Sunday, October 28, 2012

Time-Out for Bow-Ties!

Things didn’t start very well this morning….I promptly forgot to pay attention to the machine, and it caught the right side border and quilted it back in an ugly pleat. Sad smile

This meant it was time to quit right away, and get breakfast going ((pancakes and eggs! YUM!)) and deal with the issue later.

It wasn’t hard to fix…it’s just that I have an evil seam ripper that loves to catch not only the quilting thread, but threads of the fabric too – and you know what it is like to try so hard to catch the sewing thread ONLY – and not the fabric…argh!

It didn’t take long, and I had that border back flat where it belonged and continued to finish that web on the far right and advance to the next row!

cheddarbowties 028

Here we are on the machine….can you see the basement overflow stuffed at the end of my studio room?  It’s getting better – at least I keep telling myself ---things always get WORSE before they get better.  The carpet laying in the other side of the basement is almost completed.  We have baseboards to do next, and then setting up shelves, and then things can start to be moved back to the “other side” where they belong!

In between everything else, I’m quilting!

cheddarbowties 029

Here is the Halloween block that inspired my idea for spider web quilting!

For those asking, this is a pantograph pattern called “Entangled”  by Willow Leaf Studio.  I love how it is quilting up!

cheddarbowties 030

Close up of the right side border!

How many old fabrics can you see in here that have come through your own stash??  That light blue at the bottom left went back to my early 1990s bunny making days!  Such a sweet print.  The brown  bow tie at the bottom edge is a 1960s pring – fabric for all the decades of my life in here!

cheddarbowties 031


It’s the “doublemint twins!” :cD  Over 700 bow ties and they still wound up together!  No matter how hard I try to keep things apart--- sometimes like blocks just gravitate towards each other---  Those 1970s sure gave us some vibrant greens!

And so the adventure continues here in Quiltville.  A brown binding has been chosen.  A nap is on the agenda ----

How is your afternoon going??


  1. Bonnie, I love your spider web quilting design. Is it a CQ design or a paper panto? Also, it looks like you don't baste down the sides of your quilt. I find that by using the basting feature of the CQ or just doing it free motion, I can stop the hopping foot from catching the sides and folding them over.

  2. Just woke up from working nights and am putting a load of laundry in, putting a turkey breast in the oven for turkey salad sandwiches this week and then going to do some hand quilting on a quilt I have to finish just cause it has been on the large frame for over 5 years.
    I really want to make one of those bow tie quilts and I love that background too! yours looks fabulous and also with that webbing pattern! can understand the name of that panto. have a great nap they are wonderful on a Sunday

  3. Does your hubby have a nail gun? Cuz the baseboards is the hardest dang job of all! All that bending over AND trying to get the nail in straight, and then setting them in......Cripes! I said I'd never do it again without a nail gun! Oh.....and the quilt is AWESOME! :o)

  4. I'm with Sue above, it this a computer guided or hand guided panto? Either way, it looks great on this quilt.

  5. I am busy in my unfinished sewing cave working on a customer quilt top. It is taking me forever because it is all custom. I sewed a little bit on my 49 piece pineapple block but then had to stop to work on real work. :-(

  6. Hi Bonnie! I'm chopping scraps while we watch the race...but i feel a nap coming on. Its a long race, so i can squeeze some z's in and then get back to chopping. I've been cutting scraps as i go so i'm not out of control. So much better...love the Bow Ties!

  7. Going pretty good as I finished 20 blocks for a patriotic quilt, but realized I don't have enough fabric for sashing, boo hoo. Hope I can match the blue! It's a surprise for a young man severely injured in Afghanistan. Love your cheddar (and oh! I recognize the Doublemint Twins hahaha). Lavinia in Peoria, AZ.

  8. Your Bow Tie Quilt is looking pretty amazing. Fun to see such close up picks of all the great fabric in it. I am doing what I can to get ready for the arrivial of Hurricane Sandy. I live on Long Island, so they are expecting things to get dicey here over the next few days. The winds are already starting to pick up. All kinds of emergency evacuations, and some early closing already being posted. Hope everyone stays safe.

  9. I'm working on a third "Free Quilt" - made from 6.5" denim (leftover jeans) and 2.5" squares all the way around (scraps) - made one years ago, finished the top to the second one yesterday and am going to make the third top today. I have been concentrating on getting some tops finished, then to hunt for backs and get them all on the longarm. I have a feeling that all the longarm quilting will take place after the holidays. I don't care as long as the tops are ready and waiting.

    My next 'get it done' project is a twister quilt for my daughter. Am making it bigger than the pattern calls for so need to figure out how many squares to cut and sew into rows. I can work on the rows now and figure out how many to add to them before I sew them all together into one piece - only to be cut apart and sewn together again!

  10. Forgot to say that I love that bowtie quilt of yours. The web design is just perfect for it.

  11. I don't know how you can concentrate with all that turmoil going on :0). The bowtie quilt is adorable! Oh the room is going to be so nice when you get it all done! have you decided how and where the design wall is going?
    I made the mistake of using some polyester batting on part of my design wall and it doesn't work nearly as well as the cotton batting.

    Happy Sewing

  12. Looks great, love the spider web pattern. I picked up more greys yesterday after stashbusters at my LQS. Here in Florida with Sandy gone the weather is beautiful, finally got to shut off the AC and open the windows. While shopping yesterday we all smelled smoke in the store, I was like grab the fabric, SAVE THE FABRIC. Luckily it was wiring in an AC unit that was able to be turned off.
    I spent the other night ironing scraps getting ready to cut my squares and rectangles, going thru the scraps it is fun remember what I used the fabrics on. I found one piece that was from 19 years ago, I had made a friend's son a pair of teach me to dress overalls with green and purple dinosauers on it.

  13. fun spiderweb quilting... have you ever "skinned" a quilt? it's easier than a seam ripper

  14. I love that panto on the bow ties - and your adorable little Halloween block! I think the webs go right along with the cheddar/orange background anyways. :)

    Let's see, this afternoon...went grocery shopping, came home and ate lunch, and spent the rest of it cooking. I made meatloaf for dinner (my first time making meatloaf, actually! Only been out of the house for 10 years...you'd think I'd have made it by now!) along with Sweet Ginger-Glazed Root Veggies (my store only had carrots, sweet potatoes, and potatoes, but it turned out fantastic!) and a croissant for dessert (I'm easy to please!). Then I packed my lunch for work tomorrow (ugg, back to work I go) and started working on my next dinner this week - chili. Beans are soaking, veggies are cut, and spices are measured so it's just a matter of browning the meat, sauteeing the veggies, and mixing everything together. As a working geographically single girl (hubby is downrange; I was there, but got to come home early due to a shoulder issue), I've learned very quickly how to work dinners out during the week. Two dinner menus, and then eat them for the rest of the week! Haha, it works for me. :) Plus I don't have a hubby here to complain about the lack of variety.

    On top of that - I have two parties this weekend that I'm bringing bacon-wrapped dates to, so it's more motivation to eat the plain stuff now and the good stuff later!

    Glad you're getting some sewing done; I'm going to clean up the kitchen and go do at least a little sewing. I only have a few feet left of binding on the quilt I was working on during quilt cam, so let's see if I can get it done tonight!

  15. Hi Bonnie, I enjoy quiltcam because it motivates me to get sewing along with you. You're such a busy woman but yet you took time last night to respond to my comment by email. Thank you. I was able to find some information through the references on your web site about my newly inherited Universal portable sewing machine. I believe it was made in 1938. The start of my vintage machine collection! In keeping up with the hour a day of needle and thread, I've been hand quilting the quilt top I inherited from my mother. It was one of her UFO's made in the 60's.
    I love the bowtie quilt and am looking forward to the mystery quilt next month.
    Thanks again! Maxine from Utah.

  16. Your bow tie quilt is beautiful. It inspired me to order some cheddar fabirc yesterday.That same blue fabric that you had for bunnies, I have it too! I made goose clothing with mine.

    Let's see, what have I been up to. Went to church this morning where I had to play hand chimes (they are similar to hand bells)Then mad a lunch of hamburgers on the grill, helped my daughter catalog her rummage sale find of 3rd grade books for her classroom. I found 3 grocery bags full of 100% cotton mens shirts for $12.00 YEAH! Now I'm going to start another block of my Mary Mannakee applique quilt while my family watches the Chicago Bears game.

  17. So glad that you go the ugly pleat taken care of because the quilt is looking really good. The spider-webs look just right with the cheddar! Glad the carpeting is coming along so well. Be careful and don't over do it.

  18. Thanks for the close-up view of your Bow Tie quilt. I love seeing the wide variety of fabrics you use. Close-up photography is something I also appreciate about your books. I like being able to see your quilting designs and the many different prints you use as neutrals.

    This weekend I'm having a stay-at-home quilting retreat. So far I've finished the binding on a donation quilt and now I'm trying to finish the quilting on a baby quilt that I began over 10 years ago. The recipient has outgrown it, but I'm planning to give it to her baby sister.


  19. Interesting, you don't try to hold the quilt edge down on the sides? I'm putting an extra wide border on my quilt so that I can catch my side stretchers and hold it down to prevent that. Yours looks like you just float it on there and the back and the batting are stretched out to the sides?

    love the spider webs!

  20. Just trying to get everything in order for Sandy! Ugh! I am flying on Weds to Houston. I am Flying! I hope Sandy just gets things done on Mon and Tues I will not miss Houston! The basement is looking good Bonnie! You will love it when it is all said and done! Love the bow-ties quilt! I need to get mine out and work on them! Thanks for the inspiration!Luann

  21. Hi Bonnie

    Love the bowties. Maybe my next on my list!!!
    I always baste the side of my quilts on the machine, helps to prevent that and to keep them straighter. We all do what works best for us. No right way!!


  22. I still have a bunny dressed in the darker blue version of that same blue print you have in your quilt. It goes all the way back to my bunny dress making days. My MIL was the bunny maker and she paid me to make dresses for her. We sure had a lot of fun doing them, just wish now that I had kept all the scraps!

  23. Hi Bonnie. Bow ties look great love quilting too.I'm Q1K1P1

  24. Can't believe you got that pieced and quilted already, while I've been traipsing all around Germany! Not to mention your floors too! Everything is looking great!

  25. Hey, DH and I went to Harbor Freight, Sam's and out for Mexican food. Lovely day. I finished a top before we left and hung it up so I could look and admire my wonderful work..hhahahah.. It does look good. As always I enjoyed QuiltCam and all the info you give. Your rooms are looking good . Love the floor. Quilt is such a fun quilt. Tomorrow is def. a work day. Have got to get a quilt finished for a customer or she will be beating down my door. lol.

  26. Its looking good Bonnie. I managed to get some bow ties and spool blocks kitted up today. Hoping to get some sewing time tomorrow evening.

  27. Its looking good Bonnie. I managed to get some bow ties and spool blocks kitted up today. Hoping to get some sewing time tomorrow evening.

  28. Beautiful Bonnie!!

  29. Love the spider web panto. It's not too dense and will let the quilt drape and breathe nicely. I do not favor overly quilted quilts. I have started a bow tie quilt with cheddar fabric (another monkey-see, monkey-do) but it is a long way from being done.

    I spent the day with some quilting buddies and this evening have been putting my fabric stash onto the new shelves in the sewing room closet. I can already see that more shelves will be necessary. There is room for three more. Keeping my fingers crossed that will be enough. Putting my feet up now with some hexies.

  30. I am sure I still have quite a large piece of that green fabric with the little flower buds on it in the stash. I have to use up that old stuff.

  31. Do you quilt all your quilts in the well with a dead bar? Just noticing it.

  32. Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks for the tip about the Netflix Show--sounds pretty good and worth watching, especially since I've been run through most of them.
    I made a fall dress from the cranberry calico w/ blue and pink flowers in the photo above. It was such a pretty fabrib.


    1. I should add that the dress was for my then 3-year old daughter not me, lol. It's fun seeing some of those vintage prints again. Our taste and color preferences have certainly changed since those days.

      Gail :)

  33. I have that bright green print.!! Put it on some Christmas socks. And it ended up in my Starry Night quilt.

  34. Haha! I remember that dbl mint green bowtie fabric, too! I used it in my first quilt in 1977!
    Cathy vJ in MA where we await Sandy's affects.

  35. Hey Bonnie

    We must be twins!!! I spend time organizing my sewing (and other spaces) in the house. My studio takes up the entire basement of our house, I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrap quilts and TINY pieces, just quilted that ENTANGLED pattern TEN times on a series of Halloween quilts and well - you could be my long lost sister!!!!

    Have a great day!

  36. I have that same green! lol, and you are right it shows up everywhere :)

  37. I used up that greens in some baby quilts. It looked great and the babies didn't care it was an old print!

  38. Bonnie did you ever do a link up of people that worked on the bow ties? I know I am little late to the party, but I would love to see what others came up with!


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