Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Bit of Batiks Etc! ((And Sew What Fabrics!))

Just half a block down, almost next door to the 1776 Log House Restaurant where we had lunch yesterday, is Batiks Etcetera!  Or Sew What Fabrics ---it’s a shop with two names, and I’m not sure which one to call them!

It just so happened that we arrived on their Birthday Sale ----and the 6 of us set out to celebrate in a very birthday party like manner.

VA_Oct2012 095

The shop is found in a darling old house painted the cheeriest of yellows with white trim.  Open the door, step inside the foyer --- and you will be amazed at all that is in there!

VA_Oct2012 077

Aisle after aisle of luscious fabrics fill every room, nook & cranny in this house!

VA_Oct2012 078

Yes, they are known for their batiks, but there are other fabrics too --- loads of cute patterns, books and notions to make any project possible.

VA_Oct2012 079

Every inch of the shop is filled with shelves full of fabric in every possible color and pattern.

VA_Oct2012 081


VA_Oct2012 082

No, this is NOT fabric --- but they are also the local Pfaff dealer, and there was this vintage Pfaff on display ---NOT FOR SALE!  And that was lucky for me.  Especially in hind sight ---last night I found myself watching “Hoarders” while working on the laptop tackling mail, and lo and behold ----the Hoarder Woman in question had TEN sewing machines and couldn’t let any of them go.  UHOH!!!!!  No, I am NOT taking any more home for a while!  Ahem!!

I did however – find myself detoured by THIS sign:

VA_Oct2012 085

Follow the arrows! How could I not!  Actually,  because it was the Birthday Sale even the sale room stuff was FURTHER on sale.  Fabric on bolts in the sale room are usually 25% off.  However, if you empty the bolt….it’s 40% off.  And they had this crazy “SPIN THE WHEEL” thing going on downstairs upon checkout ---spin the wheel and get an additional amount off.  I bought two bolt ends and two remnants –spun the wheel and saved ANOTHER 25% off.  Just a fun day --- of course all 6 of us were egging each other on.

VA_Oct2012 086


It was a great stop, and I hope my travels will bring me back this way again.  I’ve been past Wytheville many times ---it’s only about 2 hours up the road from me, but if I’m leaving home by 6 am ---as I would when on a drive up to Ohio, by the time I pass Wytheville, it’s still early and they aren’t open yet.  On the way home, they are usually also closed by the time I pass by.  I’ll have to see if I can do better in my planning in the future!

As this posts, we should still be sewing our brains out in Floyd!  I’ll catch up with you again as soon as I have wifi or cell service!


  1. I'm so envious...!! That shop looks like heaven and I wanna go. What a place..!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the "tour" of Batiks Etc....looks like it's definitely worth a day trip one of these days from Raleigh! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Nancy

  3. I think I would go into overload and have a hard time picking out stuff to take home!! :) What a lot of fabric....! Makes my mind boggle just to look at the pictures. You seem to have gotten some good deals, though, are any of the "fun" neutrals?

  4. Envy, envy, envy.

  5. I watched Hoarders after you posted and didn't hear talk of any sewing machines, you must have had a different episode in your area. I don't have room for anymore either and I quit looking now that I got my Featherweight! My children are going to turn me in if I don't get my sewing/quilting area organized better. Did you see the lady with 3,000 totes? Heartbreaking stories on the episodes I watched.

  6. I think that is the biggest sale room I have ever seen! One could go nuts in there! :)


  7. I love end-of-the-bolt deals. A couple of my LQS have EOB days during the month. I look for the bolts with the smallest amount so I can have variety in my stash.

  8. YOU are KILLING me here, Bonnie!!! lol

    Lori in VA

  9. Thanks so much for the great review of Sew What Fabrics & Batiks Etcetera. We welcome all Quiltville fans any time! I'm sorry I missed you Bonnie - home doing computer work - argh! Oh, and I started Sew What Fabrics in 1982 and bought Batiks Etcetera in 1999. I just joined the names and use any combination thereof!
    Carol Britt, Owner Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics

    1. Tho I live in Winston-Salem, NC, my sister lives in Willis,VA, so I've driven north a bit to visit your store. So glad I did; it's lovely. Hope to get back up that way sometime soon!

  10. OHHHHH...I KNOW you in sale rooms!

  11. A yellow house with white trim screams out to me. I just love them and that one was no exception. All the aisles and aisles of beautiful colors would draw anyone in! No wonder so many people recommend going there!

  12. I am only about 2 hours from there also and have yet to visit! One day!! Your pictures make me want to plan that "one day"!! Friends of mine have taken road trips there, but not when I was available. Maybe I need to plan my own road trip!! :) Thanks for sharing all of your travels with us!!

  13. Anonymous5:42 PM EDT

    WYTHEVILLE VA!!!!!! Isn't that THE greatest quilt shop ever. That whole area is where John's family has been from since forever!!!!
    Every August they have that sale that folks come from as far away as New Englamd to go to. You can also buy then online. Marked AUG 1st down on your calendar. Check when the sale starts.

    AH Wytheville!

  14. Loved the post, Bonnie - but I do have to say, I am disappointed that there was no pic of your haul :)

  15. If you were coming to Ohio, and had to leave later, so that you could stop and buy fabric, you know that would be forgiven! specially if you brought some for us!!!! LOL sure that would work!

  16. Honestly, Bonnie; there is no way you should compare yourself to that hoarder on television. She didn't even SEW with her machines. My heart broke when they showed those rows of sewing machines on television. Think of all the wonderful homes they could have.

    There's nothing wrong with being a fabric hoarder. Is there??

  17. My head is spinning just thinking about this place. I would have found myself in the sale room for sure--and then getting to spin the wheel--WooHoo!

  18. That is a gorgeous old building the quilt shop is in! How fun...
    And as for 10 sewing machines, I am guessing there are some of us here with more than 10 but that since we can and do part with them, trimming the herd down, then building up for fun or when opportunity strikes, means we are in no way hoarding.
    I always think of my machines except the vintage girls as working tools, and well, together they make a nice collection. Sad to think of someone collecting machines and not using them though, isn't it?

  19. a sale *room*, oh my word! I would need a truck!

  20. OMG...that was the SALE ROOM???? I've never seen a sale room with so much inventory! I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven right there! LOL


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