Thursday, January 17, 2013

New In The Store!

I arrived home about 12:30am last night..bone weary, but so happy to dump my luggage in the front room and head to bed!

On my way through the dining room --- I passed a big box and --- Oh Goodie!!  They are here!

I’m carrying Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s 15 Minutes of Play in my online store! Whoowhoooo!

Do you remember my review of the book during the blog hop? Click HERE!


This means that those of you who have been waiting to order a seam guide but already have all the books in my store, now have an opportunity to get both Victoria's book AND pick up this little gadget!

Don't need a book but want guides?  I'm doing something new!  You can order a 6 pack of seam guides with no book purchase required! (Singles may only be sold with a book order)  This way you can have one for you and each of your friends!  The cost is $24 postage paid within the USA -- international shipping will need to be figured if you are outside the US and you will be invoiced separately for the shipping amount.

As always, any purchase of 3 books or more ships free within the USA!


Click HERE to go to my online store.

If you would rather send in a check, click HERE to go to the printable order form…simply type in your info and print and snail mail!

I am spending the day in my Jammies – okay, my sweats and slippers – catching up on all the mail order that has come in the past 3 weeks I’ve been gone. I’m filling orders in the order that they were placed ---music playing, hot tea by my side, SO HAPPY to be home!

I will get dressed before making a post office run! LOL!

I’m not sure that there will be Quilt-Cam tonight – it’s my first night home, but it all depends on how much gets done here and what plans DH has ---so stay tuned!


  1. As much as I have missed quiltcam, take the time for yourself to be with DH and relax for the night and recharge your batteries!

  2. I love spending the day in my PJs or sweats -- with a nice cup of tea, fabric and a sewing machine! I want to thank you for your order of books you sent me right before you left I didn't expect them so soon-I am enjoying them very much and thinking of what I am going to use for Leaders and enders -- right now I am still working on a border for my Star Struck quilt. I have missed quilt cam but I agrea with HelenMarie you should recharge your batteries! Quilt cam can wait for another day/evening.

  3. You and Victoria are quite a pair. I need her book too.

    Yes, enjoy the quiet time. I know you won't relax, but enjoy your jammie time.

  4. Yay! Do the jammie thing. As much as people love Quilt Cam, you need to have some home time. Take it, and enjoy it!

  5. Jammie day here in Mississippi due to SNOW!! If you can get out today do, as it is probably coming your way! Getting chores done, then sewing time!!!

  6. There is NO place like home ....

  7. I too have really missed Quilt Cam, but know what Jammie time can do to help you settle back in. Enjoy your day! Hugs

  8. Yes Bonnie, take some "you" time. Enjoy PJ time and unwind.

  9. Hi Bonnie! Happy you made it home safe. Too bad the weather was so cold while you were in AZ -- it decided to change after you left (it's supposed to be around 70 today in Phoenix). I'd really love to order some books and seam guides, but the link to ordering online goes to a some web design site.

    Hoping you have a very relaxing, pieceful day!

  10. I love Quilt-Cam, but I also appreciate that you've been gone for 3 weeks. Please relax and spend time with your family, have some quality hot tub time, and don't feel obligated to do Quilt-Cam tonight.

    I'm in awe of your travel schedule, combined with your book shipping, book writing, all the planning and booking of workshops, and sewing for new books and projects. You inspire me.

  11. Welcome Home. Jammie time is awesome. My DH use to make fun of me when I spent the day in my PJ'. Now that he has been home for several months he has been caught in his PJ's after a hard day of home repairs. I just point and giggle. We all need to do this now and again!

    Enjoy your first day home. Do some Bonnie time.
    Missed you
    Aileen in FL

  12. Victoria's book is well worth the purchase! I just received it as a gift and could NOT put it down. Best motivational book I have seen in a while and perfect for inspiring the old creative juices. I am so glad you are carrying it as it fits your "style" perfectly!
    Glad you are home safe!

  13. Glad you are home & safe and sound... and hopefully not in the bucket loads of rain, supposed to turn to snow we're having. I plan on working from home tomorrow, but with 40 degree days, I figure it'll all be gone by Saturday.
    As to adding this book to your store... I think it's a perfect fit. I purchased it a while back (I think because of your review.) You all PERFECTLY complement each other... your quilting styles, techniques, joy and enthusiasm. I'm always in your books and Victoria's books. Her quilt donation project has been incredibly successful too. She's got a video on line. All good.

  14. I have this book and love it. Now if I can just tackle those UFOs so I can get back to scraps and strings....

  15. Enjoyed your photos of your trip!

  16. Thanks Bonnie!!! Do you think the scrappy GENE comes from us both being MinneSNOWtans? ;-) hehe!


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