Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quilts at the Jacksonville Center!

When I posted pictures of my raring-to-go quilters yesterday, the comments came in about the quilts hanging on the slanted sides of the roof in the room we were using.

Yes!  The quilts caught my eye first thing too!  So I took pictures to show you how they are hung ---it’s pretty ingenious actually, for ease of hanging and removal.

First of all, the building we were in is the Jacksonville Center for the Arts.  The Jacksonville Center is a community arts center in Floyd, Virginia, just miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The quilts rotate in and out and are part of the regular art displays and galleries.  When class isn’t in session with the guild,  this multi-purpose room is used for many things, and people can come and go and view the quilts as well as other art housed in the center.

From what I can tell, the frames are 4 slats of wood…..the quilts are clamped on with bulldog clips.  The whole thing is held to the wall by hooks and eyelets ---when the bottom hooks are let loose, the frame hangs straight away from the wall for ease in placing the quilt in the frames, or pinning smaller quilts to the black backgrounds that provide a larger spot for them.

VA_Oct2012 113

This is Sallie’s beautiful string quilt ---

And here are some of the others:

VA_Oct2012 138

Side view of how the quilts billow away from the walls on their frames ---think of sails on a ship!

VA_Oct2012 139

Blurry shot of the method to hold the frame together.

VA_Oct2012 148

Clips along the top, the width of the frame is adjustable somewhat to fit the quilts.
VA_Oct2012 143
Beautiful scrap stars!

VA_Oct2012 144

Subtle pastel toned  paper pieced blocks depict mountain life.

VA_Oct2012 145

These blocks were beautifully stenciled!

VA_Oct2012 146

Medallion Style!

VA_Oct2012 147

Whimsical Chickens!

I’m not sure how often the quilts circle out to be replaced with new ones the members have made, but it’s a living advertisement for a very active guild!

If anyone else wants to know how the particulars of hanging quilts on slanted walls this way is done, perhaps you can contact the folks at the Jacksonville Center and they can put you in contact with someone for more information.  I thought the way they hang these was ingenious!


  1. Love the scrappy strip that Sallie did ~ doesn't look like a complicated pattern either. The chickens at the bottom look like the applique patterns by Maggie Walker that I have (on my to do list!!!!) and you're right ... they are VERY whimsical and can be as true to life or as creative as you want to make them. VERY cool venue ... thanks for getting the information for us!

  2. the designer of the display racks must have been a sailor in an earlier life...genius! thanks for sharing the photos of both the quilts and the racks...BTW which book is "Blue Ridge Beauty" in? thanks for all you do for all of us onlookers who travel with you vicariously! nancy..hrtnmtns@gmail.com

    1. Gia, I did a search and found a post saying Blue Ridge Beauty is in "Adventures with Leaders and Enders." HTH

  3. gorgeous! i think they did the scrappy stars and the strings just for you Bonnie!!!

  4. Oooh! Hard to pick a favorite, but I love the string diamonds. Neat method of hanging quilts.

  5. Thanks, it was most helpful!


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