Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Basement Progress ---

This is another shot of what came home in Shamu yesterday –packed to the gills!

It’s not as slow a process as I thought.  Things are happening rather quickly!

It’s chaotic yes, but working in sections means we can lay carpet down in one section….and move the next sections furniture and miscellaneous quilt stuff onto the carpeted area and then move on to carpeting the next section.

There has been loads of clean-out going on at the same time ---boxes of miscellaneous cords, old books, and then time out to look at the box of photographs and remember when.

I came across a family photo from when my kids were young, and found myself sobbing for no reason other than ----those were my babies, as I remembered them  and my whole heart and being wanted to hold them again as they were then.

 Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys and am so proud of where they are now in their lives, but to have small boys come to me with frogs in jars, or scraped up knees or eager to help with making cookies ---actually I think they just wanted a finger-scoop of cookie dough ----I wish I appreciated those years more when we were going through them.  It was nice to visit with them again in my mind, and remember, how they were when they were young.

Back to the basement  put the nostalgia away for another time!

house 060

Page protectors & binders!

Any guesses what this is for?  My magazine collection needs a thinning out.  Before moving here I did this --- took all the inspirational photos of quilts and ideas that I wanted to save and put them in page protectors in binders for easy access.  I now have 4 years worth of magazines to go through again and save what I want to save and pitch the rest.  I’ve put stacks by my bed to go through a few each night before falling to sleep.  Good food for quilty dreams!

house 063

Industrial shelves and infared heat!

We’ve listed the old stand up freezer on Craigslist.  Someone is coming to pick that up today.  It has served us well since about 1983.  That's another topic for discussion on "they just don't make them like they used to!"

The extra fridge has a large freezer side, and with mostly just 2 of us here it is sufficient.  We’ve moved things around and I’ll have room for shelving units along that one back wall here:

house 074

Progress so far!

After the baseboards are up, the shelving will go on that paneled wall…the fridge will move back into its corner ((which you can’t see in this photo angle))  This room will be done TODAY!  In fact -- there may be room for one more set of shelves ---but I am NOT running back to Sam's Club today.

And lest you think it’s been ALL work and no play ---
cheddarbowties 026

The quilting has begun on the Cheddar Bow-ties!  SPIDER WEBS!


  1. Bonnie, you've been so busy on your "vacation" that you'll need to go back on the road to rest up!

  2. The spiderwebs look great!

  3. I know what you are feeling Bonnie. You will have grand babies soon enough though. THat is what fills that void. God made grandchildren for that reason. You will have them in the next few years and maybe by then you will be able to be home more and enjoy them. It will all work out for you in that dept. You will see. :) Great progress! Love the spider web design, perfect for that quilt with all the cheddar and timing. You will always remember this moment when you look at that quilt. BRILLIANT~!~

  4. Bonnie - my sister swears by her quartz heaters. She lives in Wisconsin and has a really cold downstairs. If you bought those
    quartz heaters for your basement, I think you will be glad of the investment! Your basement floor is looking great

  5. Good morning, Just thought I'd share with you that my picture albums save my sanity at times. As a mother of 2 girls and 5 boys, empty nest had a huge impact on me. I loved all the raucous and whirlwind of activity. Big families are wonderful. But NOW I have 14 grand children and 1 great grandchild who are just as rambunctious. But when everyone goes home.... I have my photo albums and my cuddle memories. And then I get busy making quilts for them all so that when I'm no longer here, my quilts will still hug them for me and they will cuddle me in their hearts.
    Love your quilting pattern choice for Bow Ties. Inspiration comes when the time is right...!!

  6. spiderwebs just in time for Halloween - the webs look great!

  7. The carpet squares are so cool.... can't wait to see the finish. I know what you mean about appreciating those years. Right now with Sandy bearing down on Philly I'm worried about Erin and Beth. I keep telling hubby that they need to be home with their mom and dad...and of course he says "They'll be fine."

    Planning to spend my day in the sewing room watching the wind pick up and waiting for the rain. We should SKYPE sometime girlfriend.


  8. You're a get r done girl Makes my head spin....

  9. You are accomplishing so much! and quilting too! Everything looks great!

  10. I feel the same way when I look at my old photo albums from when the boys were young. I enjoyed every minute of their childhoods.

  11. Years ago I started one of those wish list binders. I had magazines all over and always looked through them. since putting them in pages, I just wish I had time to look through it! Funny how things like that happen. I really need to weed things out of it. Your bowtie quilt looks great! You must've really been feeling Halloween when trying to decide on a design.

  12. Way to progress Bonnie & Hubby ! This task will be finished before it ever get on your nerves. Love when that happens. Keep it up guys!

  13. Your basement is looking great! Nothing feels better than looking around and being able to see such an accomplishment. I've never been a big fan of cheddar, but the longer I look at your bow ties during Quilt Cam, the better I like it. I think you've made another convert. No other color would have made all of the bow ties pop like that.

  14. Anonymous11:36 AM EDT

    Bonnie girl you plum wear me out reading what you get done! LOL - your new STUDIO will be gorgeous and you will have a fine time there.

    "Ocular Incontinence" is what a friend of mine calls spontanious weeping! It so fits, doesn't it? Just comes over you. Perhaps all Moms would love to have there children small for just a few hours. So much we 'would have done", but we were young then too. I love my girls to pieces lol. What a joy to have those photos. FOLKS TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING.... Grammy advice.

    Smiles, and Hugs

  15. Loving everything you are doing there in your basement! Looking great! Cant wait to see the finished product.

    The spider webs on the cheddar bowtie quilt it wonderful. Finally got my bow tie top finished, but mine is in all shades of green. Love it.

  16. About not making things like they used to... When DH and I joined households, we kept his 8-year-old 'fridge/freezer. My 17-year old 'fridge went to a new home--still running well. Just last week we had to buy a new 'fridge/freezer to replace the 8 year old when it flat died one day when we were out for hours. Oh well, it was a good time to really weed out 'fridge and freezer with some decisions made for me.

    Love the border on your cheddar bow ties.

  17. I love the spider web quilting! I have a Halloween quilt top that is made of all fabrics with spider webs, and am contemplating using spider webs to quilt it, too. I am trying to figure out how to cut down on the number of stops/starts required. It looks like you spiraled the webs out from the centers? Are the spokes connected as well, or did you do those each separately for each web?

  18. just wondering if there's going to be a quiltcam today. I'm kitted up and raring to sew. Wish there was an alert so I wouldn't miss any.

    1. Are you on Facebook.. Bonnie posts there just before going live.....I find that's the fastest and best 'heads up'...particularly if I am behind in blog reading HTH

  19. I like the spider web quilting..I decided to add yet one more row to my Cheddar Bow ties..a few more blocks to go and will add that and then (I think) it will be done. I have been cutting spools and have PLENTY of those to get me started and am excited to get to that in earnest!

  20. QUILTING IS WORK TOOO!!!!! hope you get some rest b4 you have to head out on the road agin. I do that too, save mags and then tear out the quilt ideas to look at sometime in the future. (maybe)

  21. I think many of us can relate to the feeling one gets when looking at baby photos of our grown children! I kinda miss those little boys! I have great hopes of having grandbabies sometime in the next year or so though...my oldest is getting married in June next year!!!

  22. That sobbing was not for NO reason. Hey, kiddo, wait til you have grands. It's the best of both worlds. You get to have the fun and you will enjoy and savor it more this time around. And they too grow up too fast. Now I'm hoping I'll be around for the great grands. LOL

  23. love the spider webs on your bow ties. was it a free hand pattern or a specific design you did. like a panto? I would love ot do it on a quilt if have.

  24. Love the spider web quilting!

  25. Thanks for the idea Bonnie on going thru magazines before going to sleep. I have a huge stack right by my bed and I am going to start that tonight! Loving the flooring you are putting down and will be great to see the finished photos.

  26. Busy girl and I like the quilt!


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