Saturday, January 05, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! 60 minutes to Piece!

My McKinney workshops are done!

There are plans tonight to meet with extended family at Babes in Garland for a Homestyle Texas dinner.

I have not sewn a stitch by machine since I enjoyed my afternoon at Allison's house.

60 minutes of personal piecing can calm this savage beast!

I wanted to send this picture because someone left a comment about bad hotel lighting on a previous post.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

I can't travel with a big IKEA light – the ones with the heavy base – because the space and weight in my luggage is limited.

This picture shows you that I am traveling with the very light clip on IKEA light – it is clamped to my Feather-Mate table – and shines a bright pool of light right at the needle area where I am sewing.

It might not be as much light as I like in my own studio – but it's better than nothing!

And I'm sending this off quickly – because my 60 minutes has now whittled its way down to 55!

Catch you later!


  1. Ooo, my family just had dinner at Babe's in Roanoke on New Year's Day. They only have the fried chicken and chicken fried steak there but that's OK--that's what I go for! That and their YUMMY creamed corn and mashed potatoes. Oh so GOOD! AND on NYD they have black-eyed peas.

  2. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ... good for you!

  3. Hey are those more flying geese?

    1. Looks like the spools for leaders and enders to me

  4. Enjoy hearing about your fun journey and how you make things work!!

  5. Enjoy hearing about your fun journey and how you make things work!!

  6. Sew Bonnie sew! Just arrived back home after spending the afternoon with my Mom sewing the last of our block B 's together, we had to move the kitchen around a bit so we could have show and tell for the guys, they seemed pretty impressed, enjoy your 55 mins, you sure do Inspire all of u

  7. I have a used Featherweight machine I hope to start piecing with..can I ask where the extension you have in your picture came from? It looks like a great tool.

    And..happy quilting:)

  8. We had to live in a hotel for 4 months and 4 days while ours was being rebuilt after my drunk neighbor parked her car in my living room one night. I had just finished the hand quilting on a lap size quilt hours before, it was in another room so not damaged too. I took my sewing machine to the hotel and made a baby quilt while there and hand quilted it.
    You can't keep a quilter down!!

  9. How do you travel with your featherweight in your luggage. I have left mine,in TN so I will have one there when I go to visit, but am really missing it here at my new home in WA state!

  10. Anonymous3:57 AM EST

    Reading blogs and was impressed that Easy Street was part of show and tell in Sydney just a few hours after last part posted, or so it seems. Go down a few pictures to get to the several different Easy Streets.


  11. I have to tell you that since you answered my question about your Ikea lamp, a granddaughter got one for me and I love it. Well, I got another for Christmas from a daughter. i thought what can I do with two, then, head smack, I need to ask? LOL I just love both of them, one at the sewing table and one on my cutting table. Can't beat that. Thank you again for "turning me on" to that lamp and place to purchase. Forever grateful. Oh and I got a tall lamp with extension arm for smaller lamp as well. And you are responsible for all of it. You never know what a photo will do or how it will help another. Who'da thunk?

  12. I use one of those headlamps made for campers/cavers/cyclers. It always shines no matter where I'm looking, and it takes up almost no space. I did have to add a little spacer at the top back of the light so it shines down more than ahead, but once the adjustment is made, it's perfect!


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