Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Last night, the Brandywine quilters celebrated the 60th birthday of a very special guild member!

She was completely blown away ----especially  when cheers erupted at the presenting of the honorary tiara!

You’ll have to excuse the blurriness of friend embracing friend, but I think you can catch the laughter and excitement of this very special surprise.

And od you see that cake?

PA_Oct2012 074

Look at that machine!!!

It reminds me of Hannah, the treadle that I brought home from Kentucky!

And I love the star blocks, the scissors, the tape measure ----

The cake was made by the daughter of one of the guild members ----and take it from me, it was quickly devoured by all in attendance, and we all sang happy birthday to the crowned princess who proudly wore her tiara the rest of the night!

As this posts I’m on my way back to Virginia – probably crawling through horrid DC traffic along the way ----I so “HATE” I-95, but it’s a necessary evil on the way to-from and up-down the east coast.

Next stop – Centreville!


Christine said...

Safe trip and successful fun meet!

Christine said...

Side note: one of the last times you did quilt cam last week, you made mention of an eyebrow gadget from WM,
I missed the use you had for it and hoped that you would repeat it, but I could not watch the whole segment. When you get back, maybe you will repeat this. I enjoy all of your tips. Thank you !!

Jackie said...

I missed it too, but I buy two packs of eyebrow razors, and use them to tear out seams. Much easier than the stitch ripper to use and less chance of cutting the material. I also use the presser foot for a third hand to hold the material on one side and one hand for the other. Then that frees the second hand to use the tool. Who knew?

Glady said...

What a happy post! Happy birthday, Debbie; your cake is just too pretty for words. Interesting tip about the eyebrow razors . . . I'm always unsewing.

Kim said...

Now that looks like a guild I want to join.
How fun.
Be careful on 95 those trucks will run you over.
Happy sewing

Bev said...

Jackie has it correct! It was taking out (unsewing) seams and should be much handier than a seam ripper! I have to try it!

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

That is a gorgeous cake. It would be a shame to eat it that picture.