Thursday, October 25, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Carpet!

Pre-measuring carpet tiles so they fit around corners, nooks and crannies is not an easy task!

If it weren't for my paper piecing skills, and the ability to work upside down and backwards, we would really be in a pickle!

And thank heavens for quilting tools and rulers that make measuring and marking each tile an easier task than it would be otherwise.

We laid out tiles only this far so they are dry fit before gluing. We've numbered the tiles and stacked them and have applied a thin layer of glue to the floor to dry until it is no longer wet- tacky.

These are repositionable tiles so we want the glue to be dry to the touch but still hold the tiles when they are put in place.

Next up? Putting the tiles down!

We are working at this one section at a time so we can move stuff out of the way to put tiles down and put stuff back to start on the next section!

Hopefully the pathway will be clear so that I can get to the quilting room for tonight at 9 PM!


  1. Oh, those tiles are larger than I had thought. That means the job goes faster. I think they look great!

  2. They do look great ! I love new stuff.

  3. Looks awesome. You guys are way better than we are. We would spend one day picking out, then HIRE someone to do the work! DH is not a good DIY'er . . . Sue K

  4. I love doing stuff to the house ... it is such a sense of accomplishment when it's completed. Makes everything feel fresh and new. Carpet tiles are REALLY cool ... may have to think about those for the "man cave" in our basement.

  5. You didn't let any grass grow under your feet did you? The tiles look nice and you have the star pattern going just like you thought, right? Is the one closest to the right (in the picture) turned a quarter too far? You'll have to watch the DH as he lays the down for the final time. I'll be waiting for Quilt Cam.

  6. The carpet looks awesome and I love the new background on your blog! Looking forward to some quilting time tonight. Thanks for all your sharing.

  7. Love the carpet tile.

  8. Wow, starting already. They look good. Is the cost for the carpet tiles comparable to having similar quality carpet installed. I know there are many benefits of carpet tile in a basement. I'm planning ahead for when we need to replace our basement carpet.

  9. That is looking good...very quilt-like with the pattern...I don't think I have seen carpet tiles that size...keep up the great work...

  10. Wow! I'm impressed. Y'all just jumped right in.

  11. They look great. Even the design is kind of artsy!

    Gail :)

  12. Ummm, you said the quilt tools are good for measuring and cutting the carpet???? You let them use your rotary cutter??? well, maybe the old blades?
    I do like the idea of carpet tiles. We have carpeting in our basement. I'm thinking we could replace the center "pathway" in the carpet with tiles because our elderly dog has had a few you know whats and it's just not so attractive anymore. It would be more afordable than replacing all the carpet. Let us know if you have any useful hints/tips. (and I'll hold on to my old rotary blades....)

  13. I think you made a good choice. They are looking really good! We had carpet tiles in our basement and just loved them. We have since moved and no longer have a basement. Looking forward to Quilt Cam in a little while :-)

  14. Anonymous10:02 PM EDT

    Hey Bonnie
    I was enjoying quiltcam but now only see the ads. when the ad is finished i can hear you but no picture. i am using googlechrome.
    well at least I can still hear you so I am part of it!


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