Saturday, October 06, 2012

Congrats, Yvette!

About half way through the 2 hour QuiltCam session I announced our winner for the Quiltmaker Magazine issue that has Texas Tumbleweeds in it!

Our winner is Yvette, and her comment was:

I fell in love with Tumbleweeds on Quilt Cam last night. I would love to win a copy of the magazine and hopefully work on it while watching my new favorite internet show. Quilt Cam!

Yvette will have the Nov/Dec ‘12 issue of Quiltmaker heading her way along with a Summer Breeze charm pack by Moda!  I’ll be taking Yvette’s prize winnings on the road with me as I won’t be near an open post office until Monday.
We had a lot of fun with Quilters from everywhere joining in for QuiltCam --- it seems the first weekend in October is a big one for quilters retreats!
There was a shout out from an Erie PA group  who wrote:
Hello Bonnie! The Quilt Cam is on as 27 North East Crazy Quilters are retreating at Camp Pioneer at the shoreline of Lake Erie. Several Starstrucks, Blue Ridge Beauty, and Orca Bay getting finished, anticipating the new mystery. Thanks for the fun! Pauline (Cherry Boom!)
I also got a photo and a message from Jeanette in Kennebunk:
Mary working on rectangle wrangle in Kennebunk.
Caught in the act of watching QuiltCam!

Looks like lots of sewing productivity is going on in Maine!
mothinawindow 001
As for my productivity during Quilt Cam?  I added 2 more completed blocks to my “Moth in a Window” quilt!  I need to kit up some more….but it might not happen until I get home from this trip.
I am designating this next trip as a “HAND WORK ONLY” trip --- I’ve got two bindings/sleeves/labels to stitch down.  I’ve got that last section of the hexie quilt to add…..and I can easily take the Pink/Brown DJ with me to hand quilt while on the road too.  I’m going UNPLUGGED this trip…..will see how much I get done!
I’ve had an offer to go grab a bite to eat out.  Never one to turn down a good meal, I think I’ll be out of the basement the rest of the night.
Have a good evening, everyone!


  1. Congrats to Yvette! There is no mail Monday, It's Columbus Day in USA. I thought of that during Quilt Cam when you mentioned mailing it while you are on the road. I got my issue in the mail this week! Love the two quilts you can make using the leftovers from one to make the other. Brilliant Bonnie! I'm tempted to take my New Westinghouse machine out tonight Just for fun. Have a great night out, he's a keeper bringing you a milkshake during Quilt Cam.

  2. I sent my hubby a text (he was in the next room) saying "Bonnie's husband just brought her a milkshake!!". He showed up with me one just a few minutes later. Yummmmmm. Have a good and safe trip.

  3. I love the Moth in the Window blocks--especially in those plaids. Oh, please don't get me started on another quilt!!

  4. Congrats, Yvette! Since I didn't win, I'm on my way to the store to pick up my copy of Quiltmaker. Chocolate milkshake sure sounds good, too!

  5. I'll have to go get my copy too, sorry I missed QuiltCam tonight but hubby came home from OK .. and brought me my new BABEEEE .. an antique quilt I found in OK. I have never seen a block like this and can't seem to find an email to send you a pic, can you email me @ ponywhip@hotmail.com so I can send you a pic to help me identify this? I'm thinking this would date to early Kansas City Star, early 1900s ..

    Dee in AR

  6. Thank you! It was so exciting hearing my name being called during quilt cam today.

  7. Hi Bonnie, Hope you have a good trip this week. Your groupies re going to miss you on Quilt Cam. FYI.. I. Am not known for being photographic! But I am excited to be pictured on your blog and Quilt Cam today!, thank you Jeanette for posting the picture. My friends at Stashbusters will be happy too! ( Hi Lynne ;-)). Mary

  8. Congrats to Yvette! I'll be looking out for the mag to snag soon. Have a great trip Bonnie...was wonderful to catch you for QuiltCam if only for a few minutes...I got 'found' in the classroom...dang, a girl just can't hide anywheres these days....LOL

  9. Why are you deboning men's shirts? I missed that entirely . I love this blog and am pretty new to it. Now I understand my desire to acquire extra machines is not unusual! Thanks for all, Micki

  10. Hmm, missed this because we were so far out, we didn't have wireless at our QUILT RETREAT in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania! From the Sew EZ bunch,


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