Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scrappy Bargello Slide Show!

Yesterday’s class was held at the Good Will Fire Department buuilding…..up on the 3rd floor!

It was a terrific location, loads of light, lots of space and windows to look out of.

The day was rainy and drizzly much of the time --- so it was the perfect day to be inside and sewing…..We’d load up the elevator with everyone’s stuff….send it up to the 3rd floor, unload, and send it down again. 

PA_Oct2012 023

A Fish in the Fabric?!?

PA_Oct2012 024

AHA!  It hides the rotary cutter!

I thought this was so fun!  It was originally intended as a pencil case for a school aged kid, but what a fun thing!  And you’d definitely not LOSE your cutter if it was encased in a big pink fish!

This was a very fun filled fast paced workshop, and everyone got LOADS done!  It was fun to see all the different fabrics, schemes, themes and colors ---

After class, it was a hurry hurry to meet up with a different guild for dinner, and then a lecture for them --- we spent the evening with the Brandywine Quilters!  I literally fell into bed by the time we got home ---

Today is an extremely busy day too.  I’ve got a lecture this morning ---followed by a lunch, and immediately after I’m heading back to Virginia where I’ll spend the next couple of days with the Quilters of Centreville, VA!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. So sorry to have missed the class - looks like everyone had a terrific time!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM EDT

    The Bargello panels are gorgeous.... this is one quilt I would need to be totally alone to concentrate making ;) Like that is going to happen soon!

    Have fun, play hard, sleep well and be safe.

  3. OH wow! I have always wanted to do that quilt. It looks so nice, and so complicated. But your slide show makes it look doable! I also love the scrappy look to it.

  4. I had a great time Bonnie, it was so nice to get so much accomplished in one day.

  5. Oh man it makes me tired just think of all that energy needed to to those classes, lectures and trunk shows :0). I hope you are sleeping well again without cramps and pain.

    Happy Sewing....spreading Bonnie quilting joy throughout the land :0)

  6. They are all so pretty! Bargello is one I would look at then walk a mile around so I wouldn't get too close, TOO HARD ! But,the pics of these girls projects looks so easy! I guess that's why you are called instructor/teacher. :o I will attend one of your classes someday. The closest you're going to be to my neck of the woods anytime soon is 3 hours away in McKinney, TX and the classes are full!

  7. This is always a favorite of mine to make. Really like the red/black version. Really easy pattern and always turns out good!

  8. Oh Bonnie this is a quilt I have to make. I love that some of them are planned and others are scrappey. Girl take care of yourself. I wish I could have gotten in one of the classes in Va. I tried an all were full.

    Bonnie in Va

  9. Have a good time and don't over do it! I wish I had even half of your energy! Have fun!

  10. So.so.so jealous they get to see the Hexy quilt in person! All the quilts in making are beautiful!

  11. Makes a Bargello look easier than I thought, especially scrappy....they are all gorgeous.

  12. Thanks for sharing - the ladies made great progress. I especially love the Civil War version.
    I have an incomplete Bargello in a box "somewhere"....the photos inspire me to find it and work on it...hahaha.

  13. They are beautiful! I noticed you switched off messages from other people on Facebook, but I recently finished my floral bargello if you remember. There are a few pics on my blog: www.busyfingersbusylife.blogspot.com thank you so much for the pattern, I've really enjoyed making this bargello!


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