Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How's It Hangin' ?? :cD

You guys are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration!

Here’s a little tip I got from Amy in Wisconsin who encouraged me to share it with you:

Amy writes:

I've been meaning to share this idea with you for a while, but I keep forgetting!
My new favorite way to hang small wall hangings is Command strips cord organizers.  

They slip right over the binding.  Instant and easy hanging. 
The clear ones can barely even be seen! 
Love it :-)

And here is Amy’s little hanging being held by the little cord clips:

Perfect for little changeable items – especially seasonal!

Thanks for sharing your tip, Amy!  Cute, cute wall hanging too!

If you have something you’d like me to share with our readers, please send me your info and photos!

This is what’s going on here this afternoon:

mothinthewindow 002

I am pinning in the gigantic back in hopes of getting the quilting started.  While I am doing this, I am watching “World Without End” on Netflix!  I saw the first part “Pillars of the Earth” But never got around to watching these ---I am SO GLAD I was born  when I was and not in 1400-something!

See you tonight at 9pm Eastern for Quilt-Cam!  I’ve decided that the little Eatonia is best served by easy tasks – strip piecing some 4 patches should keep me busy for a while!


  1. They actually make a six pack of those clips. They had them at Christmas and I gave them with Spoonflower calendar towels I had made. I can't find them anywhere now so maybe I need to look for the cord clips

  2. What a great idea!! Much better than the pushpins I'm using for a small wall hanging! I do use command strips for my rulers which have worked out great!

  3. Great idea! I didn't even know they had these. I've been using the Command hooks forever to hang wall hangings, but you still had to have a hanging cord or something to go over the hook. This is great!

  4. That Amy is so dogone smart!

  5. Great idea! I use the tiny appliqué pins. They don't make holes in my quilts because they are just pins, and they are so tiny that you can't see the hole in the wall when you remove them.

  6. It will be nice to sew again. See you in an hour!

  7. What a great idea.I did not know that Command made these .. Thanks for the information.

  8. I've been using old sewing machine needles. bc they make a smaller wall hole. DH really hates holes in walls! I could see these would work good for him and me


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