Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Basking in Sunshine!

I am finally thawed out from my trip to “Deep Winter Texas” last week!

Who knew it was going to take several days for my feet to thaw out ;c)

The sun is shining brightly and Dad suggested that we go take a walk around his neighborhood before having a bite to eat and heading up to Cottonwood ---Oooh! I LOVE PALM TREES!

I especially love palm trees in the sunshine when it is deep winter everywhere else.  It makes me feel like I’m getting away with something.  And I am!

AZ_Jan2013 186

Yummy Lemons!

AZ_Jan2013 187

Makes your mouth water just to think of how this must taste, doesn’t it?

Citrus ripening in the winter sunshine is another reason I love visiting Arizona in the winter.  Lemon in your tea?  Go pick it fresh off the tree!

AZ_Jan2013 191

Grapefruit growing round and heavy!

AZ_Jan2013 192

Bigger than a softball!  How is it they don’t fall right off the branch?

AZ_Jan2013 188

Cactus, tall and proud --- this one has been inhabited by birds.

AZ_Jan2013 189

Prickly arms reaching up toward the sky.

My first trip to Arizona was when I was about 14 ---and I was mesmerized and enchanted by how many cactus seem to resemble human form ---

AZ_Jan2013 190

Another local phenomenon ---

People ride, dogs walk!

This made me laugh out loud, the dog running to keep up with the golf cart ---but the dogs seem to enjoy it!

AZ_Jan2013 194

This pair seems to be saying “Go faster! Go faster!”

Another thing I noticed on my walk-about with dad --- the smell of fresh mown grass!  OHHHH!  I haven’t smelled that in months – it was wonderful!

It’s about 100 miles to where we are going ----and I’m hoping for more scenery spots to get more photos along the way ----it’s time for the quilty part of this trip to Arizona to commence!


  1. Arizona is so beautiful, no matter what time of year. I would gladly live there, but my kids are all on the east coast and it's just to far. Have a wonderful time! Ps. Loved the pix of your grandparents-such handsome people( that's an old word!) and I could see you in your Grannies face.

  2. Winter time in AZ would be wonderful, but the Summer is to be avoided entirely! Glad you are enjoying the time with your Dad.

    1. Oh my who would have thought all that glorious fruit in the dead of Winter... Glad you are having fun time there, still stuck in wintery Texas , raining and gloomy here all day... Time to go and work on some mystery... HA love it.

  3. I am so jealous!! Grapefruit in winter! I live in KS, however, we have a little greenhouse that we keep heated at night in winter, just to about 50 degrees, and I just harvested 3 1/2 five gallon buckets of Meier Lemons!!!! Yum! I juiced the ones that I kept, but gave my co-workers and family quite a bit. I also have planted a lime and key lime tree! It will be a year or two before we get something from the key lime, but have enjoyed limes all year long! Looks nice and warm where you are!

  4. Welcome to Arizona! My friend and I will be driving up to Cottonwood on Thursday for your lecture. I've been a fan of yours for over 7 years and I am looking forward to finally meeting you.

  5. I've been enjoying fresh grapefruit from my neighbor's tree that hangs halfway into my yard! The citrus here (Houston area) is awesome. Meyer lemons, Satsumas, tangerines, ruby red grapefruit... yummy.

  6. Walking dogs like that is likely to kill them. They will not stop to rest. When my children were small, we used to ride bikes every night and our dog came along. She protected us when strange dogs rang toward us barking. I didn't realize what we were doing to her.
    When she became very ill, we went to the vet with her. He told us we had caused massive cardiac problems and she died 4 days later. I felt so guilty, but I had no idea. He explained how they will not just sit down to rest. They work overly hard to keep up with you. I guess most people don't realize this.

  7. Walking dogs (not driving them...) is the best way to meet a fresh love! DH's sister in law met her husband this way, and both of them never ever thought they would be able to find a real love like they found together! Maybe go and find a dog for your father?
    Another good thing is that really ripe lemons taste sweet!
    Enjoy your quality time with family,
    Love from a rainy Amsterdam,

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM EST

    Bon nie --- thanks for sharing these photos. Don't you just LOVE the Southwest? I enjoy the high desert country in the winter! GrandCanyon esp. looks like a dream scene.

    Have fun, hug alot and gather in all these good times.


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