Thursday, January 17, 2013

View From Above

It’s miserable out there.

I drove to the post office in the pouring rain, hoping to get out what I could today ----I filled orders until I ran out of envelopes.

This evening I begged DH to drive me in sleeting rain to get some more mailing envelopes…..and there is a reason I drive to get them --- yes there are times I wish I had just ordered them to be delivered, but being able to track my business miles for taxes means I can also hit some other places within the route that wouldn’t be covered by business miles, such as dinner out with DH along the way. 

It’s a win/win even if it means I have to go buy envelopes instead of having them delivered.  I trust the accountant DH to know what is going to give me the best tax break, and tracking business miles works.

It started snowing-rain on the way home..temp hovering at 34 degrees and I’m sure it will drop more in the next little bit.  I’m in for the night and planning to sew!

Seeing the snow in the headlights reminded me of these shots I took as we were flying over Arizona yesterday afternoon.  The mountain ranges are spectacularly barren.  You can see a slight dusting of snow on some of them ---but they go on forever.

AZ_Jan22013 254

Here we were flying over a huge lake/reservoir ---it made me think of how this land was formed when it was once all under the ocean.

AZ_Jan22013 257

Further on we captured snow capped areas ----

AZ_Jan22013 258

This is why I like my window seat on the RIGHT side of the plane!  I can stitch without worrying if I’m going to jab someone with my needle…I’m right handed, so my needle pulls go toward the wall! 

And I can watch views like this --- just magical --- and dream.

There won’t be quilt-cam tonight –I’m just not settled in and I want to spend time with family.

But tomorrow?  Tomorrow just may work as DH has tennis – so I’ll let you know!


  1. I was hoping you would take more time for yourself and do the Quilt Cam tomorrow night.
    Glad to know you are home and safe.
    XOXOXO Subee
    who is working on her second EasyStreet

  2. Definitely the wisest choice ... a quiet dinner/evening with DH and getting rest for yourself. You need it and deserve it! Linda

  3. I have always thought that when I die and go to heaven that I will get to see the "video" of how the world was made!

  4. Stay toasty warm and enjoy being home...its snowing here in Chapel Hill too. Taco night!

  5. Hurray!!! Your back and I'm glad you had a safe, happy trip! No one would expect you to do quilt cam tonight! You deserve some rest and family time for sure! Stay warm, relax, and have a great evening!

  6. cant wait! i will be in my jammies!

  7. I agree with all the others, you deserve some family time and time to yourself... quilt cam can wait. Enjoy your evening, hope you had a nice evening out and supper with your DH.

  8. Good for you! Enjoy a bit of family time.

  9. Stay safe and warm. Spend some time with your family, you deserve it.

  10. Enjoy being home and with your family. You need to take time for yourself after your whirlwind trip! ((((Huggles))))

  11. Enjoy your quiet time with family and resting. Love the pictures from the plane. Where does your husband play tennis is this cold, perhaps snow covered court? time of year.

  12. Glad you're home safely. We get a lot of jets out of Phoenix flying overhead. Maybe you flew over my house. Wish I could have taken one of your classes, but to get from our home in Show Low to Prescott or Cottonwood just wasn't in the cards. I had already hit black ice before Christmas and just got my Jeep back. No ice for me for a while.

  13. Charging up my new tablet so I can sew and watch both at the same time! So glad you are home for a short while-sure your kitty and doggie missed you almost as much as your hubby did!

  14. Today is a beautiful sunny day here in AZ....wish you had seen this "winter" day while you were here!

  15. The huge lake appears to be Lake Meade, near Las Vegas. The white rings on the Coastline give it away. I love the views from an airplane window. Thanks for sharing.


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