Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sew Day—The Aftermath!

There are many reasons why I love calling North Carolina HOME!

The weather today is one of those reasons!

It was hard to make a decision whether to stay INSIDE and sew in a basement studio with no windows, or to be outside in THIS!

We compromised and went out for lunch to enjoy some of the late October Indian Summer and soak up some Vitamin D, as well as stuff ourselves silly with NC Barbeque ;c)

studio 030

I took this photo while sitting at a “yield”, waiting my turn to go around the traffic circle on my way to Karen’s house.  ORANGE TREES!  Against that gorgeously glorious nearly turquoise sky.  This is another reason I love living in North Carolina.  We do get all four seasons ---the worst one being the shortest of all.

Usually by Valentine’s Day, spring is well on the way and just around the corner ---I’m already dreading the end of this beautiful fall and what comes after – but I’m hanging on to the hope and promise of spring.

We sewed ourselves silly --- and it was such a much needed break for me.  I got a lot done --- I’m piecing a border on a quilt for the next book, and can’t share that project but I’ll share another that I finished just last evening before I send it out:

studio 039

Mawa’s Block!

A couple of the gals from our Bali tour are heading up a thank you quilt for Mawa, our tour guide.  The instructions were to make a 12” finished block showcasing the batik fabrics we brought home from Bali.  Here’s mine!  It will be sent off to Karen tomorrow.  I’m happy with how it turned out!

I’ve just finished quilting the November Mystery Quilt!  I’m planning on putting the binding on tonight, so there won’t be Quiltcam going on --- secret, secret!

I’m also hoping to get that last checkerboard border attached to the bow-tie quilt and start thinking of a backing for that one.  Do I have any yardage large enough that will do?  I’ve gotta dig through the stash and see.

Tomorrow night just may work for QuiltCam, and if it does, I’ll post a heads up so you will know.

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Hey you were in my neighborhood! I wish I could have been outside with you instead of in the library all day! Did you eat at Pig n Out?

  2. Very fun batik block, Bonnie. What a nice thing to make a quilt for your guide.

  3. Love your batik block. The colors are fabulous. I hope they send you a picture of the quilt before they send it off. I would love to see the quilt when it is finished.

  4. Love that picture of Lewisville! Thought I recognized those gorgeous trees! Janet from Lewisville!

  5. Very nice idea to make a quilt for you guide. I think we'd all like to see it :-)

  6. It was a gorgeous day...loved having windows and doors open. Supposed to be like this all week!

  7. How thoughtful of all of you to make a quilt for Mawa. I'm sure he will love it. Glad you had a day to sew, sew, sew. Have a good night!

  8. It is snowing here in southwestern South Dakota.

  9. NC is a great state. As all those Carolina fans say... if God's not a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina blue. I'm looking forward to some good BBQ when I'm in NC next month. DH likes the "down East" style, but it's Lexington style for me.

  10. Love that chartreuse and raspbetty together. Yum, what a great block.

  11. Love the block, and totally agree about NC! Fall is fabulous here, and Spring isn't too shabby either! So glad we "retired" here (still working, but real retirement is hopefully just around the corner....then I can get SERIOUS about quilting!).

  12. We are having a gorgrous fall week too, indian summer officially since we had a frost. Love the block. more gorgeoud weather today, then rain and cold. It will be coming your way for the W/e.

  13. Gorgeous quilt and beautiful block! Your corner pink and center pink/peach look to be two of the Anthology batiks that I carry in my new online shop - www.myveryownquiltshop.com. How cool that you got them directly at the source of their production! I wanted so badly to go on the trip to Bali, but the funds just weren't in the budget this year. Maybe if you go back again sometime I will be able to join you. I love me my batiks!

  14. Love the batiks and the block. Curious... What ruler did you use to make your star points?
    Cindy in NYS

  15. Was gorgeous yesterday ... even my 10 yo granddaughter commented on how pretty it was. If you were in Lewisville, you were right around the corner from me in Clemmons! Beautiful colors in that block!!


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