Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shredded Silks, Etc.

I have rarely seen a silk quilt from the Victorian era in good shape. 

The silk processing meant that heavy metals and fiber-weakening
mordants were used in the fabric finishing process to give silk a heavier hand ((Oh, ladies loved the swishing sound of heavy silk skirts!)) and along with the dye process, deteriorated the silk over time. 

Many such quilts are just in shreds ----and it is so sad to see because silk quilts shimmer like no other!

antiquemall 012

This one is just a simple square-in-a-square, and uses the repeated grey stripe through out the quilt ---llok at it close and you see stars emerging, look at it again and you see diamonds!

Shredded diamonds.

antiquemall 014

Oh, but I can’t resist seeing the luscious fabrics up close, and perhaps running a finger over the shimmering fibers.

This was another “wonder” quilt – which means:  I will wonder about the story behind it, wonder about the maker, wonder about the source of the fabrics ---and wonder how it passed through a family's hands until it was no longer cherished or wanted and found its way, wonder of wonders, to a lowly little antique mall in North Carolina.

Unlike it’s uppity embroidered and overly embellished cousins, this silk quilt is just patchwork, plain and simple.  Square in a square--- side by side.  and it is STUNNING.  I may need to do one of these in the future. What a great leader/ender it would be!

antiquemall 033

This poor beat up child’s  toy machine ALMOST made it home with me.  But for the condition, I just felt the price was too high.  It’s adorable, though, isn’t it?

Those of you who are new here might not know that I also love to include a treasure hunt for the WEIRDEST antique mall item while I’m out shopping too.  It keeps your eyes always open, and you find things that you might have missed otherwise!  These items usually bring on fits of giggles and big smiles and makes you happy to leave some things behind when the day is done.

A year or so ago it seemed that I was running into these in really strange places ---

antiquemall 027


This Post shared another helmet from another trip, along with some other really weird stuff that did not come home either!  This post shows another diving helmet – they are everywhere!  So yes, I collect Sewing Machines --- but I actually use them.

Come to think of it --DH can always be glad that I don't collect DIVING HELMETS! Would I use an antique diving helmet?

antiquemall 028

The label on the helmet was pretty cool though!

And as far as weird stuff goes --Remember the life sized Frankenstein??

What is one person’s treasure -----does not make it mine! LOL!

I’m turning on the Quilt-Cam at 2pm Eastern.  Yes.  I’m still working on those dang geese.  We worked on them Friday night – and I haven’t even cut that batch apart to press yet, so that is my job this morning to get ready.  I hope you’ll bring a project and come sew along!


  1. My brother in law has one of those huge diving helmets as a decoration in their living room! Right by the aquarium...hmmm....

  2. Good morning, Bonnie. Lovely quilt. I'm in my recliner working through a cold, the flu, I'm not sure, but either way, now I have quilt cam to look forward to, if I can stay awake!! See you then.

  3. Diving helmet, mmmm. I guess we could turn them upside down and store fabrics in them. ;-)

    1. Or we could put our fabric in it and keep it upright and hide the fabric from anyone who thinks we already have more than we need!

  4. The junior miss is adorable to bad she was so worn out! I love looking for the vintage machines in our local antique shops! So glad your doing quilt cam today! We have a ice storm heading our way today in the Chicago area so I am planning on staying in all day and sewing on some UFO's

  5. I really think you should have bought the Frankenstein statue. Such a great prop in your sewing room, especially during Halloween quiltcam!
    BTW the sewing machine I went to see was a Singer 66, but NOT in the condition as advertised on Craig's list. I know you won't find that surprising. First of all, the belt was an old plastic orange thing with notches in it. It was all worn out and wouldn't turn the wheel. Secondly the bobbin tire was cracked and left my fingers black (I know they are easily and inexpensively replaced). Thirdly there were no attachments of any kind and there was a piece missing off the motor housing, even operable. But the piece de resistance was when the lady went to unplug the machine and the television, lights, etc. all went out with a loud POP. She picked up the end of the sewing machine cord, which was SMOKING, and was now minus the plug, which had burned completely off. In my politest voice (took great effort, believe you me), I told her, "You know, if you are going to advertise something for sale, you really need to get it dusted off at least a little, give it a few drops of oil, and make sure it runs before you ask someone to drive 25 miles to look at it." Oh, and of course, the house was so filthy and cluttered that my DH would not even sit down. Bottle of Jack Daniels on the table next to the machine. Interesting afternoon.

  6. Hi, Joining you from GA...i have a friend that is probably going to all your events in GA. I have a quilt retreat the weekend you are nearest to us.I would have liked to attend some of it.
    Did you happen to receive a pkg recently from me? (HisPatchwork)If not, i hope it makes it's way soon:)

  7. Love your blog.. I have a silk log cabin top in similar shape hidden in a "safe" place in my sewing room. I'll send you a picture when I find it. After much time trying to make a decision, I've decided to do a "Star Struck" quilt for a thank you present for a friend. You have so many tempting patterns.


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