Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dogs & Cats for Quilt Cam!

We had a lot of fun on QuiltCam this afternoon, so glad that everyone tuned in!  I love reading the posts on what you are working on ---it keeps me motivated!

The basment of course is in an uproar – there are no pictures to show you any more progress yet – we spent the morning running errands between Sam’s Club and back to Lowes again, and then off to Walmart ---The only reason I got time to DO QuiltCam was because Boise State was playing and the game was on ;c)

I wanted to share some of the fun pics that have come my way by readers and watchers, it cracks me up to see cats and dogs watching “TV”!

The first one is Jemima who owns Kim.

Kim writes:
Bonnie - I thought you'd like to see who's watching today. My sweet 'Jemima' is my sometimes quilting buddy and she was fascinated by you this afternoon. Love to watch and learn. Today I am binding two donate baby quilts and quilting on a wedding gift.
So fun to see the kitty watching the screen! LOL!

This next one was sent to me by Karen, who is owned by Rosie!


So so so cute!

Karen writes:

Hey Bonnie, Took this picture October 3. Rosie wanted to watch you sew. It was you or the Presidential debate. I guess we know who she chose. Perfect place for the batik!!
Take care, Karen

Thanks for tuning in and helping me find some quilting time in this otherwise chaotic time of basement re-do!

The game is still on -- I wonder if I can get that bow-tie loaded into the machine for quilting??


  1. I saw the comment on the quilt cam post about your "lost" square being mixed in with triangles... Did you find it?

  2. Missed the cam...but cutie pie pics....and also missed if you've already covered this...are you in the storms path? Just wondering - we dodged it down here thank goodness...hope it won't bother you either!

  3. Keep trying to get you on quiltcam. Message at bottom of screen read That you were offline. What happened? The storm? Sonia

    1. Quilt cam was from 3 pm to 5 pm EDT today so that folks overseas could join in. It was loads of fun as you can see by Jemima's concentration shows. Thanks, Bonnie!

  4. Rosie was very proud she made it on your blog. Thank you!!!!

  5. When I first saw the cat I thought it was yours watching you because she couldn't get in the basement!

  6. Cute pictures! USA also likes quilt cam in the afternoon! You kept me company while I machine quilted on my domestic today. Thanks for sharing your time!

  7. I so enjoyed quiltcam today more so than any other because ...... I finished what my hubby calls Phase 1 of my office/sewing room cleanout/organizing project. It's beautiful but still have 8 huge boxes of family pics to go through in closet & dole out to rest of relatives. But I sat down with you and sewed on a quilt for the first time. I got top/bottom sashings cut & sewed on 20 blocks! Yay me! Fun!

  8. I enjoy your quilt cam thursday night we got a storm and I lost the internet so didn't get to finish with you. I was quilting on my happy scrappy irish chain . I did the four patched as leader and enders and also the connetor blocks now I am assembling the blocks.. so much fun using scraps.

  9. I actually had one cat at one time that tried and tried to see behind the TV to see what was going on back there. Just where were those moving things that she saw in the front after all she wanted to play with them.

  10. those creatures are thinking 'I spy a quilt, that looks cozy....'!


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