Saturday, October 20, 2012

Drawer Day #3

Because one clean thing leads to another clean thing.  Isn’t it funny how that works?  And I’m doing this in small bites at a time.  It took me about 20 minutes this morning…

This is the kitchen “Catch All” drawer.  And what a catch it had in it --- old batteries, broken pencils, dried up pens, and stuff that didn’t belong in here at all.

My trash can got full rather quickly.  I want you to know how almost-embarrassing it is to take photos of my mess and post it for the world here.  All of the stuff I have been dealing with the last 3 days have been “Behind closed drawers”.  ((Uhoh, here comes the Kenny Rogers song! LOL!))  If anyone walked into my home, they would see a relatively clean and cozy abode, not knowing what is lurking behind closed drawers and doors.  But every time I open them --- I’m faced with this chaos.

One drawer a day is my mantra!  And look!

house 008


That’s exactly what it feels like for me….room to breathe.  And it felt so good, that I tackled the cupboard that is above this desk in the kitchen:

house 009

MORE breathing room!

It’s addicting.  Whittle it down, live with less – let it go!  Drawers are even something you can clean out while watching TV if the drawer is the kind that can be removed all the way.  I pulled this kitchen desk drawer out and went through it on the dining room table…

Thinking about what I can tackle tomorrow!  Right now, the utility closet next to the washer/dryer closet is mocking and daring me.  It’s not a drawer ---but I hate that closet every time I open it up.  I’m about to show it who’s boss!

As for my day today ---I’m putting borders on a quilt.  That is my goal to FINISH before QuiltCam time today at 2pm Eastern.  Are you tuning in? Bring a project!  Or listen while you clean out your junk drawer.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. early dinner today!
    in another hour or so, we'll be ready for evening.
    we don't have to turn off tv, as we decided years ago that we don't need one!
    so, i'll get some take along handpiecing and will join in =^}
    (drawers look sew familiar....)
    love from amsterdam, irene

  2. Bonnie, I see you use shelf paper on the shelves. A friend of mine told me about using stick on vinyl floor tiles as lining for drawers and shelves...when I saw it myself, I was impressed with how easy it is to clean! I have replaces all shelf papers,etc, with nice vinyl stick-on floor tiles...not hard to cut to measure with my rotary cutter with an old blade...lol...looks so good, too! Just a suggestion....

  3. I am so jealous of your progress! Wishing I only had a few drawers and cupboards to clean. I moved in March and I'm still dealing with boxes. My goal is one box a day, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better...running out of space to put things and now those drawers and cupboards need cleaning too! Maybe I'll take your advice and just start tossing (time for a BIG yard sale). Thanks for sharing your life - even your messes are inspiration.

  4. Mary in Canada here, wish I could join you all today but have to go to my paying job, so I can pay for my fabric addiction. But on the plus side I have finished the binding on Florabund which astounds me. In the two years since I found Quiltville this is the third bedsize quilt I have finished, previously I didn't think I could do one.

  5. Bonnie, Bonnie!!! You MUST come to my house... really you must! I love the look of your shelves/drawer waaaaay better than mine. I know you could really help me :-) Actually I will take it in 20 minute intervals as it will be too overwhelming if I don't!!

  6. WOW, you really are moving along at your house! Good for you! And, you are so right, it is addicting!! I'll be watching at 2:00.

  7. Really sad that I can't join you today. We are having a family get-together at my sister-in-law's house and we have to leave in just a little while. That's for the tip earlier today for the Shout Color Catcher. I've added it to my shopping list. As I was pressing out seams on some happy scrappy houses when I discovered a red that I obviously hadn't prewashed! Shame on me, I know better about reds! I like the red for the chimney and have used it on the 6 houses I've already pieced. Sorry I'm going to miss you today!

  8. I have a feeling we all have a drawer like this in the kitchen - you should have seen mine before I cleaned it out last year - now of course it needs it again but I have kept it from getting as bad as it had been. Now I have two other drawers that collect up stuff as well and they need to be cleaned also.

  9. Anonymous1:30 PM EDT

    Really sad that I can't hear the chatter, but will be by with my junk table and two trash cans - trash and recycle - and a "file" box....

    You are smart as there is no need to show every overflowing space, just the neat and tidy... but a picture of the before look might remind you to keep things up.... if I am counting right you are on day 5 of one a day and this is only day three?

  10. Beautiful work....my goal for this year was to clean house. You are re-motivating me to get busy again as I kind of lost my way in lots of other projects.

  11. I'm right there with you finding a drawer or closet a day - I started about a week prior to you - but it sure feels great - even scheduled the purple heart donation pick up for next week - so it keeps me moving so I can move along the good still usable stuff I no longer need! Keep it up! A little at a time makes it feel so much for conquerable. :) Also - LOVE all the quilting inspiriation. I just got my Orca bay quilt back before my cleaning bing started. I had finished the top in time with your mystery - but then learned of a lady purchasing a long arm. I offered her my top to practice on. so she just got set up and did an overall meandering quilt stitich on it - binding is on - just need a sunny dry ground day to photo it! Looking foward to the upcoming mystery quilt....aother reason to hurry and get the rest of the house in "order" ;)

  12. It must be catching, been cleaning out closets and drawers also. Must be the oldfashion Fall Cleaning bug getting us. lol

  13. Looks so nice, you inspire me. But tell me, why, why, why do we (including myself here) need so MANY pencils and pens? Some of my pens are dry and so old I'd never be able to find refils! One I saw in my basket I carried in college in the 70's. Oh dear, am I a hoarder?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Why should you be so different from us all......I would not like anyone else to look inside my cupboards & drawers at times.....we are all the same....now I must clean out/tidy up my linen cupboard!!!

  16. Isn't it lovely to have organised drawers. I have been slowly getting my areas done. I have a great set of drawers in the sewing room and have been organising (AND LABELING) them.....and now can find things much quicker.

  17. Sorry I missed quilt cam yesterday, I did not get an email until after 9 pm and I was sewing all day and it felt so good, No time restraints, no cleaning up my mess for any reason (except maybe walking thru the room). I got a lot accomplished and kept checking for quilt cam but nothing. Maybe next time. Happy fall quilting to all...

  18. I love being organized. I am in the process of stripping down my stash. I had way too many pieces that really weren't large enough to be folded on my shelves.
    I chuckled when I started reading your post, I thought my husband and I are the only ones that throw batteries in the junk drawer. Makes no sense, like they will rejuvinate when they spend some time with the pencils and pens.


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