Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Iphone-o-Gram! Scrappy Bargello Day!

Our class today is held above the firehouse in a huge meeting room!

We've got a ton of space to spread out. The lighting is fantastic with loads of windows and overhead lights.

Panels are being sewn, sliced, stair-stepped and sewn back together in rapid procession!

It may be raining outside but we are warm, toasty and productive inside!


  1. Looks like a lot of quilting is going on and fun is being had by all. Love the QLT GIRL license plate!

  2. What! No rotary cutters up! Looks like a great group & a wonderful space. I have been envious of your last few posts showing your rainy weather. We could sure use some of that here in the northwest. We've been without any rain for over two months & we have forest fires burning in the central part of the state that won,t be contained until the snow flies they say.

  3. At least if the irons catch fire the firemen are close by! Have a great time!

  4. I love scrappy bargello. Hmm, I think I have one in progress that I should go work on for a while.

  5. Look at you showing off that hexie quilt - so nicely drapped over the table for everyone to drool over all day!!

  6. nice space! where are the firemen?

  7. You should get those firemen to cook for you and you could go all night! I heard they are good cooks! Jan in ND

  8. That is a spacious, light room! Great for quilting fun. I love being on the road with you again, Bonnie. You are not far from me now since I'm in Ohio. Someday I will be at one of your classes. That is a goal for me. Safe travels.

  9. Ever feel like these photos are "ome" more than the real thing? Gosh, today i am finished with my sewing classes, retreata. Now the vacation begins, driving through smokeys tomorrow, then back down and home. Ive stimulated the toccoa and franklin economies! Especially franklin! Pat wys was great!

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    I finished binding Orca Bay this week and blogged about it at:
    Wait until you see what I named it!


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