Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Goodies from Jerome!

Along with the shops that carried gorgeous Southwest style jewelry made by local native Americans, wonderful pottery, baskets and other things you’d expect to find in Arizona….there was a little Surprise!

A small Antique shop provided quite a bit of browsing opportunity!

No, there were no BIG sewing machines, but there was this cute little red one in the window!

Cute as it was – I already have several toy machines, and I’m out of room for them --- so this little sweetie stayed right where it was in the window display.

I did get quite the chuckle out of the vintage “True Romance” magazines in the window as well ---

AZ_Jan2013 281

Can you read the small print at the top?

This Magazine is circa 1950 – and the top line reads: “Shocking Revelations of a Love Cult Girl:  I Married A Polygamist”  LOL!  Well hey, this was the 1950s, They didn’t use the S word on the cover of anything!  But love cult? I found it a bit funny.

I think this magazine was supposed to be part of the “Valentine” display ----and no, he is not giving her a box with a ribbon AND  a giant plug-in…..that cord was just in the way in the window display ---but then, I suppose there could be a blender in that box? :c)

Or maybe he knows that giving an appliance un-asked-for as a valentine’s gift is one of the 8 threats to a happy marriage? ;c)

AZ_Jan2013 271

Just another street view as the sun went behind the mountains!

Of course I couldn’t resist THIS sign:

AZ_Jan2013 284

I’m saving this one for NEXT year’s mystery! HA!

AZ_Jan2013 278

Buttons and baubles and a whole basket of…..do you know what these are?

AZ_Jan2013 279

Bobbin lace Bobbins!

These look well worn….someone was busy with these.  I remember watching someone demo bobbin lace once --- and it takes a whole slough of bobbins wound with thread/yarn, each being passed over or under the other to create the design as the lace is made.  Who made lace with these old beauties?

And then there is the lovely pink sewing box itself….pink velvet.  Oh, if these items could talk!

AZ_Jan2013 282

Just a happy me!

Thanks again go to the Quail Country Quilters for showing this gal such a great time!


  1. OH MY! The romance magazines what a blast from the past.
    Loving your travels.

  2. Thanks tor the share! Needed a pic me up! Another school shooting:/

  3. You do look like a happy Bonnie! I remember when I was in grade school (more than 50 years ago) our neighbor was a much older German lady and she used to sit making lace with bobbins like those. Mom said I used to sit and watch for hours. Then she would sew the lace on childrens and baby doll dresses. Thanks for the oppurtunity to remember such a happy time. I didn't learn how to make lace but she did teach me to knit!

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM EST

    Those wooden things are for darning. I remember my grandmother putting socks on them and stitching holes! I have a couple, for memory sake.

    1. My grandmother had both the lace bobbins and the darning gadget (never learned the word for that). The darning gadget was much bigger. But I suppose the bobbins could be used for darning purposes.

      What a nice trip down memory lane, Bonnie! Thanks for the photos.

    2. The implement for darning was called a darning egg by my mother. The one mom had was like a meat pounding mallet with a domed top on a handle, made of something like Bakelite. It was about 3" across. The funny thing is, she never darned socks, and I don't either. If I try to be frugal and darn a hole I always get a blister where I walked on the mended spot. I guess I'm terrible at darning!

  5. My Grandmother use to buy those true romance magazines in the 60's. I remember reading them as a child and being shocked by the stories. I now realize just how tame they were lol. - Terry in B.C. Canada

  6. The big shock... 25 cents for the magazine!

  7. My mother lived in Jerome when she was a little girl. The 1930 census shows her family there.

  8. When I was a teen in the 60's, my favorite home to babysit at had a closet full of True Romance magazines. I loved getting the kids to bed and picking which magazine I was going to read. I hadn't thought about that in years - thanks for the memories!

  9. YES!! The "no whining" sign will be great for the next mystery!! Any way to put the paypal button next to it? LOL!!

    1. I suppose I must owe at least $100 bucks in fines by now and that is just for the 2011/2012 Texas Tumbleweed mystery.

  10. What fun... a velvet box of lace bobbins, how cool is that!
    Jerome totally rocks :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  11. OMG, that is the little sewing machine I had when I was little, but mine was green and I still have it. It really worked. Glad you're having so much fun. Carolyn

  12. I love the little mushroom pincushion in the window....
    Thanks for pictures of your wonderful trip!
    Take care, Leslie

  13. Thanks for sharing nice pictures. I like the Window Displays very much.

  14. Love the little red sewing machine and the bobbins. What a cool place.

  15. It is so cool to see you travel through my home state! Yes, I was born in Arizona, and I still live here! I wish you were doing a seminar or something here in the Valley of the Sun! Have fun, Bonnie! Karin

  16. How did you walk away from that sewing box? I would have tried to bargain the price down and absconded with it. It's adorable!


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