Monday, October 01, 2012

Simply One Hour of Needle & Thread Round-Up!

It’s Monday! And it’s OCTOBER!  So we say good-bye to the official “NATIONAL” sewing month, September, for another year.

But just like Christmas, why can’t we keep the spirit of Needle & Thread alive all year long?

I was supposed to post this link up this morning.

I wrote my blog post for this morning last night after getting home from Kentucky so excited about getting that treadle fixed and running.  I hope you forgive me for being a few hours late with this post.

It’s not a long post.  I just returned from the Orthopedic doc after having a huge steroid shot right into the bursa of my right hip.  There are not many things that can keep me from sitting, but this is one of them.  I didn’t know they were thinking of doing the shot today, and it might effect QuiltCam time tonight if I can’t sit for very long.   Because of the movement, it’s not likely to be a treadle night anyway.  But I’m hoping by morning that the medicine is doing its trick in making me feel better.  I have one week before I leave for Pennsylvania and that’s another long driving trip.

So let’s get down to it!  I was gone a week, the hand quilting did not come with me…but the hexies did!

Kentucky_Sept2012 303

One Row to Go!

I am twelve hexies away from completing this last section.  Just TWELVE hexies.  And then I can get it together and be done with this top.  I think instead of hurrying I am purposely dragging my tail on it ---I haven’t fully thought of what project I’ll start traveling with yet.  If I can get excited about something, then there is no stopping me.  Maybe I just need to play with graph paper and come up with a new design and keep hexing?

If you have participated in our Simply One Hour of Needle and Thread through the month of September, please link to your post below!  Thank you so much for playing along and sharing your progress with us ---and if sewing for an hour a day has become a habit and you are enjoying seeing your progress, by all means, don’t stop just because September is over ---keep up the good work!  I’m planning on it!


  1. Only Twelve Hexies Left?!? WooHoo!!

  2. Been there, done that with the injection in the bursa. I feel for you. Praying it works and you'll feel great tomorrow!!!

  3. Hope your hip/leg issues heal soon - I thinks with rest (ha, ha) it will get better. I have loved following the hexie project - more so after seeing it in 'real life'. I think you should continue with a hexie project like the one you posted a while back with all them fussy cuts - yeah like you need fussy cuting in your busy life... on a side note - where can I get that clock that is posted on the blog... this is a must for my Christmas list.

  4. Hi, you told us to try and finish something while you were in Bali. I took the challenge and since then have finished 6 projects that have been sitting waiting for me. Hand quilting a queen size quilt now. Thanks for motivating me. Kathy kwqilter@aol.com

  5. This is beautiful! Are there plans (keeping my fingers crossed) for a possible pattern you'd either share or sell? I love doing hexes!

  6. I always have mixed emotions about finishing a project. Can't wait to see it finished, but will miss it a lot when I'm done. I find myself slowing down intentionally, and I do the same thing when I'm about to finish a book that I really like. Hope you find something wonderful to work on as your next project.

  7. Gosh I wish blogger had a like button for people's comments! Like, like, like all of the above!
    And Bonnie it is your blog, your schedule. No one can blame you for not having this up and posted at the crack of dawn. I am thrilled that you are going to continue the concept of Simply Needle and Thread. I was hoping you would. I may not be faithful about doing it every day, but I try. And it may not always be hand quilting or sewing, but it is something towards the end of getting more projects done and it is by hand! (De-boning shirts, cutting remnants into usable pieces, etc.)
    And thanks for the reminder about linking back to you. I think I forgot that in my last post (or two?!) I am new to this blogging and linking thing!
    Feel better! Looking forward to quilt cam (or as somebody else said BonnieCam) when YOU are ready for it!

  8. Wow, 12 - home stretch! And we all can't wait to see it finished! Feel better soon!

  9. Here's the link for the Quilter's Brain Clock


    $18 each ... there are two different kinds ;-)

  10. PLUS ... if you use the code BONJOUR25 at checkout you'll get 25% off your order!!

  11. "like" Linnie Quilts's posts. I found the same website, although not all of that information. They have a slew of quilt themed wall clocks. Woohoo! I of course love the one with the cat that they charge $42.50 for. Might have to settle on one priced like Linnie Quilts said!

  12. Awesome that you only have 12 left to add to your Hexie project. Cheering you on from Washington State. Take care and rest up. You don't want to mess with motion that hurts, let the Shot take it's full effects. Hot tub time!

  13. This is so beautiful! Hey, I got my Quiltmaker magazine today and who do I find inside of it?!?!! YOU! I mean, more than normal!~ I love that Texas Tumbleweed quilt! I'm thinknig that might be neat to do with all these Hawaiian type shirts I've been gathering. You are amazing!~
    I sure hope you feel better soon. Saying a prayer for you.
    That treadle is so pretty. Take care.

  14. I am a relatively new follower to your Blog, and I have caught a few glimpses of your hexie quilt. I was just wondering exactly how many hexies are in this quilt? I am in awe of this quilt, and can't wait to see the completed photo shoot!

    Hope you are feeling better since your shot today. Ice and bed rest are the best thing to do. Hoping to see you sometime this week on Quilt Cam.

    1. I too, wonder how many hexies Bonnie used! I have a need to know because I want to make the same quilt!

  15. ROTFLOL, i love that quilter's clock! and many congrats on your progress with the hexies. hope your leg feels better soon. i know what it's like to suffer thru a "hitch-in-the-gitalong".

  16. WOW! Your hexes are absolutely fabulous!!! Hope you're feeling better!!

  17. Alas...no post this week for Needle & Thread...my dear Mom has been in the hospital now since Wed. evening last week - I have not stitched one minute...and I miss it so...but Moms come first afterall. The Dr. said "maybe Wed" the earliest if new meds they are trying today will work....prayers accepted gladly. Bonnie I hope the shot helps you to feel better - LynnInFlorida

  18. Following along with the hexies has made me want to work on one too. Finally bought a package of paper hexies so I can get started. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I got more done than if you hadn't started Needle and thread. I also started a grandmother's flower garden for a major birthday in 10 years. Thank you for all the information you so generously share and the ongoing inspiration. I love Quilt Cam, too.

    Pat Murphy

  20. Ouch! I know how those shots feel! My doc just asked if I wanted a shot in my right bursa, and I quickly declined... PT hurts, but not as much as a cortizone shot!! Hope you feel better soon!!


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