Saturday, October 13, 2012

An Autumn Walk ---

All the way up to Pennsylvania and back --- you cold see where the leaf-turning was taking place – the farther north I got, the more color there was!

Of course, that meant the farther south I got on my return – the more color I left behind.

That doesn’t matter – all I could think about on my drive home was enjoying TODAY and perhaps getting out there and stretching my legs for an “around the neighborhood” walk.

My hip pain has diminished --- Physical therapy has helped tremendously, and I am religiously doing the exercises that help balance my muscle function to hopefully keep things more mobile and free from pain.  It’s been a year of frustration as my body, which rarely fails me, has constantly reminded me that-- no, I am no spring chicken any longer, and the things I used to do without thinking, become things I do with GREAT thinking and some limitation. 

I think the most important thing is to keep doing what you CAN do, at whatever level that is. 

This afternoon – it was once around the neighborhood!  I delighted in the warmth of the October sunshine, stopping to linger at the bridge that crosses the creek that borders my back yard.  There isn’t much water in it right now, but when it rains hard, this little creek becomes a river.

fall_2012 001

I looked up through the trees, watching dappled sunlight filter through leaves of yellow-green.  Soon these trees will lose their canopy of foliage, leaving only bare limbs behind through the winter.  But for today, the sun is warm on my shoulders and I walk on --- my ear buds in my ears, my music playing as soundtrack to this beautiful afternoon.

fall_2012 004

Up a hill, down a hill.  Fallen leaves gather in the grass at the sides of the road.  Smells of Autumn on the air.  There are a few flowers still struggling to display the last of their colorful summer splendor.   Here and there marigolds and mums survive, showing forth a valiant effort on their part.  Soon they will be gone too ----and we’ll find ourselves eagerly waiting  for spring and their re-emergence.

fall_2012 002

This is home for me ---but I’m glad I took the chance to come home for even one short day before heading out again tomorrow!

I’m going to sew a bit before dinner --- and this evening, watch for QuiltCam about 9pm Eastern.

See you then!


  1. The weather is beautiful, glad you had a chance to enjoy it.
    I found something interesting on the Martelli Enterprises web site. It is a modern Jenome sewing machine(treadle sewing machine 712T) made to fit an old treadle table so that you can power it with a belt and the treadle peddle. This was interesting to me because my old treadle is one with the tiny spindle bobbin and a modern size bobbin appealed to me. Got me thinking and wondering if anyone has seen one?

    1. you can find them a lot in the Amish communities! I saw a Pfaff one time with all the decorative stitches as a treadle at a fabric store owned by Amish. I was very intriqued by it and just kept going past it to check it out!

  2. glad your hip pain has decreased - yes we need to know our limitations and accept them and then do what we can - as we get older - and I'm ahead of you at 60 - I have accepted I can't do what I did at 40 or even 50 but I'm still doing a heck of a lot more than a lot of other 60 year olds that I know that are in very back physical shape.
    Love your blog, photos, reports of workshops! Keep them coming

  3. While we're having a rainy week in Northern Michigan we had a respite yesterday. DH and I drove into the wine country and hills, ending up at Northport and on the bank of Lake Michigan. The sky was SO blue and filled with whipped cream clouds. Contrast those two against the brilliant colors of Fall and it took your breath away. Yes, it is VERY good to pause in your busy life and see the beauty all around you. Glad you were home for the day and were able to recharge.

  4. Yes, a surprise visit home from you. I'll be ready for quiltcam tonight, even though I did sew some this afternoon and got two blocks finished(variations of drunkars's path). I know you'll enjoy sleeping in your own bed tonight. See you later.

  5. Will try and join you for Quiltcam for a little while - it starts at 2am here! Am hoping for some hints about colours for this year's Mystery quilt, as I will be at a fabulous show tomorrow with lots of opportunities to buy fabrics....

  6. You paint such wonderful pictures with your words. Want to say that there is a group of us in Minnesota who are fans!!! and who gather once a month to talk, eat, and sew. This time most of us made Bonnie H. recipes from your Quips & Snips site. Undoubtedly we will do that again. Chicken corn chowder, ambrosia salad, shepherds pie, and more..thanks for sharing your recipes and your world with us...Joleen in MN

  7. ARGH I'm so tired from atiquing today and fabric shopping, and walking I'm not sure I can quilt cam... go on w/o me. LOL Right now I'm using heated uncooked rice (in a bag) on my achey wrist. We are not spring anything....and nowing my limits and doing what I need to do to keep myself functioning is very important.


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