Monday, January 14, 2013

Downtown Gilbert!

Saturday morning, before being picked up by Dad to head back over to Sun Lakes---My sis-in-law Sharolyn, myself and my niece Ashley headed out to see what we could find at the local Gilbert farmer’s market.

The array of hand made crafts, soaps, jewelry, specialty foods, cheeses and fresh produce was wonderful to see, and the local folk were out in droves, even though the morning was quite chilly!

There was even an area where live music was being performed – giving the event a festive flair and causing people to slow down, relax, enjoy!

AZ_Jan2013 335

Fresh Produce ---of every kind!
((Pay Attention to the Water Tower above!))

AZ_Jan2013 341

Love the colors!

AZ_Jan2013 344

Gorgeous Bok Choy!

AZ_Jan2013 345

Colorful Cabbages!

AZ_Jan2013 346

Every variety of potato you can think of – even sweet potatoes all grown here in the valley!

AZ_Jan2013 338

How about a sample of a variety of cheeses?

AZ_Jan2013 340

Jars of pickles, sauces and preserves -- too many to count!

AZ_Jan2013 357

After wandering the market, we had to head over to the “famous” Gilbert Water tower, and the pump house beneath it:

AZ_Jan2013 352

Gilbert Pump house!

AZ_Jan2013 349

The Pump house also served as a jail to contain “Rowdy Citizens” while they sobered up!

AZ_Jan2013 347

Ashley reflected in the floating ball statue!

She said “The sun is too bright to open my eyes!” So I took the picture anyway – such a cutie pie.  I love her hugs and kisses and “I love you, Aunt Bonnie”.  Sure gonna miss her!

There is a really cute down town area with “Old West” style facades lining the street ---

AZ_Jan2013 356

That’s about all there is to “Old Town” Gilbert – and that’s just they way I like my small towns.  They feel like home!

Today is my “BUSY” day.  The guild meeting is this morning, and then we have a half day Playing With Jacks workshop in the afternoon.

Bring it!  I’m ready!


  1. For a small town, that is a HUGE farmer's market! What fun!

  2. dag nab it! Just looked at the Pattern for Playing with Jacks, now here is another quilt I want to make. Bonnie, you are too good. You make life too interesting and exciting! Okay, back to East Street and I will save playing with jacks for another day.

  3. What a fun time! All that produce looks so wonderful this time of year. That is EXACTLY why my hubby wishes we lived south during the winter months. He just loves all the fresh produce.

  4. Bok Choy, known as Pak Soy over here, makes a delicious raw salad: just add some soy sauce and pure virgin olive oil, sprinkle with cheese crumbs and/or sesame seed when shredded! Also stir fried with onions and garlic, and some basil, course sea salt and thyme will do.
    (just another of the things we grow in our veggie garden...)
    Love the sunny pics, enjoy yourself!
    Love from a snowy Amsterdam,

  5. I grew up in Phoenix/Glendale and I'm just chuckling over seeing Gilbert described as a "small town". :D


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