Friday, October 12, 2012

Show & Share Friday!

There are some days that leave you with nothing to blog about – because you’ve blogged about it already!

How can that be? I “ALWAYS” have something to talk about!

Because ---I’ve had more lectures, both day and evening, than I have workshops this trip, so there are fewer slide shows to upload.

TODAY we have a Jamestown Landing workshop with the Centreville Quilters – but that slide show won’t be ready until tomorrow.  So what am I going to post today?

Show and Share!  I haven’t done this since Bali – and some really beautiful quilts have been sent to me, so I think today will be a good day to share them with you.

Carolyn S sent me pictures of her Jared Takes a Wife!


It looks great on the bed!

She writes:
Here are the pics.of my version of Jared takes a wife. It is going to my DD my youngest, who is also in the army reserves band. Now I have to figure out how I want to quilt it!


Jeanne T sent a picture of her KING SIZED Chunky Churn Dash!

This looks like a magazine photo shoot!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
I just completed a king chunky churndash quilt and absolutely love it!   I used homespuns that were given to me by a fellow quilter and then tied it all together with the hourglass fabric.  Then, I decided to add a flying geese border (365??), yikes!
My friend quilted it in an edge to edge feather design.  This has now become the quilt of choice for my bed.
Thank you for sharing the pattern!

It looks just awesome on that bed, doesn’t it?  I’m ready to crawl in and take a nap!
I got an email from “ANOTHER” Jeanne –sending pictures of her Star Struck UFO! 
This Jeanne is from Michigan, and can’t you tell she is trouble with those sparkling eyes peeking over the quilt? :cD   I love the use of her blue and cheddar!
She writes:
Hi Bonnie,
I wanted to share my finished Star Struck quilt with you. You taught the class back inSeptember, 2010 for Saginaw Piecemakers Quilt Guild. (Michigan) I wanted to use the bonus hsts from making the blocks, but couldn't decide on a color that would separate them from the body of the quilt.
Finally, I chose a dark red as there were red specks in the cheddar pieces. I love how it turned out.

Thank you for being an excellent teacher and for loving scraps.
Hugs,Jeanne, Saginaw, Michigan
I do love the inner red border and binding – it really sets it off so nicely!

And finally, we have three quilts with a story from Mo B!

She writes:

Good Morning Bonnie,
 I just wanted to share a couple of quilts that I have made following your lead. 
The pink one is the result of your Virginia bound class in Naples Florida earlier this year.  I took the class but my little feather weight got a thread caught so I had to leave early cuz we just couldn’t get her to go.  She has since been serviced and all is well. 
I started out to make this quilt in batiks (only one block complete) however our guild set up a challenge for us to make quilts for a show for our local mall the theme became pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month October, the month for the show.

Well I just went right to it and cut up all of my pink scraps of which there turned out to be many, I’ve many many nieces, had no idea I had made that much pink.
Anyway, this is the result of that bag of scraps as well as the pineapple quilt made using the trash to treasure template.  These quilts are going to the Children’s Advocacy Center after the show.
The other string quilt I made a few years ago, using my batik scraps.  It wasn’t until the other day that I realized that this quilt was guided by you as well.  I was going through my downloaded quilt patterns and I found the directions for this and lo and behold they were from Quiltville!  Who knew! 
I was a fan of yours before I even knew it. I read your blog now and I just love living vicariously through you.  It is my intention that there will be more quilts with your help in my future. Thank you.
Blessings, Mo B

Awesome Show & Share, ladies!  Thanks so much for sending the pictures to me and allowing me to share them with everyone else!
Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. OH WOW my quilt looks good on your Blog :)I want to share it w my DD, but it's still not quilted, and is a surprise!

  2. I just love show 'n tell!

  3. No favorites here. Every single one is a winner. Love them.

  4. I'm with PC above, never get tired of show and tell,
    you are the queen of quilting !
    You have inspired so many of us with you patterns and techniques Bonnie...thanks so much :0)

    Happy Sewing on this cold rainy day

  5. what is a trash to treasures template

  6. I really love the pink pineapple quilt. Love the dark setting.

  7. Lovely quilts and great stories. Thanks for sharing! Maybe this should be a weekly tradition. :)

  8. Anonymous1:37 PM EDT

    Every one of the quilts is inspiration! Really like seeing how others from yur blog have used your ideas! We fellow Hunter-ites love to see that lolol.


  9. Love the Show & Share Fridays! Keep them coming! It's amazing how different your designs can look with just different fabric selections. The quilts are amazing! Thanks everyone for sharing your lovely quilts and stories.

  10. terrific eye candy...i too love the blue/cheddar and those batik quilts on the bottom....gorgeous!

  11. Thanks for including my quilt in your Show and Share Friday.

  12. wonderful quilts to view and dream about!
    I just love your blog, Bonnie!

  13. Anonymous12:20 PM EDT

    I always love show n tell!!!!. I miss my guild back home in Goshen In. Hi Maple Leaf Quilters!!!! because I miss all that when I'm gone in Winter.
    I love you Bonnie and your sharing of your talent is so gratifying and fulfilling to all of us who meet you and get to know you. You give us so much .Thanks again for all your hard work!!!!
    Debbie Kelly still in Fl( I want to go home to Indiana)

  14. Anonymous12:22 PM EDT

    I always love show n tell Thanks Bonnie Love you and all your great things you do for us.Debbie Kelly


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