Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Afternoon Walk-about!

Yesterday warmed up to a very balmy 70 degrees here in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

70 degrees in January?!

I knew it wasn’t going to be long lasting, but I threw myself out the door with my ipod playing in my ears to see what was out and about in my neighborhood.

There are definitely signs of things beginning to emerge from the ground, and trees and bushes getting ready to push forth into Spring, but I hope it is not too early!  There is a storm system coming, and a cold front following that – this ALWAYS happens in Winter here.  The end of January and the month of February can bring ice storms that take down trees and wreak all kinds of havoc.  ((I love the word wreak!  How come I only use it with the word havoc attached?!))

For instance – look at these forsythia about to burst forth:

eatonia 012

It was so warm I tossed off my usual over-throw of denim shirt over t-shirt and tied it around my waist as I went up one hill and down another.

I was sweaty when I returned home!  It’s rare days like this when I would rather be outside up above than inside down below in the basement.

Quilt Cam was fun last night!  My Eatonia chugged right along ---poor thing.  We decided she sounds either like a motor boat, or a lawn mower ----and then the thought came that I should name her SHERMAN, as in TANK!  I sewed until her long bobbin ran out and we got to demo how to wind a long bobbin live on cam.  A bit scary for me as I hadn’t wound one on this machine before, but we did it!

eatonia 020


My goal today is to get these pressed and subcut – I’m just making 4 patches.  My plan was to use them in a border and I hope they give the look I want.  If not, I’ve got Quilt Seeds for another project!  Sewing strip sets was just an easy task to try out this new machine find.

One thing I'd like to mention about Quilt-Cam.  I'm getting emails from people asking if they could be personally notified of when Quilt-Cam is going to be.

If you have signed up for my email updates in the right side bar of the blog, what you are getting is a digest of posts that comes at the end of the day.  I can only choose one time of day for the posts to be sent.  I choose end of day because I write several times a day.  There is no option for notifications to be sent with each and every post individually on feed burner that I have found.  And do you really want THAT MANY notifications from me in your inbox? :c)

If you want to know WHEN Quilt-Cam is so you don't miss it -- you need to come to the BLOG itself.  Not wait for the digest to come.  I mentioned twice yesterday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon that Quilt-Cam would be at 9pm last evening.  If you rely on the email notices you are going to miss reading the information.

Other places that you can get posts closer to real time is to add me to one of your circles in Google Plus. I share my posts when I write them with Google Plus.  You need a gmail address for google plus, but if you have a blogger id, you've already got that.

If you are on Facebook, my blog feed is pulled directly into our Quiltville Friends list and will appear in your news feed so you can stay up to date with my posts that way.

I hope these options help you.  But seriously ----check out the blog in the mornings.  That should help you plan accordingly.

BTW -- our next Quilt-Cam is planned for Thursday evening ((tomorrow)) Jan 31st at 9pm Eastern.

I hit the road on Friday!  My time home is almost over again ---this time I’m headed for the first of 2 trips to Georgia within the month of February.  It’s going to be a lot of fun --- and it’s a driving trip, which means ----ADVENTURES!!  Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I find myself in, there are lots of thrift shops and antique malls in Georgia!

Not to mention my route takes me right past Mary Jo’s in Gastonia NC heading down I-85!


  1. Seriously? People are asking you to be their personal secretary and arrange their "calendars" for Quiltcam? Seriously?? After all, you give MORE than enough of your time away from your family to each us and then when you ARE home you're arranging blogs and Quiltcam ... I can't believe it. "See" you tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9 p.m.

    1. I think you are smart to go south in February. We had nice weather here (in VA) yesterday too, but winter isn't over yet!

  2. LOL - some people want everything!
    Yesterday was a balmy 65 then the storms came and I woke up today to 42 - at least we haven't gotten the cold 30's that went a little north of us
    Have a great day Bonnie, love the blog, love the quilt cam - you share so much info, I don't leave comments often and I don't get to tune into quilt cam all the time but when I do I enjoy it. -- Thanks

  3. Wow! You guys are warm! We're sitting here with about 2 feet of fresh snow and 12 degrees! More snow on the way!
    Thank-you Bonnie for being who you are to us!

  4. Hey all,

    There is one more option for being notified....go to ustream and set up a membership. Then subscribe to the quiltville channel. They will send an email when Bonnie starts broadcasting. I usually know because she tells on the blog and fb. But if you are not as addicted to her blog as I am, I understand, and you might want the email!! Bonnie, you do not have to do anything more than what you do, and everyone who subscribes can get an auto email!! Thanks always enjoy quilt cam.

    1. Thanks for that hint! I watch through ustream on my tv roku box.

    2. Colleen, Where in the Channel Store on your Roku is Ustream listed? I would love to add it to my channel list.


  5. Your expressions are so similar to mine, guess it's cuz we're close in age! I turned 52 in Dec.

    I learned once we use "wr" r sound mainly in words that mean "twisting, turning, circle, or even moving in a more violent sense" When we were playing scrabble over Xmas, our family was having fun with this. Wrist Wreath Wrench Writhe......

    So, wreak with havoc fits perfectly. I pictured the movie "Twister" when I read your post. I just watched it the other day for the umpteenth time.

    Bye from a kooky quilter in oceanside ca

  6. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood walk with us. I love forsythia bushes!! The were all around our high school growing up. I'd tuck the blossoms in the buckles of my sandles and tuck them behind my ear. Nothing says "SPRING" like a yellow flower!

    As for notification of when QuiltCam is on . . . well, just check Bonnie's blog first thing in the morning, at lunch, and early evening each day like I do!! I also link to facebook to see what is up. She's my "newspaper" for the quilting world. Not everything can be special delivery to you. Go forth, seek, find!!

    Love tuning into QuiltCam -- it helps fill my creative well. Your new Eatonia "Toni" is just precious chugging along. So glad you saved her from life inside a dark green box.

    Upcoming ADVENTURES while you are enroute to Georgia too??!!! Life is good in the quilting world. See you Thursday evening for QuiltCam. Hugs for a great day Bonnie!!

  7. Do you mean there are followers who don't check you blog at 6 times a day? :)

  8. that machine did sound like a tank last night! i don't think that would be my favorite machine, that's for sure. really enjoyed quilt cam again and look forward to it tomorrow night. wanted to thank you for recommending songza. i was tired of pandora, and just had been working in silence. songza seems to be a good alternative.

    thanks for all you do and have a safe trip.

  9. Hi Bonnie, I did catch some of quilt cam last night and love your new machine. I did want to add that like you said, check the blog, check facebook you give all of us Fair warning when you are able to do Quilt Cam. Thanks for all you do! Hope someone was able to get you some info on your Long Arm, as I don't have one ( yet) I am of no use... Have a great day!

  10. I just come over to your blog eery morning when i get up... You are part of my wake up routine. If people read your blog daily, they kow if you are home (which is when you do quiltcam) or on the road teaching. If they READ the post and go to the END they can find out. I pop in to check in the afternoons or early evenings if not sure or if ihave a minute, just to see what youve posted agai. It ony akes a minute, especially if the link is saved...just click.
    Thanks for this FREE service to us Bonnie. Yu already go above and beyond.

  11. One of our forsythia bushes had blooms on it this morning. I picked the jonquils that were blooming so they didn't get bit by the cold front coming through. We've had tornado warnings all morning, and messy rain. Heading to the quilt studio after lunch.

  12. very sad today. Chatting to a colleague at work who THREW OUT an old sewing machine with a handle in a cabinet! Sob!! Too weeks ago! Told him he could have put it on Ebay, but he said he would have PAID me to take it away!!! Nooooo!!! We have had an unseasonable warm day in SE England today. Evenings are getting lighter, roll on spring!

    1. My dad was going to throw out my mom's 1955 Elna that I learned to sew on. Luckily I rescued it!

  13. I don't know what others are complaining about. Somewhere I was able to sign up for notices of Quiltcam. I get an email when she goes online. IT might be through the actual service that streams Quiltcam. Anyone else doing that? It is a great reminder IF I forget.

  14. Just an FYI for folks out there. Ustream has an email update the minute QuiltCam goes live... so you can sign up there if you miss it in Bonnie's Facebook posts....

  15. I live just to the west of Mary-Jo's. Please say when you're going to be there...! I m jealous of all the side trips- boy do they sound fun! Hope you find lots of good bargains. Micki

  16. Looking forward to seeing you at Tiny Stitches next week. I hope to have Easy Street quilted by then.

  17. Oh how I wish I lived in the states, I would love to go to one of your workshops. I hope you have enjoyed your time at home. I look forward to quilt cam in the evenings at the weekend. It is like being at a workshop. I managed to get scraps and shirt tails at a quilt show in the uk on saturday. The other ladies at the book stand gave me a funny look because I squealed when I saw it .I have kitted a quilt up from it already.You are such an inspiration Bonnie. I have got my mum using your scrap users system and leaders and enders. Jan x

  18. I'm gobsmacked!!!! I don't know anyone who does more than you do Bonnie for staying in touch - what energy!! BTW I'm in Australia - I've been lucky enough to "visit" with you on quiltcam a couple of times - just love it!!! Can't wait for your visit downunder.

  19. It's cold here again in No.AR, so maybe the trees will settle back into their "Winter" mode!

    I thought the Eatonia sounded a bit like a noisy cricket. Maybe the name "Cricket"! It's a cute name, like the machine.

  20. Next time you walk you should leave the headphones home.....listen to the birds and critters rustling in the undergrowth.

  21. your 70 is our 52, enjoyable nonetheless even if only momentarily....see ya tonight on quilt-cam!


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