Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Bit Crowded in Here!

Years ago I started a Maverick Star quilt as my leader/ender project.

It only got so far before I was off running on the cheddar bow-ties, then on the 3” spools, and other numerous things that pushed it way to the back burner.

I’ve pulled it back out because it is a good one to sew on while learning the new treadle machine – things don’t have to be that precise, and I’m having fun!

I’ve even got my guide figured out…I cut it in two pieces so when I need to change the bobbin, the slide plate can move without disturbing the seam guide.

The seam guide ((More info HERE))  is made from a piece of Scotch reusable strips with the piece of a hotel room key, a gift card, an old credit card, a shopping loyalty card (We’ve all got these that we toss away!) on top of it.  The one I’m using is from a Christmas gift….it was the top part of a Cold Stone Creamery card!  The gift that does double-duty – buys you ice cream and keeps you sewing a 1/4” seam!

maverickstars 002

Dinah’s beautiful stitch!

maverickstars 005

Yes, it’s a bit crowded in here with back to back treadles, but I’m having a ball playing in the scraps!

((Isn’t the John Deere tractor cute in the center of that star?!))

You might also notice that my spool of thread is almost empty.  And yes – that I’m sewing with purple thread!

I’ve got a bunch of small spools of thread of various colors that I am doing my dangest to sew myself out of.  Scrappy projects like this are great for using up odd ball colors of thread.

And oh, how I love the sound of yet another empty spool hitting the bottom of the trash can!

Plans are underway to escape the basement and head to a movie around 4pm ---sounds like fun to me!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, whatever you are getting up to!


  1. Wow ... the decal work on Dinah is absolutely gorgeous. Her stitch is perfect. What a COOL birthday present to yourself ... you GO girl!!

  2. Your block is cute with the JD tractor, and it might be even cuter with a red Farmall or International tractor...just sayin' since our farm is runs RED! Happy sewing and enjoy your movie night!

    Myrna in KY.

  3. I love scrappy!!! I have saved all my empty spools for years. My kids loved to count, sort, build and string(old shoelace) with them> Now I am saving for the grand kids

  4. Wow! New machine looks like it is a great sewer! Love the idea of using up all the odd colors of thread-I have emptied over 20 spools just winding the remainder onto bobbins in the last couple of months. Got all the light colors gone-almost panicked the other day when I ran out of top thread and could not find another spool of light thread. Then remembered having bought some clearance baggies of assorted threads years ago and found 6 more spools of off white. I am set for a while!
    Loved the quilt you found while browsing. Could the top and bottom rows have been side rows moved to the ends when corners wore out? But, the stitching on the back looked continuous so guess not. Oh, well, great find and wonderful history quilt.

  5. You throw away bobbins? ;) There are crafters out there that would gladly take them:)

  6. No project ideas, out there, to use those empty spools?

    1. In the past, a gal in our guild, would attach them to activity aprons for Alzheimer's resdents of a local assisted living facility.

  7. The decals on your machine remind me of one on goodwill right now. It's called a NEWBEE and looks like a treadle machine too. http://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewItem.asp?ItemID=12325617

    FYI - I've had BAD luck shopping on there. One even came with NO box at all! Just the cover taped to the base and the foot pedal knocking around inside not wrapped at all. One place did wrap well, but not going to throw away money there again. Just fun to see what shows up.

    I'm still stuck cutting my scrap stash into strips and squares Bonnie! I wanted to start a quilt, but I didn't have enough of the colors I needed yet....so back to cutting. I don't think I'll ever have lots of things going at the same time. I don't let myself start new until the current project is done. Right now my goal is to clear off my work table of all the scraps I'd ironed to be cut.Boy did I have a pile!! Occasionally I recognize some prints in your blocks. I've been a 'heavy sewer' since the early 80s and some of those scraps do make me think "WHAT made me want that!!??" Mostly the peach ones. ick. But then there are some I wish I had yards and yards more of too.

    1. I feel your pain about shopgoodwill.com shipping. I paid $45 for them to ship some AccuQuilt dies to me and they stuffed them into a toilet paper box and taped it up - no padding, etc. I was pretty angry and felt robbed! Thankfully, the dies got to me without any damage. Now, I only look at stuff at the local location so I can go pick it up if I win.

    2. I wish our local one had good stuff, it doesn't list on there and is such a small store they seldom have great finds.

  8. Bonnie...I have a question. I like the way you are using up the bits of thread but I was wondering if they are all cotton or blends or poly or do you worry about it when doing scrap quilts. I used to make my kids clothes when they were small and have tons of partial spools of poly or poly/cotton blends I would love to use up. Currently I am a purist and only use cotton when piecing. Any thoughts???

  9. Anonymous4:38 PM EST

    These stars tickle my funny bone!!! John is an engineer, so are 4 others members of our family --- they would KILL me for driving them all insane with these wacky stars! Precision piecing please for them. To this crew, string Quilts are a puzzle, Crumb quilts they find a disaster rofl... and I think these are fun. HECK, I just might have to HIDE mine lolol.... GO FORIT BONNIE!

  10. What fun! I put my last border on Easy Street today..i love it! Its gonna be my new bed quilt. Next up...piecing the backing. Thanks sew much, Bonnie...it was a lot of fun!

  11. I love that pretty doily you have on top of your machine to keep your thread from messing up the machine. How pretty!
    I got my Sphynx treadle out the other day and made her work. Tightened the belt, cleaned out the gunk and oiled her. "Cleo" is working well now. Her cabinet is missing three wheels and she wobbles though. Any idea where parts for her cabinet can be found?

    1. I'll chime in, if that's okay Bonnie! The doily I sent to Bonnie is from www.PurpleMooseDesigns.com. I cleaned out Terri's supply before Christmas, but you may want to check to see if they are back in stock again. They are used instead of the red felt spool pins. Hurray for getting your Sphynx treadle out spiffing her up and working well again! Temporary fix for missing wheels is to try to remove the fourth wheel and just set each leg on squares of heavy felt pads (the kind for furniture). You can try the Flea Market listings on the Treadleon.net site to see if anyone has wheels and pins for sale. Here is the link . . . http://www.treadleon.net/fleamarket/index.htm Happy treadling!!

  12. Anonymous7:11 PM EST

    I love all of the old scrappy prints. Wish I had a giant stash of those!

  13. Love that John Deere! There's a house near here that has a John Deere thing going on in his yard. It's big out here in the prairies!

    Oh...and if you have used *wooden* spools? Send 'em to artist Susan Lenz in New York; she makes wonderful art from them. Check out this link:



  14. Stitches are looking great Bonnie! I hope you've patted yourself on the back for all your hard work on Dinah. Gosh, her bright bits are so shiney!! I've signed up to demo your Maverick Stars for the NE TX TOGA being held April 5th and 6th in Lone Oak, TX. I'll demo on a Singer 15-88 (either Patricia or Buck). I'm also making Maverick Stars to share during the block 6 1/2" block exchange. Thanks for such a great pattern to show and share with others.

  15. Beautiful stitch!!!! What fun!

  16. I have a tall clear vase that I chuck empty thread spools into - love filling it up. Interesting to see how many go in it in a year as well.... It's January - start one off and see if you can fill it by December...

  17. I am wondering what you use to cut those credit cards that keeps the edges smooth and straight???
    XOXOOXOX Subee


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