Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evening Edition! Free Kindle Book!

I haven’t done this in a while ----I haven’t sat in one place long enough or had time in the evenings by myself to even go looking ---but my feet are up tonight.

An Order of Coffee and Tears by Brian Spangler is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle store and it seems to be a good one.

Angela’s Diner has the reputation of a safe haven where patrons find a moment of peace as they linger over coffee and tears. For one young runaway, Angela’s is more than a place to tell your tale – it’s a place where with the magic of chicken and waffles, and a little bit of trust, may just save your life.
Gabriella Santiago used to be a typical teenager who enjoyed the usual teenage things. That is until a single tragic day ended who she was and within hours she ran from home, never to look back.
Only when Gabby is cold, hungry and at her lowest, does she find Angela’s Diner. Gabby embraces her new life and the family she has found in the midst of strangers and obscurity.
Acceptance is what she craves, but before long, Gabby realizes she’s not the only one in the diner with something to hide. Her new family has a secret too, and some secrets refuse to stay buried.

It's free now, but double check before clicking that it still is for you!

I also was asked recently to share what I’m listening to.  Do you listen to audio books?  I often do on long car drives or while I’m flying.   They are also great to have plugged into my ears while I sew or clean house.  Sometimes the stories are so good I can’t turn them off.  And when I find an author I really like, I have to listen to or read everything they put out.
Lisa See is one such author!
shanghaigirlsdreams of joy
I don’t know anything about Chinese history ---and these stories pulled me right in.  I love her writing style.  I was able to download both books (Shanghai Girls is first, followed by Dreams of Joy) and I honestly couldn’t let these books go.  I’m on the waiting list for some of Lisa See’s others --- I download the audio books free through my library, but sometimes there is a bit of a waiting list to get them.
I’m all tucked in to my lodgings outside of Floyd, VA!
VA_Oct2012 061
This is what I saw as I drove up route 52 towards Mt Airy, NC – and further north into the mountains and across the Virginia state line.
VA_Oct2012 068
Gosh, I am loving the abundance of autumn everywhere!
Tomorrow is a morning lecture with the Old Church Gallery Quilters of Floyd, VA!  I’ll have the afternoon free for some exploring, though with the way things have been – and seeing as it’s a MONDAY – I bet everything will be closed! LOL! 
Tuesday is our workshop day, Happy Scrappy Houses.
And so we continue --- one quilt at a time!


  1. Be heading down that way this week, first Lynchburg, then Mary Jo's and then Union Sc then back to Lynchburg to visit my daughter.
    ramona from Maine.
    Ps still looking for someone to cruise with.

  2. Bonnie, be sure to read Lisa See's "On Gold Mountain". Its the story of her Chinese grandfather's journey to America. Not a novel, but i loved it.

    1. I agree "On Gold Mountain" was awesome & many of the locations are here in Los Angeles. It was a fun way to learn history that I knew nothing about.

  3. Oh, got a free book on Amazon today "Patchwork Dreams (The Amish of Symour) by Laura Hilton.
    Looks very interesting!

    1. Thanks for that. I just downloaded too. :)

  4. Hi Bonnie
    I'm so excited to have put the final stitch in my red and white Talkin Turkey quilt top. I really wanted to finish this today so that I can stay on target for prepping for the mystery quilt when it is available. I'm going to try to quilt this one within the next two weeks and put the binding on which will take me another week, so that should put me where I want to be for the next Bonnie quilt.
    Have a great couple of days in Floyd VA.

    Gail in Verona VA

  5. I love audio books! I am a member of Audible.com. The books aren't free, but they have a HUGE selection and lots of good sales. I download them onto my mp3 player and listen in the car, at work, while donating blood, while in any waiting room, while sewing and cutting fabric... everywhere! Plus, my DH can always buy me some "credits" as gifts when he runs out of ideas, then listen to the books I choose. Win all around! Enjoy this trip. It looks like you will see some astonishing fall transformations!

  6. Loved both of those Lisa See books!

  7. I love Lisa See! I first read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and was hooked. Love, love, love her.

  8. Listening to Drawing in the Dust right now, like you I get them through the library.

  9. I have read both those books (on my Nook, lol) and they are good! If you want a good book that is about India try reading "A Fine Balance" it is a great story too!

  10. I just love the picture of the country side that you posted. It really makes me think of the countryside when I would visit my father in Ohio. I would fly out there to see him in the fall when the trees were turning all those beautiful colors. Enjoy your days in Floyd!

  11. I loved these books too! She is an amazing author.

  12. Now I will have to find these books after such great recommendations. Two authors whose work I always try to read are Anita Shreve and Richard Russo. Even though I am a left coast girl I am drawn to these stories set in New England.

  13. Now I will have to find these books after such great recommendations. Two authors whose work I always try to read are Anita Shreve and Richard Russo. Even though I am a left coast girl I am drawn to these stories set in New England.

  14. Hi Bonnie it's Bonnie from Va. I love audio books also. Sometimes I get so into the books I forget I can do something else. I have been known to sit in the driveway to finish a chapter. I also get audio books from my libray and put them on my E-reader and listen when I sew. Sometimes if the books are in the MP3 format I put them on my MP3 player and listen while I walk.


  15. I have read both those books by Lisa See and just loved them. I didn't want them to end. I am on the hunt for more books by this author.

  16. I too am a Lisa See fan.


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