Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday Bounty!

You guys are all too sweet, really!!

The postman just beeped….letting me know he had driven all the way down my driveway to leave me packages on the doorstep!


From Helen –a whole box of vintage orphan blocks!

She said that her friend had given these to her and she didn’t know what to do with them….one of the little string blocks is pieced on a 1943 newspaper and she knew right off that I might like these.

There is no MIGHT about it!  Thank you, Helen!  It was so fun to see the newspaper on the back.  I will have fun with the blocks and figuring out how best to use them!

mail 018

Feed Sacks from Kay!

Kay’s note said that she had read about my feed sack acquisitions earlier, and she sent me some along…aren’t these fun?!  I really love the red basket weave one.  The geometrics in the 1930s prints were always my favorite, and I love them combined with the florals.

Thank you, Kay! I will definitely find a good use for these!

mail 019

Cuties from Janet O.!

This package smelled so yummy when I opened it up…she makes the soaps herself ((talk about indulgent bath time!))  And also included a couple of ornaments ((can also be used as pincushions!)) that she made with the scraps of recycled shirts.  I thought “MY” pineapples were small!  They are giant compared to these little beauties!

Thank you so much everyone – I’m still having a great birthday week!

My son Jeff’s birthday is tomorrow – so it is tradition that he and I celebrate with lunch out to the Chinese buffet.  That happened today.  I also dropped off the 127 manual pages to have them laminated and will pick them up later.  I can’t think of any better way of preserving them in their crumbling status than to have them laminated so I can handle them and read them and use the instructions without fear of damaging the brittle paper further.

Oh, and this little note from Sandi:

Hi Bonnie as I read this post this morning the phrase ...someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...from I've been working on the railroad sng came to mind. I googled it and it was originally a minstral song and then was adapted into I've been working on the railroad. It was recorded in 1927, about the same time your machine was born.

If you can't find out the name of the original owner I think Dinah might be a good fit.  She looks lovely,enjoy her for many years.

“Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah ----“
I love it!!  Especially since I had to scrub all of that dried on kitchen grease residue off of her chrome bits.  We will see if Kip calls back with the name of the original owner, but if I don’t hear anything, Dinah she is!


  1. I love that you try to honor the original owner by using their name. Glad you are still enjoying your birthday. Happy birthday to Jeff, too!

  2. I got a package from Janet O for my birthday last week. DH and I had Chinese yesterday. Tomorrow is one of my granddaughters #2 birthday.

  3. I love Dinah. I remember Mom singing that song as I was growing up. May your birthday last all week, although, I have to say, sending you fabric and blocks is a bit like sending coals to Newcastle, as Mom used to say!

  4. Oh, what beautiful presents!
    I like the name Dinah,it's perfect! And gosh, did she clean up nicely! You did a great job! : )

  5. what a great post-day and a great name for the new beauty...Dinah. The sun is really shining for you. Happy Birthday to you and Jeff.

  6. You do get great mail. Look at those vintage orphans, and feedsacks--so cool!
    Dinah makes a great machine name--and I would always be singing that song while sewing on her. : )
    (I'm glad the address-challenged package arrived.)

  7. What sweet people. I am so happy for you Bonnie. You are the most deserving woman... I'm so glad you had a Happy Birthday. Tell your son that we are all wishing him a Happy Birthday and thanking him for his wonderful QUILTCAM idea!!!!
    Loving my book, Quilts in Everyday Life, Janet Finley!~ Thanks for telling us about it.
    You will have to make a feedsack quilt on your treadle one day. Too cool!!!~
    I really enjoy living vicariously through you!~ Thanks for the journey.

  8. Happy Birthday! I like your presents. I don't understand the reason for flattening the soap though, just use a bigger box, but the flat soap made me giggle.

  9. well deserved birthday girl! and you will love, love, love janet's soaps...sooo fragrant and smooth....and your new treadle is gorgeous! what a delicious find!

  10. Oh how lovely! I also love the red print. How nice to have your birthday celebrated all week. You deserve it Bonnie, you give so much of your time and talent. I'm glad you can see how much you are appreciated!

  11. You can get a free manual for the 127 here: http://www.ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/manuals/singer-sewing-machine-manuals.html

  12. OK. I know I am a bit behind, but I finished up my blocks and corner triangles for Easy Street tonight. Now to sew the top together! 2377 pieces later, you would think I'd have busted more of my stash - but I did make a good dent in it. The only think I bought was the fabric I used for the little squares (you used gray).
    I love the fact that you are sewing on a treadle and checking messages on your phone on quilt cam. Two ends of the technology spectrum!! Happy birthday to you and your son. My grown son and I go to Chinese together also!

  13. Umm, happy Birthday Bonnie & love seeing your presents but laminating crumbling paper is not a good way to preserve it. If I recall correctly, it actually hastens the paper's demise. You might want to google this. I usually photocopy old manuals & put the copies in a binder for easy use. And store the original away.

    But whatever, Happy Birthday!

  14. Dinah's a great name. I liked Dinah Shore (singer). She seemed like a nice person.
    Wonderful gifts! On your feedsacks, the print of the 2nd one from the top (looks brown) was popular in the 1970's. I made a dress out of the blue print, and currently have scraps from the brown and red that I picked up somewhere. That print was all over the place, in fabric and home decor items too, like mugs.
    (I guess I'm dating myself...?)

  15. Hi Bonnie,

    I just got a chance to read your blog today and was amazed t see that you are calling her Dinah after my suggestion. I feel very honoured to have helped in her naming. She is looking good.

    I hope your birthday continues for a bit longer. Yesterday ( Thursday) I was celebrating my girlfriend's birthday and I have several friends along with my own coming up. It is a great way to celebrate a new year!


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