Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Reward Yourself Day!

Doctor's appointment physical is done!

Female yearly? Check!

Blood work? Check!

EKG? Check!

Flu Shot? Check!

Bone density test? Scheduled!

Colonoscopy? Scheduled! ((Yuck!!))

I'm ready to spend the rest of the day rewarding myself by sewing up a storm at Karen's house---I think I've earned a day off to play!

I'll head home when the street lights turn on--isn't that how we did it as kids?

Pedal to the metal, Baby!


  1. HA~ I love it. I was a country girl... dirt roads. We did have a yard light, like we have here... I'd go stay with my cousins and play hard in the barn and on the farm. Yes, when the bugs started biting and fireflies came out and we heard our parents or granny call, we were in!~ But, it didn't take much for us. We'd eat breakfast, we were outside, eat lunch, back outside, eat dinner, bath and TV. Do you remember "The Wonderful World of Disney" on Sundays?!?! That was the best! Not much TV for us, made the holiday specials so special. Chitty, chitty bang bang, Frosty, Charlie Brown...
    gosh, now you have my memory going!
    Ya'll have fun chatting away. My cousin and I use to chat all night long in bed together during sleepovers. My granny would knock on the wall, "You girls go to sleep or I"m gonna call your daddy's to come get you!~"
    Have a great day!

  2. Actually, when the street lights came on was when the night games began. We headed home when our parents stepped out onto the front porch and called out name. : )

  3. Head home when the street lights turned on, but that meant straight home so you actually got home before it was fully dark. My brother would see the street lights come on and not head home until it was fully dark. He would get grounded repeatedly. I headed straight home but always brought friends!

  4. Good girl! You are setting a fine example for taking good care of yourself. The colonoscopy isn't bad it's the prep that is miserable,once you get to the scoping part it is absolutely pain free. Now we all have to exercise more once we take care of all the preventive care we can get :0)

    Happy Sewing

    1. you can also use Milk of Magnesia which is more gentle on your system - does the same cleaning job.... lol

  5. ***** gold stars 25,000 mile tune-up allmost complete.....Happy Quilting!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM EDT

    I couldn't help but giggle when I read your agenda. Today my daughter is going to what she calls her "Squashing Boobie and Open Sesame Fest!" First for the mammogram and then to the gyno for the annual.

  7. Hey Bonnie, is this another one of your machines in your picture. If so what kind is it and whats its name? Hope you have a fantastic day sewing with your friend!

    1. yup,i was wonderin the same thing, about the machine, i mean!

  8. I, too get to go sew with friends this afternoon. Will be taking a quilt project for my daughter - it would be so much fun to get it put together and under the Christmas tree for her (maybe, maybe not). I should make one for my son and his girlfriend as a gift before I give Samantha hers. She has quilt-napped many of my quilts and my son has one!

    I am going to play with my new Featherweight Table that I purchased off craigslist yesterday for $100 - it is beautiful!

    I also got my second challenge test block for Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Magazine, Issue 7 done and sent off. Now on to Block #3.

    Have fun sewing with your friends.

  9. I sewwed most of yesterday, I have to get my walk in B4 I can do anything else.... really need to cut up apples and get them in the crock pot for apple butter b4 I walk..... "get off the computer!"

  10. Colonoscopy isn't that bad. Just eat/drink clear stuff day before you cleanse and be sure to have plenty of water to rehydrate as soon as you leave the procedure!

  11. Ah, the joys of preventative medicine! Thank goodness I have all mine taken care of for this year. I get my reward next week, a couple of friends and I are going to Houston for the International Quilt Festival!
    Have fun sewing the day away with Karen!

  12. It was fun!! I'm glad you could come over...we got lots done! :)

  13. I would recommend some having some yogurt on hand that has the good little friends that get washed-out by all that stuff you have to drink to help restart you back up. Just sayin' from experience.

  14. I would have to go home before the streetlights came on and have some of those delicious
    candies. Hope that you had a fun afternoon with your friend.

  15. way to go, bonnie ~ glad you scheduled those appointments! if you have a choice for your prep, my dh and i both highly recommend the pills instead of drinking that gallon of nastiness. don't believe anyone who says the flavored variety isn't bad. :-p

    we didn't have street lights, but knew to come home before it was completely dark. loved the nights when pop would let us build a campfire and stay out with the moon and stars. :-)

  16. Do you paint a lot of your old machines and are you at all concerned with changing the value of them when you do that? Personally, I love them painted. I would love a featherweight and wonder where you find your machines. Any tips?

  17. Hey Bonnie,
    I'm having my first colonoscopy, this coming Monday, which means that I'll be fasting and doing the gross prep on Sunday...greeeat. Actually, I am kind of scared, so I'm going to have your Strip Crazy pattern to sew. I have the strips all cut and ready to go. I'm hoping that sewing strips will help me forget about being hungry!!!! My strips started with 2 scrappy jelly rolls, plus a bunch of scrap strips from my stash.


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