Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playing in the Mail!

Being gone 3 weeks can leave me with a daunting pile of mail --- but also a lot of fun!

Oh, there were the usual things ---bills.  SPAM.  Tax stuff.  You know the drill.  There were also book orders sent with checks to take care of and in the midst of it all were BOXES – that I knew were “none of the above” as usual mail is.

The usual mail got set aside so I could dig in!  You guys are SO terrific!

In this mail there was Something to hang, something to plug-in, something to fondle, something to eat, something to sew with and something to save me from crockpot crud!!!  What a mail day!

A package from  “The Friday Sewing Group” at Paula’s Quilting Pantry who made Easy Street!

Whatever could be inside??

mail 004

The “Word of Warning” on the envelope!

mail 003

An Easy Street sign! LOLOLOL!!!!  This is SO going in my studio!
Thanks, girls!

mail 005

A Quirky Flex strip for my retreat bag!!!

This came with a note from Stella Ann who says “Happy Birthday to You!” from a Quilt-Cam fan.

THANK YOU Stella!  My next trip is a driving trip to Georgia, and this will be going in my retreat bag for sure.  Awesome!

mail 006

Slow Cooker liners? I never knew they made these!

I try to keep it “real” here on Quiltville, but evidently my crockpot photos look a bit crusty after things have cooked for hours…so Nancy in Indiana sent me these to try!  You simply line the crock, pour your stuff in, and there is no baked on crustiness at the end of cooking to have to soak and scrape off.  I just need to pick a recipe and get started!

Thank you Nancy!

mail 011

A very fun feed sack from Julie!

The holes from the stitching are still evident…I wonder what was in this sack in its day?  Flour?  Sugar? Cornmeal?  Aren’t the colors great!  It’s never been washed….I’m giong to save this for a very special project down the road.  I’ve got some other sacks I’ve saved and my collection is slowly growing.  Thanks Julie!

mail 010
Yummies from Karen L!

I messaged her back right away upon opening this ---we made the hard crack or broken glass candy always at Christmas time when I was little.  I remember the syrup boiling and boiling --- “Is it done yet”?? No – watch the thermometer, and then drop some in a glass of cold water to see if it has reached hard crack stage ---if you don’t do it right, it’s a mess!  When you do it right –it’s magic!  My favorite part was breaking it up into the small pieces.  Thank you so much for the memories and the sweetness, Karen!  And I love the blue paisley fabric too!  Gotta find just the right project for that as well.

I am so overly blessed, thank you so much for making my return home so fun!


  1. I have used that paisley and a coordinating print in a little girl's dress. One of my all time favorites maybe. Was going to send a pic but could not figure out how to do that!

  2. Yummy! Our church always made some brown sugar candy every for the Christmas bazaar.

  3. I'm going to look into one of those extension cords, what a cool idea! That would be great for tight spaces behind a sewing machine! Thanks for sharing. Happy Quilting!

  4. My sister got me some of those crock pot liners, and when I went back to that store, nada! I have been looking for them ever since. I still have the box so I can remember what brand they are, but they are hiding. Anyone in Alberta, do you know where they can be found?

    I like that extension cord too, would be very handy. I have a six plug bar that I can only plug 4 items into as the computer plug ins are so big.

  5. I love the crockpot liners. I have found them (a different brand) at Bed Bath & Beyond and I always use my 20% off coupons with them. They make cleaning up sew easy!

  6. Oh boy, I have been using those crockpot liners for forever and love them. Makes it so easy to transport stuff when we're taking dinner to the Ronald McDonald house. And yes, definitely makes clean-up a breeze!!

  7. Crock Pot liners are the best thing since sliced bread! Makes clean up so much easier. And the feed sack is just yummy! Great mail day!

  8. Most quilters are so doggone generous!! What sweet little gifts. The crock pot liners crack me up.

  9. Happy, happy birthday! I use the crock pot liners too. When the dish cools, just gather up the top, lift and pop the whole thing into a plastic container. Another easy wash.

  10. Hmmm. Crock pot liners. Never knew I needed those. Never knew they existed. I spray the crock pot with Pam before using. It pretty much just rinses clean and then goes into the dishwasher.

  11. I have just the recipe for you and your crockpot. Served it to a large group of quilters today. However need your home address,please. Tuscan Bean Sausage Soup. Very easy and tastes so yummy.

    Pgh Piffle

    1. this sounds good. publish it so we all can try it please. Thx. Dar

  12. What a nice homecoming!! We know you don't expect it, but it is fun to delight you! Such thoughtful gifts from everyone. Gotta find an Easy Street sign locally to hang next to my quilt. Continued blessings to you!

  13. Happy Birthday early! I'm looking for the slow cooker liners on my next grocery trip! Great idea and it sure beats the crock pot sitting in the sink soaking for a week after using, even after using a non stick spray.

  14. Got back yesterday from Jabez Quilting Seminar and couldn't wait to catch up with you. Opened up and saw Paula's Quilting Pantry and just about jumped out of my chair. Glad you liked the sign, Debbie found it for you, I think at Hobby Lobby in case others want to look for it. We couldn't believe it when she found it. Priceless.
    Paula in KY

  15. Hi Bonnie. I feel I have just recently met you through a friend. I feel lucky that she suggested I check out your mystery quilt because she was going to participate and wanted me to get back to quilting. I had been an avid quilter until two years ago when we decided to add to Siberean Huskie puppies to our family. Those puppies were my world for the first year, but I did look longingly at my sewing room knowing It would only be a struggle to try to stitch with them bringing me their toys to play. Well, finally, if I get them tired enough, they will lay by my feet while I happily sew and I am happy to share that I have finished all the beautiful blocks to Easy Street! I enjoy your blogs and quilt cam; you continue to inspire me!

  16. Happy 29th Birthday, Bonnie! :)

    Looking forward to seeing my latest issue of Quiltmaker in my mailbox and your latest mystery project!




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