Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Visit to Joe’s Farm Grill

“Common Food Done Uncommonly Well!”

Who can resist that slogan?

In all actuality, this was NOT our intended destination – we were planning to meet up with my nieces at Rubios, but as we passed Joe’s, Sharolyn said – “Change of plans!” pulled into the turn lane and into the parking lot with the hope of providing me a unique Gilbert, AZ experience.

The restaurant is located in what used to be the Johnson family home ---built in 1966.  You can’t mistake the feel of the place for any other era in time ---the slant of the walls, the remaining fireplace in the sitting area that used to be the family’s living room ---it was like walking back in time to my earliest years.

Thinking back--I could easily picture the entire Brady Bunch walking in the door and lining up to order their own lunch as well!  What a fun place!  Click  for more info on the Joe’s Farm Grill website!

Joe's Farm Grill1

Front Walk to the entrance!

Joe's Farm Grill2

The lines were long but it was worth the wait!

Joe's Farm Grill3

Choose to dine inside or out when the weather is good!

AZ_Jan2013 308

Living room fireplace – where we dined inside.  I think I remember that clock too!

AZ_Jan2013 312

Tables are shaded by enormous Tamarisk trees!

Close by on the property is a fruit and veggie stand with produce grown locally:

AZ_Jan2013 313

Sharolyn checking out the oranges and grapefruits!

AZ_Jan2013 314

Across the parking lot from the Farm stand is the Coffee shop that also serves delectable baked goods and other yummies.

However, being my normal usual easily amused self….I found my greatest flashbacks in the --- REST ROOM!!

AZ_Jan2013 325

In the wall over the commode are childhood icons such as Barbie and GI Joe behind glass panels!
((Yes, this was weird but fun!))

AZ_Jan2013 323

“I am NOT a doll – I am an ACTION FIGURE!!”

No wonder GI Joe and Barbie could never get together ----LOL

AZ_Jan2013 324

Help me! Help me! I’m stuck in here and I can’t get out!

And on the opposite wall ---THIS was hysterical – how many of you remember the THUNDERBIRDS show??

AZ_Jan2013 321

A wall mounted TV actually played episodes of the show while you are in the bathroom – ummm---taking care of business.  Maybe this explains why it took forever for the lady ahead of me to come OUT?!

I SO remember this from when I was a kid ---and yes, I actually had to come look it up on YouTube.  I remember being fascinated by these puppets ----and I remember the first time I really looked and realized that there were STRINGS on their arms making them move..LOL.

The menu was amazing – this place has been featured on  the Food network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and our food was scrumptious.

If you are in the Gilbert area, it is definitely worth a stop, a wander --- and don’t miss the rest room!!

Dad is feeling much better and we are on our way up to Prescott today for my couple of days with the Thumb Butte Quilter’s Guild!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. Well that's a unique bathroom experience! LOL!

  2. My husband makes me imitate the way the Thunderbirds moved around when he wants a laugh. I even remember the "dangerous games" song the jazzy girl sang in a nightclub! It was like mission impossible in puppets. My sister and I loved these. I love the movie, "Team America" (even though it is way out there on the crude scale) cuz it is the Thunderbirds all over. What a funny restaurant.

  3. How fun! You really are. On an adventure!

  4. Gee wish I had known you were so close. You could have come by to see some of my antique quilts. I am just up the street.

  5. Wow the first time I met with the Modern Quilt Guild of Phoenix, it was out at Joe's, and I too remember those puppets although I have to admit until you just now said the name the "Thunderbirds" I never knew what they were called, we moved to Germany when I was six and I never saw it after that :) Enjoy Prescott, it's beautiful up there, Bj in Arizona.

  6. Awesomely cool place!!


  7. blast from the past! I always thought all the puppets looked like Ben Gazzarra. LOL

  8. The Thunderbirds were a favorite of mine! Forget the food--that bathroom would be worth the trip. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow. Now back to cutting stash into strips for class so I don't look like a scrap user novice...

  9. My kids were reading over my shoulder, and are now rolling on the floor, mispronouncing Thumb Butte...over and over...as they laugh. LOL

  10. I love this place...great chocolate malts!

  11. I hadn't known of the Thunderbirds tv show. The car and the tv show Thundercats I remember.

  12. I have been there several times, but guess I have never gone to the bathroom! Thanks for the tour--next time I will be sure and tinkle! LOL!


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