Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkins A Plenty!

And these are the ones “not good enough” left in the field!

I had no idea that this corner of Virginia was so busy in pumpkin production,  but it was fun to see trucks hauling loads of pumpkins down winding country roads --- I kept taking in my surroundings thinking “I’m on Walton’s Mountain!”

When I was explaining my wonder at the fields of pumpkins – and then being told these were the “dregs” left to rot in the fields, I wondered why they weren’t good enough.   Are they too small? not orange enough?  Mis-shapen?  All I can think about is making pumpkin pies, and pumpkin bars, and pumpkin cheesecake rolls – and maybe even pumpkin soup, and all of those roasted pumpkinseeds for snacking ---

I love pumpkins!!

On this particular country road where I was pulled over, was an old church --- and the trees were so colorful:

VA_Oct2012 066

Tiny little Primitive Baptist Church – who knows how long it’s been there, it looks like a one room thing!  And across the other corner was the church cemetery ----

VA_Oct2012 063

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere --- pumpkins!

VA_Oct2012 062

My GPS did the fail again --- farther into the mountains I had no cell phone signal at all, so that was not much help either.  The route guidance ended as did the turn by turn directions.  I had to stop where some locals were working on a pickup truck and ask where this road was.  They told me --- I was not far off, and once I was on the right road, I could find the house by reading the house numbers on mail boxes as I traveled further back away from the main road.

VA_Oct2012 070

When I found THIS landmark, just right where she told me it would be --- I knew I’d found my place!

VA_Oct2012 071

This is the view from Linda’s upper deck.  Acres and acres of mountain farmland and wilderness.  Cattle graze lazily on the still green hillside pastures.

VA_Oct2012 072

Behind the rise stands Buffalo Mountain, the tallest mountain in the area.

I’m only about 80 or so miles from home, it it feels completely remote and very very far away!

This morning we are headed out for a breakfast ---and to visit one of the old mills on the Blue Ridge Parkway ---it’s one of the major tourist photo op spots along the Parkway --- and with the autumn color still making a great show, I’m glad to have the opportunity to see it.

From there we will head out to set up for this morning’s lecture ----and then we will see what the afternoon will bring!


  1. Bonnie, I love following your travels, it's so much fun. I feel like I am right there with you! When you aren't posting about your quilting adventures, these are my favorite posts! Thanks!

  2. I love seeing fields of pumpkins too. Sounds like it might be time for a portable GPS and quit using the one that came with your car.

  3. Virginia is sooo beautiful. I love riding those backroad in WV, VA, NC, and SC. My hubby's old stompin' grounds! You are so blessed!

  4. A beautiful photo tour! Such a shame about all those pumpkins. I imagined pies, roasted seeds and soup as you did. I live in the Mohave desert now and welcome pictures of golden forests. Thank you!

  5. All these fall pictures, pumpkins and leaves and red barns with quilt blocks - are those hints about the upcoming mystery? I hope so - I would love those colors! I can't wait for your first instructions this month, so thanks for the new mystery, Bonnie, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

  6. I'd imagine the pumpkins are left there to nourish the ground and the seeds will self plant for next year. The ground gets nitrogen from the dead foliage, and the vitamins should help with growth. We had this happen one year when we grew pumpkins in our garden. I do know bees like the go inside pumpkins during the winter, as my kids accidentally got stung in January, back in UT. My non-scientific thoughts.

  7. Are you going to Mabry Mill? Looks like you're in the area we used to visit often when we lived in NC. Beautiful!

  8. I am guessing you are going to Mabry Mill! We were there twice this past summer! Beautiful spot. Loved their sweet potato pancakes. Bought the mix and just made sweet potato waffles on Saturday. Yum, yum!!! :) Enjoy!! Be sure and take a long look at the quilt on the wall in the hallway to the restaurant. Beautiful art quilt project!

  9. Wow, that is a lot of pumpkins left to rot, I think I would have stopped and picked some up to take back home with me...mmmm pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, pumpkin cookies, darn it, now I'm hungry for pumpkin pie!!
    Love the scenery as always.

    1. I love the comment about Walton's Mountain. I am a real Walton's fan. I have seen all the episodes many times. I often wish I were part of their family. My family thinks I am a little crazy, but I don't care. It was a simpler,gentler time.

  10. I love fall food...apple, pumpkin, and lots of spices...I feel the need to bake!

  11. I could stand to live there. Really, I COULD!! Beautiful country. Did you stop and load up a few of those pumpkins that were left to rot? Tempting.

  12. Beautiful countryside Bonnie.

  13. Oh Boy! You are making me home sick for the Catskill Mountains! I so miss the fall. Even the chill in the air is so crisp and wonderful this time of year. We have been looking here in FL for a pumpkin patch to take our 2 yr old grandson...neighbors said Publix. Got to love their humor. They are from NYC.

    Enjoy the view. I can't wait for your next round of pictures,

    Aileen in Florida

  14. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  15. Thank you for sharing your stories and your travels. You keep showing me places I've never been, and I so enjoy it! Pumpkin cheese cake rolls? I had to scroll back to make sure I read that right. I've never heard of those! They sound yummy! Love reading your blog!

  16. Fall has got to be my favorite time of the year - it starts to get cooler and the air gets crisper - the leaves turn colors and I don't even mind the raking and putting out for the garbage man to take (and I have four trees in my yard and my neighbor has five or six in her front yard so there are lots of leaves).

    It means it's time to get out those special wall hangings and table covers that have all those pretty browns/oranges/greens in them. It was fun to be at a friends' house this past week and see a table runner I had made for her already out and being used on her dining room table.

    I would love to be right there with you on your travels - you see so many fun and beautiful things. My husband and I dream of driving across the country with our truck and camper to see all the beauty our country has to offer. I have been asked which country I would love to visit and I always tell people there is so much of the USA that I want to see that I probably would not live long enough to leave and visit foreign countries ...

  17. Mmm--gorgeous Fall countryside. I think I'll go make some pumpkin pecan muffins--you have my mouth watering!

  18. Are you going to the mill where they have the buckwheat pancakes? Good, yummy food. I miss the color of the hardwoods.

  19. Mabry Mills by chance? Love that area of VA. My step kids and our grands live in that area. So beautiful this time of year. Need to make an apple run soon too.
    Enjoy the beauty!

  20. Thank you for showing the mountains-makes me homesick for the hills of Missouri where I grew up! The vista of hill upon hill of color this time of year is so magical and entrancing! (You saw how flat northeast Indiana is when you were in North Manchester!) Due to the drought this summer we do not have much color this fall but there are still a few brave red maples flaunting their color along the highway!

  21. My o my... you were within 10 miles of my sister's lovely home on Buffalo Mountain Road... Mabry mill is a favorite. So glad you were able to visit that neck of the woods... it always restores my soul. Happy traveling! B

  22. Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your trips with us, I will never be able to visit these places on my limited income. Your pictures mean the world to me. Thanks again.
    I just finished another Bonnie Hunter quilt, Streak of Sunshine, for my cousins 3rd child, due in November.
    I have also made "Blue Ridge Beauty" & "Chunky Churn Dashes" which are in my "UFO" pile. Using your terrific instructions on putting quilt blocks on point, I finished one of my mother's "UFO's".
    So looking forward to the Block Party in March 2013.
    Thanks so much for everything. Keep on quilting.... Carol

  23. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. Thank you for sharing it with us. We go tree looking out here in Colorado in the fall, but it's not as beautiful as all the colors produced by the hardwoods!


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