Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pantry Wars!!

It wasn’t as bad as it could have been….but since it was the one remaining closet in this hallway – it had to be done today!

It seems like every available space on a shelf is a space for ANYTHING to go at any time – just put it in there, as long as the door shuts, that’s all that matters!

But there was stuff shoved way to the back that was never to be found again –and in the process, things like use-by dates on cake mixes and packets of rice-a-roni had expired. Sad smile

There is stuff in jars that I have no clue WHAT it was – gifted jellies, jams and sauces – it’s a mystery!  I’ll be opening those and figuring it out.  I’ve moved some stuff to the kitchen counter – things like the peanut butter cookie mix, a jalapeno biscuit mix and a mix for tortilla soup that I think will be tonight’s dinner.  Just have to run out and get some ground turkey ---

house 019

This was the bottom view.

I think those potatoes are sprouting limbs!  Time to use those too --

house 024

Much better!

And I think I’ve scrounged up every available plastic shoe box as a shelf organizer in the last few days.  I don’t want to buy more plastic-organizer-thingies but I just might.  They are handy!

The dried beans, rice, pastas are in long “loaf” sized rectangular containers with tight fitting lids – I love how they make good use of a deep shelf space so that nothing gets lost behind them.  It’s getting to be crock pot season, and all sorts of dried beans, lentils, and other legumes are a staple here.  Rice, barley, pastas and steel cut oats are also amongst the containers.

house 023

Look! More breathing room!

There is one more small pantry cupboard in the kitchen where the canned goods are.  That needs a going through as well, so I’m thinking that will be THURSDAY’s job!  I’m taking tomorrow off – I’ve got an early appointment for a physical, and after that I’m heading to Karen’s for a sew day.  I do believe I’ve earned it!

Three sides of 9-patch border are on the bow-tie quilt as it stands right now ----who’s up for QuiltCam time tonight?  I’d like to keep working on this thing and get that last border done and ON!!

Look for me around 9pm eastern ---


  1. Yea for you! Funny how much extra space there is when things are on the shelves straight. My pantry needs another straightening-maybe this afternoon!

  2. Bonnie - Once again you are inspiring me - this time to organize my kitchen pantry. Those plastic containers are a great idea. I think it is going to rain this weekend so i may split my time between the sewing machine and the pantry. Thanks again - hope to see you on Quiltcam tonight. :-)

  3. Great job on the closet! You are so inspiring that I have been tackling sections of my sewing space this week and it feels good to see what is at the bottom of some of those areas. Looking forward to quilt cam tonight. Enjoy your afternoon!

  4. The closet cleaning forces are strong in you! When you are done...... there are a few drawers and closets here that need your expert cleaning forces.. just kidding. Great job on getting those drawers and closets cleaned. Now you have more room for fabric in all those newly cleaned spots. :)

  5. Bonnie, you are doing a marvelous job!! I'll be setting my alarm for 2am!! Although, if last night is anything to go by, I will be up anyway!! See you later. Sandra in the UK

  6. Isn't it wonderful to be organized and to know what's in there? My pantry, very similar to your style, has been organized with everything in it's "proper" place for many years and I love it that way. Might I comment on the issue of expired boxed goods? And this is "my humble opinion", but I truly believe that expiration dates on things like you mentioned, are more of a marketing factor than a safety or edibility date, kinda coming into being hand-in-hand with the nutritional content when it was introduced - and a way of keeping stores honest. I have, and use, many things that are well beyond those 'expiration dates' including canned goods and some medications (recently having a doctor agree with me on an expiration date issue on some pain meds). I would think the R-A-Roni especially fine, and at worst, the cake mix might need some additional baking powder, unless there's any detectable rancidness from oils. Again, just IMHO.

  7. Oh Bonnie, I had to laugh when you said mystery. Now just stand back and look at all those pretty colors in your pantrys, what would that mystery be named? hahaha Its all looking good! and YES you deserve a sew day. That is exactly how I feel when I have been overwhelmed with other stuff besides sewing. And speaking of other things, got the grandbaby today and she is sleeping, so off to trimm a set of pineapple blocks til she wakes.

  8. I hate cleaning closets, but it's such a fulfilling feeling when it's done, and righteous too !! Enjoy sewing see you tonight. Micki

  9. Nicely done!!! My pantry is so deep, I hate digging for things, yours looks beautiful though! Way to corral those little things, I must get more clear shoe boxes for myself, maybe that would help.

  10. Looks great! You and I must both be in the mood to clean closets, because that is what I have been doing too! When I don't use the cover for a plastic container - I keep it UNDER the container and that way if I use it for something different later on - if I need the cover I know right where to find it! I also use plastic containers for individual toiletry cases in the bathroom - they are easy to clean that way! Cheers! Evelyn

  11. I have the binding to hand sew to the Tumale Trail which is a wedding gift for my neice for this Friday. I sewed the side seams on two pillow cases at lunch today. I still need a label. I have a hair appointment tomorrow night, so I need to sew tonight, after I get back.... Can't wait for web cam tonight.

  12. You could make a living a gazillion different ways! I sure would love you to come here and do that, or organize my fabrics.~


  13. Great job on your pantry closet! We didn't have a pantry so turned our coat closet into our pantry as well. It's such a big help. I have trouble keeping my DH from making a mess of it after a grocery trip. LOL

  14. You and FlyLady (another N. Carolinian if you know who she is-helps you learn to keep house) have inspired me to get off my tukus and get my sewing/office room organized this week. Will b glad for quilt cam as a reward. Will cut down more shirts while I watch!

  15. Good going on the cleaning and organizing. Outdated products are still fine to use as long as they aren't TOO outdated(months vs. years) or haven't been invaded by bugs. I just threw out some severely outdated stuff that I bought when I was going seriously low-carb. Honestly, most of that stuff doesn't taste very good even when it's fresh. :)

  16. Good job, Bonnie. BTW, I pay NO attention to use by dates. If it something that has to be refrigerated, that's different. Your nose will tell you anyway if it is beyond edible. All those stable shelf products - pasta, for instance - I never worry about. After all, growing up there were no sell by dates. I don't ever recall anyone getting sick from eating two year old dried spaghetti. It is just the food companies covering their you-know-whats - like the ladders that now cost twice as much because of the all the labels and warnings due to some knucklehead who fell off a ladder and sued the ladder company. Live dangerously is my motto. Don't pre-wash fabric either. See you tonight on quilt cam.

  17. A couple weeks ago I organized my mess of a sock drawer. It makes me so happy now to open it and be able to see rows of matching sock pairs! lol You're doing a great job. I hope to keep going, too. I've done some thinning of things, but haven't been as good as you!

  18. Your pantry looks great, Bonnie. I'm glad you hear you are going to be on webcam tonight. I plan to join you and sew some binding on a zippy zigzag quilt. See you at 9:00!

  19. i do believe i have a bad case of closet envy here....looking super there! don't know about you, but i know i sleep better when things are organized...yes, it's true

  20. Anonymous9:00 PM EDT

    I've been cleaning out cupboards and the pantry etc... too... only cause we have a ahem... little critter visiting! A mouse has invaded!!! I was sooo mad! My DH says... ohhh it's just a little Stuart come to visit! I told him he wouldn't think it was soo cute when he brings his family in to stay too! Decon is my friend! I tried the traps... and well... so much for being nice! Our food storage and health is more important!
    Your cupboards look great! I feel like I'm camping out! We have all of our mixes, crackers etc... (i.e. anything in a box sorta thing) closed up in the ice chest! If it's not in a jar/hard plastic container... it's in the fridge or the ice chest w/no ice of course!
    Crazy how something like this will make you feel yucky! When we had a cat/dog we had no problems with mice, 'cept when the cat decided it was show/tell! But now... a year after our sweet dog Jamie dies... now we have problems???
    Sorry, guess I needed to vent! Life will continue... have fun sewing tomorrow! Maybe I will catch you on quiltcam tonight!

  21. You have inspired me. My clutter is not nearly so neatly hidden as yours, but I spent last night clearing out my bedroom. All clutter gone, put away, cleaned up. It is now an oasis (where I can escape the kitchen clutter, until I get to cleaning that room :)


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