Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jamestown Landing in Centreville!

Say hello to Polly Monica!  There is a little photo that has floated around the internet both on facebook and in pinterest ----THIS is “THE” pillow!

 Polly made this pillow and it has made the rounds like wildfire.  Now I know who made it, and held the genuine article in my hands!

She said she drew out the words on the fabric, and then “scribbled” over them using her sewing machine and black thread to make it look like it was more hand stitched.  One thing is for certain, “NEVER underestimate the power of a WOMAN with a SEWING MACHINE!!”

I’m home --- for about 36 hours!

I left Centreville about 4pm yesterday, with strict instructions and a hand written note on how to AVOID the pitfalls of the DC area, and the horrific conditions of I-95 southbound on a Friday afternoon.

I did NOT even turn the GPS on until after I had reached Fredericksburg using the "alternate route" I had been given and knew I was on the fast track to making it home.

The reason being?  Besides the fact that I’d prefer a couple nights in my own bed any day --- there were some tax related papers that I forgot to sign before leaving for Pennsylvania, and I need to sign them before heading to Floyd, VA tomorrow afternoon.  Floyd is only around 2 hours north of where I live, more toward Roanoke on the western side of the state, away from the I-95 corridor --- so it really wasn’t “That Much” out of my way to just come home, unwind, unpack a bit, reorganize ---and recharge before heading out tomorrow afternoon.

Will I sew? I hope so!

The one bad thing about leaving on a Friday evening for a long drive home is ---OF COURSE there is nothing like quilt shops or antique malls open ----and I was not going to stop for Salvation Army or Goodwill either ---just GET HOME.  It will be the same thing getting up to Floyd tomorrow – Sunday! Nothing open….no pictures of vintage machines or quilts in antique shops….

I can say ONE thing --- this trip has been good for my WALLET! LOL!

We had a great time in class yesterday.  We spent the morning sewing string blocks like crazy, and after lunch we moved on to broken dishes units and started to see things coming together. 

Jamestown landing is a fairly straight forward quilt, just a lot of little units that require loads of variety --- and the gals were working on building their variety in their string blocks, and in their half-square triangle units so when it came to putting the stars together later, they had MORE different units to pull from.

In other words, with some quilts you see results quickly, and some --- it’s all about the variety even though the units are simple. 

Take a look!

If I get everything done that I need to today ----we may have time to do some QuiltCam tonight!

I’ve got treadle on the brain – my feet are itching to find that rhythm ---and maybe concentrate on some string units after spending time watching these ladies have so much fun yesterday!

Have a great Saturday, everyone --- it’s great to be home, even for just a bit over a day!


  1. "LIKE" that you are able to spend time at home and sleep in your own bed!

  2. Glad you got to sleep in your own bed! Any clues when your next mystery will start..should be soon..need to get everyone psyched up for it!!

    1. On last quilt cam Bonnie figured it would start the day after Thanksgiving. She also said she would post fabric requirements toward the end of this month. Gulp! I need to get the Tumbleweeds out of the way so I can start cutting for the mystery!

  3. I so enjoy the slide shows. I like seeing how the blocks come together and looking for fabrics that I recognize from my own stash.

  4. Ohhhhh... possible Quiltcam tonight?? Been going through "withdrawal" since I missed the last couple of times with you. Happy you can spend time at home ... I am such a HAPPY "homebody" and love sleeping in my own bed each night. Enjoy!

  5. Floyd, Virginia! Oh boy, my sister lives near there... @ 25 minutes away. Such a charming town, live music, crafts, fresh coffeeing roasting shop, ole timey hardware shop.... Hope my brother-in-law's hand crafted fine furniture showroom is open & you get to peak in.. It is in one of the main multiple showroom/retail shops near the main stop light.... Tho i think you are right @ everything being closed on Sunday. Enjoy your trip(s), your own bed & family. Plan on tuning in for quilt cam. I'm headed to a quilting retreat next weekend, so I'll probably be cutting fabric in preparation for that. See you! B

  6. I like seeing all the fabric variety. Sometimes I see fabric that I have in my stash.

  7. I love seeing the different color schemes people choose. I'd really love to see how that green and pink string blocks with the star block! WOW! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I don't know how you do it all Bonnie! Looks like everyone had a terrific time sewing away together. There is something about having the gathering and a super teacher that I find so appealing.
    Very peaceful and fun :0).
    Carry on quilting queen, so many are waiting to enjoy your teachings.

    Happy Sewing

  9. That little extra drive to sleep in your own bed will be worth it for sure! I hope you slept good last night. Maybe I will catch the Quiltcam tonight, for right now, I am going to go pull scrap bins out and play with color combo's all the while awaiting your 2012 mystery. Should be about that time of the year. :D

  10. Why does everyone's fabric look so much better than mine. Look all the color combinations. Hope to be home for the quiltcam tonight after attending an outdoor wedding and BBQ!

  11. I pray your back/leg are okay after all that driving/sitting. Enjoy your time at home!

  12. I love when I look at your photos of everyone's work and say to myself, "Hey, I have that fabric, and that one too, ooh look and that one!"

  13. Love that pattern and all the lovely combinations in the slide show. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I just read on Polly's blog the other day that she was going to come see you! I'm sure she had a great time! I will just have to stalk and wait till you come close to my area again! LOL


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