Sunday, October 07, 2012

A rainy day pitstop at IKEA!

I left this morning about 8 o'clock--the rain coming down. When I hit the Virginia state line it was still coming in buckets.

I drove on through Richmond. I soon approached the outskirts of Fredericksburg. And then on further north towards Washington DC.

It was time for a pit stop! I needed a restroom break, and a walkabout. I was in search of some more IKEA lamps for my sewing areas.

Let's just say that Sunday afternoon is not a good time to go wandering the aisles of IKEA.

It took a bit more than an hour to get my two lamps to the checkout station and out the door.

The clip on task lamps come in really fun colors like cheddar, blue, pink, white, and black.

I already have all the clamp lamps that I need, so I picked up a white tabletop lamp, and a black floor lamp for putting next to the treadle sewing machine in the living room.

I've got about 149 miles left to my destination in Pennsylvania and my stop was a good halfway spot to stretch my legs.

Next stop? Malvern, Pennsylvania! :-)


  1. I brought those lamps last week at IKEA when I was in Texas. You are making good time, be safe.

  2. I bought one of these as well, it is rubbish made in china, sorry to say, but it only lasted about 2 months..... :-(

  3. Seriously.... Malvern??? I lived there in high school.. eldest daughter is in Paoli..... so wish I could be there with you this week. Have a great time!

  4. Clamp lamps are so handy. I need a few more. Be safe out there in the rain!

  5. have a safe trip, bonnie! it really did feel like fall here in nc this morning. glad you scored some more lamps at ikea! ☺

  6. Wish there was an IKEA near me. the closest one is 70 miles. I was near there a couple weeks ago for an appt so stopped in and bought one of the clamp-on lamps. Turns out it didn't have the plug included. So I called them and they sent it. I was so afraid I'd have to wait till Feb when I got back out that way again. They were very helpful. Sue K

  7. I have about 10 of those tabletop lamps... I bought the first one like two years ago and it still works fine - this one's living on my nightstand and is used every day... the others are spread all over my appartment - especially in the areas where I sew.
    I simply love those lamps... they bend so great in whatever angle I need them...
    And now I figured one great advantage of living in Germany: We have many IKEA stored all over Germany... there are three different ones that I can reach in less than an hour - and when I'm staying with my (hopefuuly soon to be) DH, there's even one in walking distance...

  8. Too bad I didn't know you were at IKEA, I only like about 15 minutes away from there. I could have brought you lunch or snacks for the rest of your trip. Have fun and a safe trip.

  9. I would love a chance to see and touch those IKEA lamps. Nearest store to me?....436 miles!

  10. I've been so lusting after one of those lights! We have an IKEA in Texas, but I've never been. One of these days, I'm going to check them out and get one of those lights.

    I just got my String Fling book! It's wonderful and I love it! You've done such a marvelous job! The pictures and directions are fantastic! The quilts just blow me away! Your so awesome!

  11. I bet you forgot it is Columbus Day weekend. SALE time. I was at Joann Fabrics in Tampa. Cutting table was packed. Not bad really for a coupon fest. They were averaging 20 people in 15 minutes. All registers open and about 2 minute wait to check out.

  12. ok fess up...which store is it and exactly where? i too would like one of them and i might be in the vicinity in a couple of weeks...

  13. cityquilter grace- the IKEA Bonnie was at is in Woodbridge, VA. It is right off I-95, get off at Prince WIlliam Parkway Exit and go towards Manassas. Turn left at Telegraph Rd, it will be on your right. YOu can't miss it. ENJOY!!!!

  14. Oh welcome to high density living on a holiday weekend.
    I'm surprised you found what you wanted and got out so "quickly".
    Safe driving and Happy Sewing tonight in your cozy hotel room.

  15. Hey Bonnie .... Interesting read today. Don't want to sound like a "snip" but am curious.

    Since I don't live near an Ikea, went on Amazon and found the lamps you adore for $18.95. Was just about to order when I flipped down to the reviews and discovered that overall the lamps received a bad review. The primary complaint was that the lamp didn't last or that the bulb began to flicker soon after using. Am still contemplating the purchase since I really could use directed light onto my sewing machine but am having nagging thoughts.

    So I ask have you had problems such as the ones described above? Based on your high sewing history, and the number of lamps that you have purchased, I think that you are a better reviewer than the Amazon folk. And what the heck it's only $18.95.

    Curious - Terry

  16. Hi Bonnie,
    we probably passed on the road Sunday. I was in DC to spend the wknd w/my daughter who's a grad student at Georgetown. On Sunday we drove past Fredericksburg on our way to Monticello! I had no access to a pc or I would've posted sooner.



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