 sewing machine that you showed the picture of from one of your workshops in Kentucky sold on eBay today for $741.99 + S&H.

  9. I must try my treadle, have had it 2years and not used it. Bonnie do you have a spa/hot tub they can be so relaxing after a long drive....an old remedy is using Radox or old fashioned washing soda even in an ordinary bath.

  10. Hi Bonnie, Love the machine with a tail!! I guess that it is cord. I have my Grandpa's Wertheim treadle.he died in 1964 and it sat in his shed for 40 odd years after untouched because of an eccentric aunt. He was a sailmaker and the contents of the drawers are untouched since he last sewed. it is fairly decrepit but things still move. You have inspired me to find someone to fix it so I can use it. it will be a connection to grandpa who I loved very much(he died when I was 7). I love the 9 patches!I am making Tumulo Trails ATM in Civil war fabrics plus a few others.it's looking lovely so far! I did have this ambition to make ALL your patterns to use up my LARGE stash so I can buy more fabric, but it might take me a while:)Do you find treadling helps with your pain?
    Love Sandra

  11. I just love seeing that long chain draping off the back of the machine. :)

  12. Bonnie,
    Love the treadle!I got mine a couple of years ago and its been a joy to work on.
    A wee tip..if you want Gae's cabinet to look better, a can of Howard's RestorAFinish (golden oak color works pretty well on the treadle cabinets) and a package of 000 steel wool, a bit of elbow grease and about maybe an hour of your time, and it will look splendid! Follow up with Howard's Orange Oil Feed N Wax (include the iron work) and the room will smell devine and Gae's cabinet will shine...


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