Wednesday, October 10, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Hello from Gainesville, VA!!

I hate my GPS.

It routed me THROUGH downtown DC and Georgetown and across the Frances Scott Key Bridge into Virginia----during the worst rush hour traffic ever!

The Nationals were going on in DC and there I was in the thick of it!

More on that to follow.

Suffice it to say it took 5.5 hours to drive what should have taken me 3.

I did make it though---and look! My feet are up in the recliner and I've turned a corner on my binding!

This is the label corner, and I'll sign the label when I'm done with the binding.

A bit more stitching and I'm calling it a night!


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  2. Mine did the same two weeks ago in Springfield Mass. It was late....I was tired..the next thing know I'm driving through a dark downtown area listening to Lady Garmin reroute me towards I 91. Very nervewracking!! Glad you're safely at your destination

  3. I've been stuck in NoVa traffic too. I wish you could tell the GPS to opt out of going though cities like you can opt out of toll roads or interstates.

  4. sometimes those things do let us down - it's happened to us in dc, too. glad you made it safely. sweet dreams! ☺

  5. They are always fun to listen to when you have missed your turn and all the d---- thing will say is "turn around"! Made my son figure out how to turn off the voice! We finally found our destination!

  6. Glad you made it safely, if not quickly. Fun fabric on the "can't show us" quilt :)

  7. Coming back from Kansas City...thought we'd stop in Atlanta (never been)...decided against it...made a wrong turn..."Thomasina" (our gps) thought she'd give us a 2nd chance to revisit our decision - yep - smack dab through downtown Atlanta at rush hour....true, not the same as DC...but.......LOL

  8. Our GPS took through downtown St Louis, right past Busch Stadium during a baseball game. I'm sure DC would be much worse, and our traffic wasn't all that bad, it was just the strangest route. Our son was following us ( we were helping him move back to Tennessee) and he called us to ask where in the *bleep* we were going! :)

  9. We had a gps take us across the bay bridge in San Francisco when we were trying to get to a downtown location! We turned around by taking the exit for Treasure Island & drove back with the "voice of insanity" doing the "recalculating" all the way back into the city. Finally it woke up and helped us find our way. At the next opportunity I bought a map & we abandoned the gps for the rest of the trip.

  10. I find it depends on whether I have the GPS set for fastest or shortest! Fastest usually routes me around on Freeways....shortest thru cities and over tight bridges with 42' RV and 20' Carhauler...but sure makes for easy travelling...
    Good to know your tucked in safe for the night!

  11. I think we have all had our share of adventures while counting on our GPS units - but, that being said, mine has saved me from getting lost on several occasions. Of course, I can get lost in a paper bag ... lol

    Glad to know you are sitting with your feet up - safe and sound.

  12. Your backing fabric looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see the front. Glad you made it safely through DC Bonnie. My husband is thinking of getting a GPS device. Anyone have suggestions on what kind to get?

  13. Our "sweet" Garmin took us thru DC, just behind the Capital bldg, during Friday afternoon rush hour on the way to Baltimore...what a nightmare! I'm going to invest in an old-fashioned map before we take our next road trip! :) Glad you made it safely....have fun today!

  14. i don't have a GPS so i usually use Mapquest before i start out on a trip. at least that way i have the advantage of being able to see my route before i have to drive it.

  15. Everyone should carry a good map book in their car. Buy a new one every year. They are worth their weight in gold. In the northern plains, never rely on GPS it just doesn't work and frequently takes you to the wrong place. There have been a lot of cases, especially in winter where people put in "take the shortest route" and it puts you in dangerous situations. Be safe out there. I am getting all my bills and paperwork down so I can be free for quiltcam when you get home.

  16. Love the way you have sewn the binding into the label. I never thought of that. But my quilts are not ever going to be stolen and the label removed.... LOL not that good!

  17. Hubby always carefully programs our Garmin , then has me follow along on my atlas - guess he trusts me more than the GPS (grin!!) At least the one we use eliminated the "recalculating" message. When do we get to see the other side of your quilt??

  18. Been pn hifhways and biways made y CCC myself, aross blue ridge pkwy and s.m.n.p., but if ever in georgetown again, stay across from h.ton... I think its a ha,pton. Bt not sure.... Get in, park, dont move. Ask mr hpw i know. Lo.

    And most importantlu, DO NOT BE CHEAP! Pay the money, its worth it. Whatever it is...
    Besides, its deductible!

    1. This is what i dislike about ipad, the delay in typing....
      So you know..
      I feel so terrible for you. Been there, done that. I have a photo of a quolt done by a mtn lady, for auction for hu,Ne so iety thT i tracked down ...
      Its a bonmie hunter and she givrs you credit,
      But wait, thetes more...
      She has them stacked up for yearsafter she gone.

      Tune in for "the rest of the story" and pi tures


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