Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feeling Strawberry Pink!

Yesterday was a Strawberry pink day --- in more ways than one!

I ended up needing to piece some extra length onto a quilt batting --- the roll I have is 90” wide, and I needed a bit more than that – so I switched out Barbie to give Marilyn a run ----she is my 1950s Morse Zig-Zag machine!

She doesn’t get to come out and play too often….these early Zig-Zag machines would only Zig to the RIGHT…which means her home needle position for straight stitching is actually far left.  There is no way to get a straight stitch centered  on her ---so she may be extremely beautiful and retro-trendy on the outside, but if I’m trying to piece with a 1/4” seam using her straight stitch my pieces are running on one feed-dog only, and that just doesn’t make for happy piecing.

However – She can’t be beat for her beautiful Zig Zag, even IF her needle only swings to the right!

vintagemachines 055

I overlapped the edges of the batting about 1/8” – set her stitch length at the longest possible setting, and her zig-zag as wide as it would go, and away we went, sewing those batting lengths together.  Job well done, Marilyn!

I personally choose not to use any iron on product to glue my batting pieces together because I don't want glue in my quilt. 

I don't know what that is going to do over time -- will it get brittle and crunchy? will it turn yellow and discolor the quilt from the inside? Will the chemicals break down my fabric? Zig-zagging takes no time at all and I enjoy doing it. It gives me a batting that is still soft and has no glue.
I love her strawberry pink paint job, I really do ---- I wish I could find a “straight stitch only” machine in THIS color. It’s scrumptious!  It’s just that all the way left needle position issue that keeps me from sewing on her more.  Still, it was good to get her out and put her to work for a bit.  All machines need to be run regularly to keep things working smoothly.

And that wasn’t the only strawberry colored thing to come into my life!  Look what showed up on my doorstep last night:

food 001

Chocolate dipped strawberries and cheesecakes?!


It was sweet decadence to enjoy these after QuiltCam, and before Midnight ---I have my physical this morning and they are doing bloodwork so I have to be fasting past midnight.  This was my “just before midnight” snack – and the remainder will be waiting for me ((As long as the others keep their mitts off them!)) when I get home tonight!

food 002


They were packed with ice packs so they were ice cold and juicy, perfection!

Dear “Fan of Quiltville”  You blew me away ----

Thank you again!


  1. No need to piece batting together, especially on a long-arm. Simply overlap the pieces an inch or two and quilt away!

    I promise the join will not be visible or noticeable in the finished quilt! And so much easier than struggling with piecing those big, fluffy blobs of batting!


  2. What a treat for before and after. Good luck teday.
    Enjoyed hanging out with you on quilt-cam last night. I kitted up more spool blocks.
    I'm looking forward to the mystery. Love the idea that you'll release the requirements on Halloween.

  3. Wow, how wonderful! Marilyn is a beautiful machine, I am glad you found a way to use her talents! And the treats you got, how lovely for you!

  4. Now the strawberry comment last night makes perfect sense :).

    1. was just thinking the very same thing, d brown!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yes, that was a random strawberry question last night :]

  7. Oh wow!~ Those look delicious! and fresh. Is it mail order? I'd be tempted to order some from that company. I love patronizing small companies. I am not able to zoom in on your photos and when they pop up, they are no bigger, so could not read the card.
    I love that machine!~ I think it's nice to have a machine like that in your army of them. You are ready for anything girl!~ She is a beauty. Like you!~ Pretty on the outside and hard working on the inside.

    Enjoyed quiltcam last night, got a TON done!~ I have 90 blocks done now.

  8. I love chocolate covered strawberries! How yummy!

  9. Oh, those strawberries are making my mouth water!!

  10. OOH! Pink is my favorite color. Truly enjoyed my first quiltcam last night. I think I'll be inspired to get my sewing room settled after moving to NC from New York State. Do you share strawberries? :-)

    1. welcome to nc, pat! we go strawberry picking every year, but none of them look as yummy as these. ;-)

  11. I use spray adhesive - the one I use when machine embroidering and it works great on piecing batting together.

  12. Hi Bonnie, I recently acquired Marilyn's slightly less attractive twin sister. She lives here in Australia. Not the gorgeous pink but a glossy green and in excellent condition. Not a mark on her and stitches perfectly. One slight difference. Mine stitches dead center not over to the left like yours. She was raised by a family called 'Pinnock' not 'Morse' but identical in every other respect ('cept the needle position thing). Nola in Melbourne Australia

  13. So, if Marilyn only swings to the right, she must be a Republican machine...not that there's anything wrong with that.

  14. Marilyn's color is rather beautiful! Looks like she is doing a nice job for you too. We all have our strengths :-)
    I have had those strawberries before..they are rather amazing! Enjoy them quickly as they don't keep well. Good excuse for just going for it :-) You deserve such a treat!

  15. Glad to know I can piece batting successfully. Thanks for the info. I have bags of pieces and strips leftover from other projects. Now I can use them up. Waste not want not!

  16. My Mom's old Emdeko, is like Marilyn... When I got it after Mom passed away, I thought something was wrong with her, because she couldn't be shifted ti center her needle! But she's a great machine other than that! I've noticed that later models have a lever to shift the needle position.


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