Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playing With Jacks in Prescott!

Simple blocks, lots of possibilities!

Simple blocks like the “Jacks on Six” are extremely fun to play with ---simply changing color placement, value placement and and layout can achieve a multitude of different looks.

Some of my favorite blocks are little ones like these ----little asymmetrical gems that can twist and turn and make a quilt look a lot more intricate than it really  is.

Yesterday was a 1/2 day workshop – which gave us 4 hours of concentrated sewing time to try new things.  To learn how slick the Easy Angle ruler is, to play with color families, to learn some hints, tips and techniques to streamline not only the cutting process, but the sewing and pressing and assembling methods as well.

We had a great time, and several of us ended up out to dinner at Rosa’s Italian Eatery for dinner.

AZ_Jan2013 438

Can I interest anyone in a basket of Garlic Knots?  YUMMMMM!!

I may have a little hiccup in my leaving Prescott as planned.  I should know from Dad shortly if he is going to be up to making the trip back up here to get me and take me back to Sun Lakes for the night before my flying home from Phoenix on Wednesday ---I talked to him on the phone last night and whatever was ailing him last week has doubled back to bite him again and he is feeling awful.

I feel bad because it is a 2 hour drive up here and 2 hours back – and if he is feeling crappy I don’t want him in the car for 4 hours when he should be in bed ---we are working on an alternative scenario.  I may stay up here one more night, and have one of the guild ladies drive me down on Wednesday morning ----or there is always the shuttle.

I won’t know more until I hear from Dad how he slept --- he promised me it was a nyquil night and if he felt bad he would STAY HOME and get better – and I’d find another way to get to the airport.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad getting ill again! nasty bugs! and you don't really need to be exposed to that crude and travel w it either.
    I love the Jacks! such different fabrics. one was better than the next!

  2. What fun everyone had!
    But, oh, gee, this is ANOTHER nifty block I'm going to have to try! I can see those Scrappy Jacks in 3, 6, and 9 inches....maybe all in the same quilt.

  3. Bonnie is this blocking one of your books??

    1. Cathy, she also calls this Playing with Jacks. The pattern is free on her site under that name.

  4. Sounds like everyone had fun. Those garlic knots look delish. I sure hope your dad doesn't have this awful flu that is going around. You could always rent a car to get to his house, and then also use it to get to the airport too. They are pretty reasonable in price.

  5. These blocks are so fun to look at - it seems like everyone was very productive at your workshop. I hope your dad gets feeling better quickly.

    @Cathy Weber, the pattern is on this website - click on the Free Patterns tab and scroll down the list to find it. Listed as "Playing with Jacks."

  6. We've all been sick here to ... Hubby for the second time, finally got him to the doc for some meds.

  7. The flu has been bad this year. Our local nursing home and schools have been hit the hardest. Hope all is well soon!

  8. hi Bonnie: I'm just a hop/skip from Sun Lakes...I could take you to the airport if need be.

  9. Lots of cute blocks! I especially like the red & black and the pink & green. Would love to see those completed.
    I hope your dad is feeling better!

  10. Love all the different blocks and the garlic knots look yummy!! Hope your Dad gets feeling better soon Bonnie, there are some terrible flu bugs going around every part of the world this year, it is worrisome for sure. Safe travels to you no matter which way you end up having to travel.

  11. Dad be nimble
    Dad be quick
    Dad get over this cold bug Quick!

    sorry.. couldn't help myself!

    Glad you had a good day and hope that he gets to feeling better!

    HelenMarie in TN

  12. So nice to see BJ and Jacki among the sewers on Jacks! Can't wait to see them and hear all about it too!


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